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    New Wheel Bearing Looseness

    How I do mine: Tighten the bearing nut to 35 foot-lbs while spinning the rotor a few turns in each direction (this compresses and distributes the grease). Back the nut off half-turn, then retighten to 15 INCH-lbs (basically finger-tight). -If auto hubs, stick the lock key in, put the...
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    Have to wait two minutes before I can type out a PM?

    It happened twice last night each about half-hour apart... (roughly 11:30P-12:00A PDT) I got a vBulletin error page: "You can only send 1 message(s) every 2 minutes" (or something to that effect). Problem was... I wasn't trying to send a message, I was trying to begin typing one, but it would...
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    explorer dd build plan, any input is appreciated

    ×2, I recall Superlift did change hands a few years back during the recession, but they are definitely still around. Also ×2, the skyjacker FA600 drop arm is something you will want with any lift 4" or higher. The other option is a K-link or crossover linkage, which will require some...
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    Have to wait two minutes before I can type out a PM?

    I just sent a user a PM, I went to start typing up a reply to my next PM, but I have to wait two full minutes just to be able to bring up the reply page so I can begin typing? (I'm not actually trying to send it yet) Wondering if something got set somewhere that shouldn't have been, or if...
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    lifted explorer problem

    There's some chance you might have to ditch those spacers (or swap to less-tall ones). The FA600 arm having a true drop of 4" already doesn't fully compensate for a 6" lift, which the spacers will further exacerbate this last bit of difference (up to 2" difference between the lift height &...
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    97 Mazda B4000 4x2 Manual Tranny problem

    I would suggest replacing both the clutch master and slave cylinders together. I think what often happens in these cases, the slave is replaced, but there's still dirt or contaminants in the master cyl or elsewhere in the system that gets into the new slave and contributes to it failing again...
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    Who here flat tows their Explorer's, Sport Trac's, etc...?

    The 1354 electric case has a Neutral, but you have to take the shift motor off the rear in order to put it there (the controller doesn't allow you to access it directly). Not sure about other cases (4405, etc.).
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    lifted explorer problem

    $200 spent on a pitman arm could save you quadruple that or more in tires alone... even if nothing else. Just so you know. I can't swear that you don't have another issue present, though it's hard to know for sure when the steering is off-kilter. I've experienced it myself and it no doubt...
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    leaky steering gear

    There's nothing difficult about it aside from needing a bit of creativity to get the old seals out if you don't have the special tools for them (or don't want to fully disassemble the entire box). I used compressed air to dislodge the input shaft seal, however the sector shaft seal will...
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    lifted explorer problem

    I suppose the wheelbase can affect it too... Once you are as far out of line with the steering as yours is, even the smallest things will make it unstable and wobbly (I'll bet your truck handles left turns extremely poorly as well huh..?). Get the # FA600 Skyjacker arm or swap over to a...
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    lifted explorer problem

    Is that drop pitman arm a Skyjacker # FA600 arm? If not, then guaranteed that is at least part of your problem (if not the whole problem). Not necessarily... Only if you also change the wheels to ones having a...
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    Extended Radius Arms

    The JD arms with their rod end allow a bit of adjustability, however the SJ arms seem to be built a bit beefier (I've yet to see anyone post about a broken SJ arm, but have seen at least two JD arms broke/cracked near where the tube is welded into the square section, this in spite of the SJ arms...
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    2000 Ranger 4x4 Loud Clunk

    Bad hub, broken spider gear in the diff, or maybe something in the transfer case is slipping (I've heard of occasional chain stretch issues in the past affecting the '98+ cases). I would start with easy stuff (the hubs). If that doesn't pan out, jack the frontend up and spin one front tire...
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    Extended Radius Arms

    SJ redesigned the arms a few years back... The previous arms were excellent stuff, I can't imagine the newer ones being anything less (they look even beefier in pics I've seen). Should come with the trans crossmember and frame brackets (and of course bolts). I don't think anything else is...
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    V6 ohv pulleys

    Engines that have the tensioner up top ('93-older) route the belt to the inside of the lower idler pulley.
  16. 4

    4.0 ohv belt layout

    You sure about that being a '94 4.0L in yours? I see a '93 (or older) belt tensioner pulley on that (in which case your present belt routing is correct). ('94 puts the tensioner pulley down the side, with the fixed pulley up top) Diagram for '93 & older:
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    Manual trans shifter bushing replacement kit - one wavy washer or two?

    It's possible they changed it... (now that I think of it, it was maybe 12 years ago when I did mine) I remember distinctly when I took mine apart (shifter began to get sloppy), I had found (along with some disintegrated bushing bits) two thin mangled rings in the bottom of the hole, one of...
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    Manual trans shifter bushing replacement kit - one wavy washer or two?

    Should be one wavy washer ("spring") and a washer with three tabs on it. IIRC (going just by memory from a few years ago, since my FSM seems to have ignored this part of the trans :scratch: ), the wavy spring I think goes in first, then the washer with the tabs that fits around the lower...
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    leaky rear differential vent tube

    I've had this issue with the '99 axle I have under my BII. On mine, the problem is the vent connection is not at the very top of the tube, it's down a bit toward the rear. Combine this with a bit of pinion uptilt for keeping the angle correct and it turns into a hard-to-win battle without...
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    Pitman Arm Comparison

    The FA600 drop arm has an actual 4" drop (FA400 is 2"). With a 4" lift it should be like Maniak's picture. Lead photo here shows such an example: There another good comparison of the arms here also if you haven't seen...
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    Blizzard my 94 Explorer Build

    That sounds like the wheel bearings are too tight.
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    3,000,000 'th post

    Already past it... Post# 3,000,000 belongs to user 05dakotatrac: Missed it myself by 18 posts within the same thread lol I suspect the number on the main index reflects deleted posts while also not reflecting...
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    Stumped on high SWR

    Should be no surprise... Aluminum is actually a much better conductor than steel is (I think only silver, copper, and gold conduct better than aluminum). ×2, glad you found something that works, even if it's temporary.
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    i need opinions. pleeeaaaasssee

    I was gonna say, you must be hanging around a bunch of J00p ignoramuses lol (just kidding) The Jeep and Ford D35s are very different axles, and as said, one is out rear, the other up front (very different workload rear vs. front). Something else of interest is that is most Jeep guys will...
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    Popping noises from front, toe/camber problems

    I guess everyone's tolerance level is different... I drove a buddy's truck back to my place to do some work on it (had 6" lift and a 'regular' (FA400) drop arm, so same 4" disparity in the steering) and I about near wrapped the thing around a tree in a left curve the tires started squealing...