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Search results

  1. D

    Spotted my old explorer!?! Indianapolis in

    My original elites explorer thread from long ago Dman726749's Explorer really miss this truck all of a sudden
  2. D

    Spotted my old explorer!?! Indianapolis in

    My brother sent me this photo today, ya gotta be my old 96 explorer that I traded in in 2008. Thought for sure it was are you on here? South side of indianapolis 96 explorer Body lift Custom snorkel Looks like 35’s
  3. D

    BFG AT KO vs Toyo Open Country AT?

    i plan to switch to the bfg's when my pirelli's weare out.....and they cant wear out soon enough cause i really dont like them :)
  4. D

    S197 Roll Cage Mock-Up/Install

    so is that a true shelby terlungia(sp?) v6 stang????
  5. D

    04+ F150 A/C Woes- Owners Check In

    my 06 f150 also is not so great at the ac...its gets cool, but never really cold like i want...the old sploder would blow ice cubes
  6. D

    This Is Def What I Didnt Want To See.....

    part of me wants to know where mine is (ours were almost identical twins) since i traded it in back in november...but seeing this maybe i dont want to know :(
  7. D

    How about this for a project truck?

    train wreck is about all you can say about that thing...
  8. D

    Crazy dealership

    doubt it...maybe I should take it for a test drive......from the image it still has the explorer4x4 sticker on the side window....they did at least wash it though
  9. D

    Crazy dealership

    Last week I traded my sploder in for a 06 gave me 2k for my sploder...I about fell out of my chair I never expected so much.... it was a 96 175k leaking tranny replaced the factory tcase with a 1354m so the lights in the dash flashed rustt out rockers lots of body damage...
  10. D

    Is anybody getting up to go shopping at 5 AM?

    i got those tools last summer and they are great!...i have used the sawzall dozens of times around the house.......
  11. D

    2008 Bastrop Car Show (56k DIE)

    i have seen that last mustang in a mag a long time ago....something about 1000hp or if i remeber right ?
  12. D

    Second Gen Snorkel Install

    there is no reason to run it that high..(and it will look terrable)..there are other things that will flood before the water gets even close to the top of mine......jsut turn the snorkle head around backwards if you are concerned about splashing water...
  13. D

    New Snorkel Idea

    you have to "flatten" the inner fender with a BFH to make the pipe fit ;)
  14. D

    Close up shots

    this is edward
  15. D

    How many of you got Mustangs?

    here is ours....(wifes really, but when I am good I get to drive it!) 13.4 in the quarter bone stock :p:
  16. D

    I am a terrible housewife.

    i did this all the time back at college when we were out of the powder..always worked great for me...the key is not using too much liquid soap...its all about moderation :)
  17. D

    Torsion/Coilover Conversion

    jefe had one in his sas explorer
  18. D

    Help - stock airbox + bodylift issues

    hmmm not sure then...i have the round one and didnt have a problem...good luck!
  19. D

    Help - stock airbox + bodylift issues

    round or square airfilter? mine never caused a problem with the body lift.....i have the round is a little tough to atach the twp halves sometimes, but a little elbow grease always makes it work...
  20. D

    Did you stimulate the Economy?

    mine went towards at new camera lens mmmm70-200 2.8 IS for thoes who know what that is ;)
  21. D

    New Snorkel Idea

    i have had my snorkel turned so the opening is facing backwards with the window down and it sounds like a train comming right at you when you get on the gas....i cant imagne what it would sound like inside like you are talking...i can see it maybe on a trail only rig, but if you plan on driving...
  22. D

    The time has come, I have sold my truck...

    dang that didnt take long...congrats! me hope for wen I try to sell mine later this summer (maybe)
  23. D

    Badlands 08

    I will def not be making it....truck is in rough shape and I need it to still be too much going on right now :(
  24. D

    Second Gen Snorkel Install

    10 foot stick and then the bend...they only sell in the 10ft sticks :(
  25. D

    Squeaking suspinsion (video)

    excelent...any ideas as to what it could be?????