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Search results

  1. D

    2013 Explorer, spring binding up on drivers side

    hey guys, i haven't posted in a while, but here it goes. We have a 2013 Explorer XLT with around 72k on it. Got it with less than 60k and its been awesome. Had to fix some things from the previous owner, but its expected with anything used and quite honestly we rarely buy used. My uncle is a...
  2. D

    Retro number....i forgot

    SO normally i post in the ST side of this forum but this particular side seems a bit more active. Anyhow, I have gotten my cam out in order to take high res and detailed photos, these are coming off of my phone. I have done another retro in my truck, I work for The Retrofit Source and...
  3. D

    Threw P0171 and P0174

    Ok so i have been getting my truck back to where it needs to be and now I have a new issue that is driving me absolutely insane. I had an extended crank for a while but I didn't have any CEL popping up. I figured that the problem had to be found in the fuel injectors somewhere and i turned out...
  4. D

    Need Fuel injector clips!

    Does anyone have a line on fuel injector retainer clips. I've been searching online and finding them for every other Ford in the wrong shape! My injectors were serviced last december and I just noticed a few of the clips are missing while doing some work to my truck over the weekend. I feel its...
  5. D

    Doing another retro on my 2nd Gen Trac

    (had to resize the images) So I decided that I would start another retro for my 2008 ST mainly due to the fact that i wanted a bit more light output and better aim. I removed to much of the bowl on my last build so my aiming was never perfect, now that i learned my lesson, i have decided to...
  6. D

    2006+ Explorer HID System Tips

    Hey guys, I'm TRS/DGM David from and ( and I just wanted to drop some tips for owners of 2006+ explorers. That means 2006 to the current Explorer. First things first, i recommend a retrofit to any halogen reflector housing. or halogen...
  7. D

    Fuel Cap Light

    Well here's a new one for me, had no clue that these trucks had a fuel cap light, it's one of those things I never paid much attention too. Anyhow, today while on my way to the doctors office mine came on, kinda of freaked me out but after looking at it for a sec or two I realized what it was. I...
  8. D

    What do you hate or love about owning an ST? Out of curiosity, fun post!

    I have posted this for fun, curious to see what everyone feels about their ST's. The number 1 thing I hate about owning my ST, and it's probably the only thing, is the fact that everything, well nearly everything, for our trucks has to be ordered. Almost every auto parts store locally between my...
  9. D

    Still having a starting issue, need help please

    So far because I was having low fuel pressure, I have changed the fuel pump, the fuel pump module, it has New spark plugs, and coil packs....none of the fuel injectors have tested bad...fuel rail seems idea what to try next. Help please I think it's vapor lock simply because it...
  10. D

    LED Bar Roof Mounts?

    Does anyone know where I can find roof mounts, preferably low profile roof mounts for my 2008 ST? I was considering purchasing some from an F150 especially since some of our parts seem to coincide with the F-150 parts. I'd like one that can either be integrated into the existing roof rails or...
  11. D

    Shocks needed, help

    I need to replace my shocks and struts, I'm putting new tires on my truck tomorrow and normally I'd go out there and remove the shocks to see what needs to be replaced and all, but I'm recovering from back surgery. My mobility is incredibly limited. What do you guys suggest? So far I found some...
  12. D

    Front and rear turn signals suddenly stopped working

    So this happened about 15 minutes ago while on my way to my doctors office. I turned on my right turn signal and it flashed for a few seconds and then the message board popped up and said to check both the front and rear turn signals...what would cause both to die at the same time?!? I'm...
  13. D

    Fuel delivery issue

    So I've been battling this fuel delivery problem for a bit now, trying to find the source of the problem, basically looking everywhere short of the fuel pump for the simple act of the matter being that at this moment in time, I cannot physically remove my tank since I'm still recovering from...
  14. D

    Redid my Retrofit on my 08 ST

    So as some of you know I had a really bad accident back in December of 2014 where i was rear ended by a Costco Semi truck and pushed into the rear of an F350. Needless to say my truck suffered over $16k in damage and because none of my airbags went off and the frame didn't bend, my idiot...
  15. D

    Water getting in through rear window seal

    Hey guys, I hadn't posted here in a while, I've been recovering from a December accident that surprisingly didn't total my sport trac. I was rear ended by a Costco owned Penske semi truck and pushed into an F-350. My frame didn't bend and my airbags didn't go off and the cab of my ST barely took...
  16. D

    Confused, issue after fuel injectors swapped

    So I had a fuel injector die and a shop belonging to a buddy of mine picked them up and tested and cleaned each one. Turns out that one went bad and it was replaced. Now I put them in and was having an issue where on a cold start the truck was acting like it couldn't get fuel...really weird. But...
  17. D

    Strut suggestions?

    Hey guys, I'm about to replace the struts in my truck and was wondering what you guys have been installing? Or suggest. There doesn't seem to be much of a selection for our ST's. I'm also replacing my rear axle half shaft on the passenger side. I prefer something that can handle good weight...
  18. D

    Slight gas smell

    Okay as some of you may have seen me post, I was getting a check engine code of P0430, now with that being said I am still getting the code and I haven't found the underlying issue yet. Here are the symptoms: -Below 1500-1800 RPMs and around 45-65 mph, I'll get a stuttering feeling as I...
  19. D

    Looking for the recommended 150k services

    Does anyone know what ford recommends for the 08 ST's 150k service? Called a few dealers and they won't share the info, keep saying "just bring it in and we'll do it for you"
  20. D

    Fuel delivery issue

    Has anyone had this issue, your ST sputters between 45-60 mph, and if you're above 70 and give it some gas it jerks before it takes off? My ST has been acting up lately. All 8 spark plugs are new and all 8 coil packs have been changed in the last year and a half. To add insult to Imjury...
  21. D

    Finally stopped being lazy and ditched the factory sub

    So we had a slow day at work and my co-worker/buddy and I decided to redo the back panel of my ST, this is what came about lol. Did this at work at Audio Unlimited in Snellville, Ga. Memphis M-Series 10" Sub Custom Built Ported Box and back panel (we built in-house) Memphis Amplifier 4...
  22. D

    O2 Sensor

    Went to Orlando over the weekend, got an engine code that's for the bank 1 sensor I believe. How hard are the O2 sensors to get too and is there something I should look at first before I got tearing stuff apart?
  23. D

    It snowed again lol

    Went out to a different area and took some pics. Love these tires... Cooper Discovery's...
  24. D

    Fun in the snow (pictures resized)

    We had a recent "snow storm" in atlanta and yes while we are a laughing stock to the rest of the nation at the moment, Atlantians pulled together and helped each other out. I spent a lot of time personally the night of the store,m and the following days pulling people out of ditches, snow...
  25. D

    Suspension question(s)

    I'm in need of upgrading my shocks/springs, I have 118k on my ST and the wear and tear can be felt through the steering wheel. I've check the ball joints, tie rods, and what not and all are fine, in good condition. I don't want to do stock replacement at all, especially since I plan on lifting...