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Search results

  1. Mitchs07explorer

    External timing tensioners on the 4.0

    I’m looking for a few opinions on those who have changed out their external timing tensioners. I’m doing a full timing rebuild at the moment, I just got the heads back from the machine shop and am pretty close to putting everything back together. For a little back ground, I’ve had a startup...
  2. Mitchs07explorer

    Does the 4.0 v6 have a cam phaser?

    Okay I feel like this is a stupid question and I might’ve been on a wild goose chase and maybe someone can help me out. I’m getting ready to do the timing job on my 4.0 v6. A while back I was short on time and was willing to pay a shop to get it done. The shop I called was asking me about the...
  3. Mitchs07explorer

    Should I rebuild the timing???

    I’m not sure what to do with my Explorer because of the timing chain rattle at startup. It’s an 07 4.0 advance trac, I just passed 160,000 miles and the start up rattle is progressively getting worse. It takes longer to go away especially on a cold day. The rest of the engine seems to be in good...
  4. Mitchs07explorer

    Underdrive pully for our Gen 4

    Anyone know where I might be able to find underdrive pulleys? I can’t find any specifically for our vehicles although I know there are plenty out there for the 4.0 mustangs.
  5. Mitchs07explorer

    Brake sticking and steering wheel vibration after entire brake system replaced

    I’m posting this one for a co worker he has a 2007 Eddie Bauer with the V8. He recently has had a brake issue where one of the front brakes sticks a little after letting off the brake and even causes a slight vibration in the steering wheel. He has had the master cylinder, rotors, pads and the...
  6. Mitchs07explorer

    Brand New BTF upper control arms and SDT 2 inch lift and level kit for sale. $600 plus shipping (No longer for sale)

    Selling my brand new BTF upper control arms with uni-ball ball joints plus my new SDT 2 inch lift and level spacers for the gen 4 4wd explorers, never installed. I’m asking $600 for both (you’re getting the lift kit for free). You pay shipping. Message me if you’re interested. I can accept...
  7. Mitchs07explorer

    Shout out to the Gen 4 Explorers!!!

    I just wanted to say how good it felt this morning to out accelerate a 2021 Toyota 4Runner in my 07 4.0 EX with 3:73 gears! Got 155k on this baby and it still kicks a lot of ass! Person in the 4Runner was driving like a dick and their expression when my 14 year old Explorer outperformed a brand...
  8. Mitchs07explorer

    New computer and need help programming keys

    For a reason or two (mostly transmission related) I wanted to try a new computer in my explorer. I went to and gave them the vin and all that good stuff. They sent me what I assume is a matching “refurbed” computer (had dust around the plugins). I installed it and ran...
  9. Mitchs07explorer

    Who knows what size fuel line our 06-10 ex’s use

    Just as the title says, does anyone know what size fuel line 4th gen explorers use? I know ford uses 3/8th or 5/16. I just replaced my fuel and I used 3/8 and it runs fine with it but I’ve been having hard start issues and am wondering if I need to down size to a 5/16th line. I’m wondering if...
  10. Mitchs07explorer

    And the hard starting continues

    So I had my fuel pump replaced a few weeks back under warranty which was definitely the problem. I had for a week and it was running just fine. Then after I had been driving it for a couple hours straight, I went home shut it off for a couple of hours before I tried to start it again. To my...
  11. Mitchs07explorer

    Repairing fuel line

    To keep a long story short... I had to splice my fuel line just after the filter. I used a Dorman repair kit with the nylon tubing which includes a 5/16 double sided barb. When is installed the barb in the Dorman hose it slid in very tightly and sealed just fine. When I went to slide the barb...
  12. Mitchs07explorer

    Narrowing down my hard start issue

    So I originally thought I had bad fuel in my Ex but turns out that’s not what’s wrong. The problem I’m having is hard starting. Ironically it starts up right away with no hesitation in the morning before I head to work. It sits for about 4 hours until I go to lunch and that’s when it takes...
  13. Mitchs07explorer

    Hard Starting

    Car has has been running great for a while now until just recently it’s been taking a bit longer to start. It’s an 07 4.0 advance trac with 140k on her now. What happens is I turn the key and it seems to take 3-5 seconds of turning over to start where in the past is take like a 1/2 second to 1...
  14. Mitchs07explorer

    Can’t find leak p0442 and now P1450

    for the last couple of years now I consistently get a cel that comes and goes. Was more common tobturn the cel on and stay on when my daily commute was a 6 mile round trip. I now have a 30 mile daily round trip and my cel was staying off for quite some time until a week ago. I pulled the code...
  15. Mitchs07explorer

    Did switching back to 87 octane just fix my problems!?!?

