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Search results

  1. KurtECV

    DIY Driveshaft, Slip shaft length

    With most of the drivetrain done on the 93 LSXplorer (The Black Pearl), I am working on the front driveshaft currently. The transfer case is a np241 (going to swap in an ECOBOX next year some time), the 241 uses a companion flange on the front output. I replaced a front driveshaft at work cause...
  2. KurtECV

    ProCar Racing Seats

    Another tid-bit of info for the group: Procar racing seats will almost bolt onto the factory 1gen explorer seat rails. Drill two new holes, and elongate the other two existing holes half a bolt width and they bolt in. As far as where you drill your holes, depends on if you want the seat to...
  3. KurtECV

    Dana 44/8.8/9 Thrust washers

    Posting in case anyone else needs the INFO: The Dana 44/AMG 20/Ford 8.8 share almost the same axle gear thrust washer as the 31 spline Ford 9 inch. Found this out when I was checking clearances for my Aussie Locker in my 9 inch. I'm out of spec so I called Tech and ran some measurements with...
  4. KurtECV

    The Black Pearls LM7 5.3 LS SWAP!

    SO I guess the time has came early for my 5.3L LS swap on The Black Pearl!! LET THE HATE BEGIN!!! I have a buddy that is a drag-racer but started working for a shitty speed shop in the area and now he is burnt out from engines and all that; He is getting into guns and i have built a few ARs...
  5. KurtECV

    Project Bailed-Out

    Well I am going to start documenting the diagnosis and repair, upgrades and modifications done to a new rig i acquired over the weekend on a 1000 mile trip to help out another forum member. A little back story first. Another forum member on here picked up this 94 Sport, 3.27 gears, 33x12.50...
  6. KurtECV

    The Black Pearl SAS and build

    Well now that Im Elite i figured Id start a thread to document my SAS build...
  7. KurtECV

    How goes it? from southwest Missouri

    Names Kurt. Ive been in here for years but I couldn't for the life of me remember my log in info. So I just made another account, and decided to go Elite. I've got a 93 Sport, black with the standard ole 4.0 AT and 4x4. I've got a 95 5.0 (f150), NP435 (78 f150), Dana20 (70 EB), FULL WIDTH...