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Search results

  1. offroader_69_me

    1956 F100 Explorer Chassis Swap

    subscribing good luck seems cool i Had considered putting my 51 f1 on my 94 explorer frame but went a different route cant wait to see what i missed out on
  2. offroader_69_me

    EF T-shirt/logo design contest!

    subscribing all our shirts are just anout worn out... also yeah colorado's new logo thats all they could come up with for $800, wonder our taxes are so high.....and i love the EF yeah!
  3. offroader_69_me

    Plane Crash World Trade Center

    :salute: to all those affected by this grave tragedy, and to all our uniforms out there from first repsonders to the elite forces thank you all!!!!!
  4. offroader_69_me

    Colorado Colors Run 2013 - Planning and Discussion

    looks like another great trip wish i could have made it. havent been on the forum much lately gotta get back into it! I didnt know this was happening until Rick put up a pic link on FB
  5. offroader_69_me

    My latest project: 1970 Dodge Dart 512 C.I. Bracket Racer

    Gonna be a hell of a fun street car
  6. offroader_69_me

    Moab 2013 Photos and Videos

    who's trailer??? i guess the pic isnt reposting... the offroad camper one
  7. offroader_69_me

    Moab 2013 Photos and Videos

    wow rick that sucks sorry to hear it, so yeah next year is the year then!!!!!! :D
  8. offroader_69_me

    Moab 2013 Photos and Videos

    Wow thats it? Well thank you for getting at least one explorer through it!
  9. offroader_69_me

    Moab 2013 Photos and Videos

    Who all ran pritchet??? That was supposed to be my main goal this year along with Kevin!
  10. offroader_69_me

    Moab 2013 Photos and Videos

    Dam Kevin that sucks looks like next year for helderado looks like a great turnout this time really wish I could have made it!
  11. offroader_69_me

    Moab 2013 Photos and Videos

    Kevin's gears????? What happened?
  12. offroader_69_me

    Moab 2013 - May 10-12

    Well I held out to the bitter end, but I'm gonna have to back out. Too many negative things happening right now. Which is ironic because a moab trip would make it all go away for a while! Everyone have a great time ( easy to do) be safe! Take lots of pics and hopefully I'll see you soon.
  13. offroader_69_me

    Hokie's coming home!

    lol no biggy. Yep I'm still there maybe next trip then. Sounds like we are about to start doing a bunch of cummins!
  14. offroader_69_me

    Moab 2013 - May 10-12

    Wow yeah its been a while I'm about an hour and a half south springs. Any contributions are always welcome. Kevin its that age thing they say the memory is the first to go! May 10th it is see yall then!
  15. offroader_69_me

    Engine swap "Cummin" soon

    Awesome Eddie is a great guy my stepdad works at V&H in indy with Eddie and Drew great pic great dude
  16. offroader_69_me

    Moab 2013 - May 10-12

    Yeah is there a confirmed date? And how about a 37" 15 group buy lol I'm gonna need rubber too!
  17. offroader_69_me

    Moab 2013 - May 10-12

    I really like the way this is looking would be awesome to see a bunch of the umm well umm original that's a good word original group! Plus lots of new people too! As for funding I am starting this week I figure $50 a pay check is easily forgiven x2 checks a month x 12 months should cover the...
  18. offroader_69_me

    Moab 2013 - May 10-12

    I think may would be better but snow could be fun too! But I'm in!
  19. offroader_69_me

    For Sale Spring Cleaning

    Jovi I'll put up a pic late next week of the grille. And of the hood too! Not sure on paint condition windows are perfect with factory tent and since I brake them all the time I'm gonna say $100 on it maybe $150 for glass and hood
  20. offroader_69_me

    For Sale Spring Cleaning

    Rngmstr pmed back. Tbars let me know what ya need. Albino its maroon and as soon as I get it I'll let ya know condition.
  21. offroader_69_me

    For Sale Spring Cleaning

    spring cleaning time: 1 set brand new james duff 3.5" vr springs part number 5107 originally $160 1 set used but good shape 5.5" vr wild horses 1 set brand new james duff #8120 shocks originally $45 each all fit early bronco so sas parts!! i have 2 dana 35 ttb's one is complete with...
  22. offroader_69_me

    EF "Regular" Moab Trip

    Very interested maybe first weekend of June come on people its MOAB!
  23. offroader_69_me

    An EF tragedy... John Rock passed away

    Still hard to believe you are gone bud you are fearless missed
  24. offroader_69_me

    Loaning money to friends and family

    Well put, but wow seriously the fact that it needed to be said is sad. I have loaned and never been repayed but always chock it up to a learning experience. I also have borrowed but will always repay, and anyone that has the nerve to stiff a "friend" or "family" is really a sorry person! But...