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Search results

  1. STEVE-O

    New member... Again.

    Thanks for the welcome guys! Appreciate it. My other name can be banned if it needs to be. :thumbsup:
  2. STEVE-O

    New member... Again.

    So, went through the members list....found my old username...remembered my password. And here we are. I emailed Rick already. See what he says can be done. Wow I feel dumb. My usernames are almost identical. I thought I tried this one but I guess not. Oh well. :(
  3. STEVE-O

    Something w/ rabbits. 72.5 pages of BS

    Just read the whole thread last night...:eek: subscribed. Keep up the badassness, with rabbits.:cool:
  4. STEVE-O

    Jurassic Park...The SUV!

    I always hoped someone on hear would do that! That looks awesome! Nice work.:thumbsup:
  5. STEVE-O

    4.0 OHV & SOHC Go Fast Goodies!!

    Both are good places those of us in the V6 mustang community have known about for a while. Guess I shoulda told everyone about em!:confused: Oh well, hopefully someone from here gets some of their stuff soon.:thumbsup:
  6. STEVE-O

    1st post! '99 Ranger questions

    I feel that I need to tell you something, but nevermind. rwenzing gets props for knowing what he's talking about. :thumbsup: :cool: Oh and welcome to the site.
  7. STEVE-O

    8.5 inchs of lift

    Heyyyyy, your over on RPS too! Truck is looking really good, I like it alot better than when you had it lowered. What size tires are you running now? 33x12.50s? Anyway, truck looks good up in the air. :thumbsup:
  8. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    Yea, I know there will be little things that add up, but you got alot of stuff that I wont be running. But it seems all of this is void now anyway. My dad wants me to work on my mustang instead, and keep the ranger more of a daily driver. :mad: :rolleyes: It sucks that I have to listen to...
  9. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    If I do a dana-30, I already got the wheels, and I have brand new BFG AT 33s that are like 3 weeks old. And for what I was quoting in my post it includes pretty much everything you said. I dont plan on redearing the rear as I have 4:10s and 33s which is fine for me for now. I was planning on...
  10. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    Hmm shouldnt cost me that much. Im thinking about 1100ish in parts, depending on how much the axle cost, and what needs replaced. All metal work/fabbing/metal itself is free. The 1100 is basing the d-30 being around $400. Oh add shocks to that final price too. Meh thats about what I...
  11. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    Im not sure what hes willing to spend, the only parts I will actually need to buy are things like the axle, springs for the front, the rear leaf springs, the steering setup that I go with, and probably new brakes all around. Also Ill end up regearing the new axle, and also replacing any...
  12. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    No, Im just on a budget, need a project for school, and dont have much in the way of time. And by budget I mean I havent had a job in 7 months, and Im not sure that my dad wants to buy me new wheels too. He said he would pay for most of it, but I think asking him to buy me new wheels would be...
  13. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    Hmmm Im gonna go with the custom axles I think. Of course that leaves me with the question of what do I do for brake rotors? Someone said that they could be drilled, but that seems like it could be unsafe. Do you know of a company that makes the axles? Thanks for all the help! :thumbsup:
  14. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    Another question for you guys, what can I do to the waggy D-44 to keep my bolt pattern so that I dont have to buy new wheels? Im fairly certain I saw that someone makes axles to convert it to 5x4.5 but I dont remember where at. If you do that conversion, what do you do about the disc brakes...
  15. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    Cool thanks for the ideas guys! Ill continue my search/ list of stuff I need. I have about 4 weeks to get all of this together before the work will actually start. Guess we will see. :D
  16. STEVE-O

    a few new pics

    Looks awesome! hopefully Ill be able to join the SAS club soon!
  17. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    For the front, Im thinking of doing coils for now, maybe coilovers when I get some money. Im thinking a wagoneer front is going to be my best bet, I think there are a few around my house locally, so that will help. Is there a list of powersteering systems that will work? Im gonna have the...
  18. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    Ok, anyone have a cheap d-44 for sale? This is starting to look like more and more of a possibility. Im not real sure what Im gonna do for the rear lift yet though, wish I could just do a SOA for cheapness. Any ideas? I could 4 link it I guess, but thats a good bit of work for me to do in a...
  19. STEVE-O

    How I Got Started In The Automotive Field...

    Might as well tell my story too. :D Anyway, after highschool, I felt the need to do what would please my parents and go to a 4 year college. After 3 years of wasted time/money I realized that it wasnt what I wanted at all in life. Since my early teen years I had been working on our family...
  20. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    Thanks, I've got alot to do between now and 6 weeks from now. Guess Ill start reading. :eek: Maybe in the upcoming weeks if I decide to do it, Ill make this my SAS thread, but until then, thanks for making me open my eyes. :cool:
  21. STEVE-O

    turbo question

    I dont know particularly, but I can suggest that you take a look at You would probably get more answers over there than here, as there are a good many 2.3 turbo guys on that board. :thumbsup:
  22. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    Bah! your obviously right. I knew that too! Sometimes my ignorance amazes even myself. Yea I have the stupid torsion bars so that answers those questions. Anyones thread in particular that I should look at? :banghead:
  23. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    Is it not different on a newer ranger like mine? Or since Im taking out my suspension it wont matter?
  24. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    So, I've been thinking about doing an SAS for a while now, and just have some general questions for some people in the "know". Also, I have pretty much any possible tool I need to do this readily available to me, along with many that I wouldnt need. Anyway, first of all, are there any dana...