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Search results

  1. L

    Extremely Annoying Whistle

    For the past year my explorer has been making an extremely annoying whistle noise. It is not the woooooo train horn noise that is stickied above. It is a very high pitched whistle. I didn't notice it as much before because my tires and front suspension made a ton of noise. Now that I have a new...
  2. L

    any help appreciated. truck's not starting.

    I have had an intermitent problem with my truck for about 6 months now. It started when I moved from virginia to florida. The first week I lived there it took about three or 4 starts to start my truck. After a week the problem went away. then from there on out I have had some isolated incidents...
  3. L

    Need Some Opinions on an Explorer.

    A family member of mine saw a White 1998 Explorer Sport for Sale and was thinking of buying it for an extra day to day vehicle. He needs something with better gas mileage then his f-150 work truck, but still wants to be able to carry things and have extra room. It is a 4x4 with a 4.0 SOHC.It has...
  4. L

    Pepsi's win an Xbox 360 every 10 minute contest!!!

    Thought I should share this with my fellow explorerforum people. Whether you like moutain dew, money, or xbox360 check this out. Don't know if you guys have seen the commercial but they are giving away xbox360's every 10 minutes. All you do is buy...
  5. L

    Leetz's 2WD Allstar.

    Leetz's 98 Exploder Sport. Here's a little background info on me first. My name is Rob Rodgers. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. I am 18 years old and currently attending Miami-Dade College in Miami, Florida. I am here for the 2 year Air Traffic Control program they offer at the...
  6. L

    100k mile maintinence/ long driving

    Alright guys I am about to be driving to Miami Florida. I'm going to school there for air traffic control for 2 years. My apartment where I'm going to be living does not allow me to work on the truck in the parking lot, so I want to get stuff done before I leave. Basically doing some...
  7. L

    Need Help! Exhaust + Fuel Line issue!

    Ok so I go today to my local muffler shop to get my exhaust moved up 3 inches. Reason being I had a 3 inch body put on after I already had the exhaust. So it sat 3 inches lower, I finally got around to doing it today, it's been this way for about 6 months. Well I come back and he tells...
  8. L

    Guide to Washing N' Waxing your X PICS!!

    Washed and waxed the X today and decided I would post a little guide on what I like to do when I wash, clean, and wax the truck. Some of this stuff people might not agree with that I do, but I think it works well and have gathered info from these forums and other places on detailing. I...
  9. L

    Great Article for "Offroader's" :( :(

    What a wonderful article for everyone that visits to read. I think the farmer's story is a little bit odd, I dont think any of my buddies have felt...
  10. L

    Radar Detectors.... Interesting Article

    Not sure if this has been posted, but a buddy of mine sent me it. Thought I'd share it with you guys.
  11. L

    Strange thing happened while driving today....

    So I'm driving down the road today like usual same old same old, when I see what looks like to be an undercover cop. I see the light turn yellow so I figure I had better make a quick stop just so there is no trouble. I get on the brakes , but I don't slam them. Well when I do so my front brakes...
  12. L

    Anybody Live in the Miami-Dade area in Florida??

    I think I might be going to school at miami-dade college, homestead campus. I was wondering if anyone lived in the area around the school or knew anything about it. Thanks alot trying to find out some information about the area!
  13. L

    Need some good opinions on Project.

    Alright, Well right now I have a 1998 Explorer Sport 2wd with a v6 4.0 SOHC. I have 3 inch body 2 inch TT 4 door leafs and autozone shackles. It is sitting on 15x8 rockcrawlers mounted on 33x12.50 Xterrains, With a Detroit TrueTrac and 4.56s. I really want 4x4 so I can go on trips with my...
  14. L

    My 1998 Explorer Sport 6" Lift 33" Xterrains Click the link above to my cardomain to see pictures, as I have purchased to become an Elite but have not yet recieved my Elite status yet.I figure it takes a few days. Thanks! This is my finished project... my 1998 2WD Explorer Sport. I...
  15. L

    Lifted Explorers.HELP! need suggestions!!

    Ok guys let me start off by saying I am 17 years old and in high school and have a 1998 Explorer Sport 2WD. I have been wanting to lift my truck for about 2 years now, but haven't had the money to. My new job has been paying me well and I have been able to afford alot of modoifications for my...
  16. L

    HELP: Ideas for new subs and head unit

    Well I've had a hole in one of my orion 10 inch subs for about a month now, and it is really starting to bother me. The rear end of a paintball gun went right through the thin layer :( . Anyways The constant buzzing is just driving me nuts of the plastic vibrating where it broke. The...
  17. L

    Rattling Noise Around The alternator

    Well about a month ago I noticed a very obnoxious rattling/clicking type noise coming from inside my engine. Well I figured something was wrong and I had about 3 problems at once. My thermostat was broken, I need a tune up badly and they said my differential needed some fluid. My car is returned...
  18. L

    Wheel/Rim suggestions??

    I'm looking to keep the same chrome look that I have on my 98 sport right now. I have the chrome rim package and they are much nicer and shinier then most explorers. I want to keep that chrome look but on an offroad size rim. Something along the lines of a 15x10 rim to fit a 33x12.50 tire. I...