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Search results

  1. Zinc

    Car or Truck?

    So my wife and I find ourselves referring to our new Explorer as a truck. But is it? Yeah, we know it's based on a Volvo designed chassis used on Taurus, Flex, and the old Freestyle. But, are we wrong to call it a truck? Just a habit since it appears to be a big SUV, but deep inside it's a...
  2. Zinc

    In Channel Weather Tech Vent Visor help needed

    Bought the weather tech in-channel vent visors and they arrived. Installation looked easy, and was. However, a small piece of the in-channel flange broke off when getting the front, driver's window up. This is not allowing the window to clear the vent visor or the auto-up feature to work on...
  3. Zinc

    Another Noobie

    Well, the wife and I went looking at cars and came home with a Mustang GT and an Explorer. Go figure, she gets the 5.0! Just looking to learn more about this Explorer I bought and all of it's features. Won't modify it much as extra money goes into my motorcycle.