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Search results

  1. Black Magic

    How to lower your O1+ Sport 01

    I haven't taken the bolts all the way out. I have heard of others doing that. But the problem is you can run into is leveling the truck from side to side. Others have flipped the t-bars to achieve a lower stance. There are threads on that around too.
  2. Black Magic

    Who would be interested in a roll pan?

    Anyone interested in buying my 01+ Sport (2-door) roll pan mold? I built the plug, pulled the mold and made one pan. I don't have access to the Fiberglass shop anymore, so I can't duplicate them. All you need is the know how and a place to lay FG. And make the mounting tabs. If anyone is...
  3. Black Magic

    Black Magic Stock vs. Now!

    No, new pictures. The only thing I have done since was get the black headlights that sell on ebay. They do look good. But the rest of the truck is the same. I wish I would have had these lights back in the day.
  4. Black Magic

    Kenne Bell Explorer Phase 2 build begins!!!

    Sounds like music to my ears! Keep it up!
  5. Black Magic

    Anoyone near Grain Valley, MO 64029?

    Well here's what happened. The guy that did my two kids baseball team uniforms was going to make me some jackets for fall ball. So I ordered 4 jackets from a sports supply store. Before he could get them done he and his shop both moved to KC. So I had to ship them to him. He started off...
  6. Black Magic

    Anoyone near Grain Valley, MO 64029?

    Thanks guys! I just wanted to see if someone could stop by an address and see if someone still lived there. If anyone is close to there let me know. Thanks.
  7. Black Magic

    Anoyone near Grain Valley, MO 64029?

    Anyone near Grain Valley, MO 64029? If you are please let me know! I need help. Thanks, Matt
  8. Black Magic

    catless y-pipe FOR 4.0 sohc

    I don't know if Raspy is the word. It might be. I will make a video and post it up. As for the sensors being turned off, it might be but I don't know. When it gets inspected they plug in to the OBD port and don't pull any codes either.
  9. Black Magic

    Black Magic is felling a little low, not too low, just 2" lower.

    Yes, the bump stops do keep a clean spot on the a arm. But it really isn't too bad. Mostly happens on uneven transitions to parking lots.
  10. Black Magic

    catless y-pipe FOR 4.0 sohc

    No I emptied all 4.
  11. Black Magic

    catless y-pipe FOR 4.0 sohc

    I have been Cat-less for 4 years and have still have no CEL's Plus the truck actually blows cleaner without them and a good tune. Then it did stock. I like the sound and the seat of the paints HP feels good to me.
  12. Black Magic

    20 or 22's?

    Glad the site could help. LMK if you need any help.
  13. Black Magic

    20 or 22's?

    I have 20"s and would say that after you have 20"s for a while you will want 22"s. Just go for the 22"s. I wish I could upgrade my exact style for 22"s.
  14. Black Magic

    Lowering Kit HELP!

    Go here:
  15. Black Magic

    A-piller Guage pods?

    There is not tripple guage pod for the explorer or ranger.
  16. Black Magic

    my new little project, carpet and paint, pics, pics

    So you painted everything black? Looks good! Are you going to switch over your seats too?
  17. Black Magic

    angel eye halo

    I didn't do this to my truck. I did a set for an 02 4-door. With Elglo wire.
  18. Black Magic

    Sport Trac Headlights???

    Yea, I finaly after 3 years of no mods want to get these and now they aren't available! WTF!
  19. Black Magic

    Kenne Bell Explorer Phase 2 build begins!!!

    That's not the right answer. The right answer is that I will come up there and spend the week drinking beer, grilling, and swaping your current set up into my truck with me. :thumbsup: You going to soak it in oil and wrap it in plastic to store it?
  20. Black Magic

    Kenne Bell Explorer Phase 2 build begins!!!

    What'cha doing with the old block? Hmmm...
  21. Black Magic

    Granatelli Coil Over Packs for 2v 4.6

    Those are very sexy! What's the ETA on the Blower?
  22. Black Magic

    lowered: riding on bump stop pads...?

    You just need to grind a grove for them to sit in and raise the bars up just a bit. You could bend some metal, sure, if you hit something really hard.
  23. Black Magic

    2003 Kenne Bell 2.2 Explorer at the track!!!

    Yea! That is awesome! Great job, the truck is really doing well.
  24. Black Magic

    X-Box teaser pics

    I am loving that setup!
  25. Black Magic

    Hi. Tech Question?

    Torsion flip up front, C-notch in the rear. However, you aren't going to get too much lower in the front without bags. Is your truck 2wd?