    I don’t know what to think on this! I have babied my Ex ever since I bought it 6 years ago. I had a buddy convince me to run 91 octane in it a couple of years ago versus using 87 octane because it would be “better” for the engine etc... so I ran 91 and didn’t notice a performance gain but I was...
  16. Mitchs07explorer

    Random rough idle

    Just got my Ex back yesterday, it now has a Remann transmission and I plan on keeping it for the long haul. Everything else for the most part is in pretty good shape and lots of other new parts. I’m trying to figure out this rough idle I get on occasion when I start my vehicle. I’ve noticed that...
  17. Mitchs07explorer

    Does the gen 4 have a rear blower motor for the rear vents

    ive owned my ex since 2014 and my rear ac/heat vents that come out of the console hardly blow any air when turned on. I didn’t really worry about it to much until I picked up a 97 explorer. It too has ac/heat for the rear passengers but when you turn the switch for the rear vents to on, it blows...
  18. Mitchs07explorer

    Random rough idle on startup

    On occasion maybe once every couple of weeks I’ll start my Ex (07 4.0) and for about the first 30 seconds while it’s on I’ll get an erratic idle with the rpms bouncing between 600 and 900 and then it smooths out. I’ve been chasing a small evap leak for about 6 months until I recently bought a...
  19. Mitchs07explorer

    MAF Sensor!?!?! 97 5.0 AWD

    Had Jiffy Lube do a radiator and flush and 4x4 service last week. About a day after I had the service done I noticed coolant underneath the car after coming out of the store. I popped the hood and saw coolant pooled on top of the water pump and timing chain cover. Since the engine had just been...
  20. Mitchs07explorer

    OBX headers EGR question

    My OBX headers have been installed, everything is running great it sounds great but my check engine light just popped on and I’m reading a code p0401. I anticipated this as ive read about people running into this code after installing headers. At some point I’m going to try to splice my old EGR...
  21. Mitchs07explorer

    Codes P0741 & P1000ff

    I finally got my ELM327 adapter and set up my forscan on my tablet. I’ve been dealing with my wrench light popping on whenever I get on freeway, everything seems to drive fine although my RPM’s seem to run a little higher. I was thinking my vehicle was in limp mode staying in 4th gear but when I...
  22. Mitchs07explorer

    Anyone recommend a good ELM327 adapter for windows?

    My wrench light popped on last night when I was driving home. The CEL was already on because of a p0442 (small evap leak) I’m dealing with. It drove totally fine the entire drive home. After I got home we unpacked the car and I came back out to use my SCT x4 scanner. When I plugged the scanner...
  23. Mitchs07explorer

    It’s gonna be an off roader/hunting rig

    So my last few posting on here a few months back I was talking about head gasket problems. Initially after I got everything up and running after lots of time and energy I got to drive my 97 5.0 around for a couple of months before my coolant started to get really funky and then the constant...
  24. Mitchs07explorer

    Evap service port for 07 4.0

    Hey guys, I got a smoke machine to find my small evap leakk and I'm looking to hook it up to my 07 4.0 Ex but I can't find the service port!? I can see a part of the evaporative system next to the master cylinder and another hose that looks like it has a white vent valve in the end of it. I'm...
  25. Mitchs07explorer

    Help P0442 evap small leak

    My computer keeps throwing me the p0442 evap (small leak) code. It did this to me a few years ago and back then I changed my fuel cap and fuel filter and it went away until just recently. It popped back on a couple months ago and it's been popping back on about once a week after I reset it...