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Search results

  1. celly

    That sad day has come

    I sold my beloved ‘99 EB, but it’s going to a good home, right, @vroomzoomboom ? I’ll never drive it again. Here it waits for the trailer to haul it to Manitoba, probably later this week. I’ll miss this beast.
  2. celly

    Why I haven't been posting much these days....

    Actually, it's the one in the middle. :eek: Company car. All expenses paid. Has a lot of utility with the space. Been hauling my son's mountain bike in the back. Also installed a hitch to carry the same bike rack I've using for years on the Exploders. Very useful vehicle on the trailhead...
  3. celly coupon codes, limited time

    I got this in email today. I scored my Morimoto H1 kit from them recently and they're the real deal. Take advantage of this limited offer and you'll be happy you did. (I am in no way associated with them outside of being a Dead Link Removed): Shop @'s Black Friday Deals...
  4. celly

    P1151 code solved? Wire #3 issues with TMH.

    I've been chasing down the cause of an elusive P1151 code for a month or so. It threw a code after a slight miss about 6 weeks ago. I reset it with my Scangauge and all was well. Then we did a road trip out to the mountains about a month ago and got multiple codes, all the same. P1151 of...
  5. celly

    Beater 1st Gen EB in my neighbourhood

    I meant to put up these pics last summer when I took them. There was this horrid looking 1st gen EB that would park beside my home almost daily, so I pulled out the camera to snap a few and forgot I had them. Over time, my 6 year old son (then 5) befriended the owner's son (close in age). The...
  6. celly

    Budget Car Rental gets me.....

    I have to travel out of town a few times a year to visit one of our other five outlying branches. Budget rented me a Focus in Vancouver once, let me try out a Fusion in Winnipeg. Today I'm in Saskatoon and I asked for an econobox. Assumed I'd get another Focus. The lady at the desk gave me...
  7. celly

    Torque Monster Header (TMH) Gasket Replacement-Pointers needed

    I've found bits and pieces of info out there on replacing the header gaskets used with TMH, but was hoping to put together an all inclusive thread on how to do the job. I got the headers put on in July at Jon's place in July as some will recall. The install was definitely first rate but I have...
  8. celly

    95-01 Ford Explorer Mountaineer Console Lid LEATHER

    I don't need this, but people always seem to need new armrests. Leather to boot (re-upholstered). Go here.
  9. celly

    Windows 7...who's going with it on Oct 22?

    As the title says, who's making the switch when it's released on October 22? I have three copies of Win 7 Pro that I scored on a pre-sale a few months back (50% off). So far I've tested the final betas, both 32 bit and 64 bit on a variety of machines, old and new, laptop and desktop and I love...
  10. celly


    Where does Subaru fit in? I've got lots to do on my wife's '00 Outback. Now that she knows how much time I spend in the garage on the Eddie, she's started giving me "Honey Do" projects for the Outback. :D
  11. celly

    Spark Plug Heat Socks made of Volcanic material

    I recently stumbled across a set of spark plug heat socks on eBay that sound pretty cool so I scored a pair. They've got some sort of volcanic material woven into them and have much higher heat resistance than fibreglass ones. I became much more interested in heat socks since I got my Torque...
  12. celly

    Screamin Demon 31725 Coil Pack on 5.0?

    I've been trouble shooting an issue I've had for a while and swapped out my MSD 8241 coil packs today for the stock ones to see if the issue would go away (jury is still out). Anyhow, one of the towers on one MSD coil pack was damaged (no, not the one I swapped with you Eric). One driver's side...
  13. celly

    Aston Martin Mustang? YIKES!

    This Stang is sick. V12 in a Mustang?!?! It's a project of a shop not too far from where I live. I road test my truck along that road they shot the vid on all the time. I've never actually seen this car around, but would love to. They're located about 10 minutes from my home out on a rural...
  14. celly

    Mixing and matching spark plug wires?

    I managed to trash one of my fairly new Motorcraft spark plug wires for my '99 EB 5.0 (don't ask, I'm still annoyed). I was fortunate enough to have a set of fairly new Magnecor wires that came off my truck this summer so I replaced the trashed wire with one. No noticeable adverse affects by...
  15. celly

    Are all fuel filters created equally? (2nd gen, 5.0 V8)

    I'm looking to replace the fuel filter for my '99 EB with 5.0 V8. The conventional wisdom for many replacement parts is to go with Motorcraft. Does the same hold true for fuel filters? Are there better ones out there my Amsoil or Wix (or others?). I'll avoid Fram like the plague. I know this...
  16. celly

    The Evolution of our Beloved Explorer

    Link is dead now.
  17. celly

    Classic Photo

    I'm sure many of you have seen this already. It was taken in "Banff" which is just an hour west of where I live. Lake Minnewanka is where I've done many a mountainbike adventure through the years. What are the odds?
  18. celly

    Should only be a few hours.....

    Before Brooklyn takes over aldive as the top poster of all time. Never thought I'd see the day! :p: Sam and Youtube guy should be there shortly too. :D Where do you guys find the time? :cool: Hey Brooklyn, almost 20 posts/day over the past 3.5 years or so. That's almost a post an...
  19. celly

    Redline Tuning Hood Quicklift for 2nd Gen-Now Available!

    A few months back, the subject of aftermarket hood struts for 2nd gens came up after one of our members scored a set made for the Ranger, for his Explorer. I contacted the seller of these struts and through this thread, our trusty Lighting mod, Bill Kemp, got this Mounty done free of charge in...
  20. celly

    Valve Cover Gaskets for '99 5.0....OEM or aftermarket?

    I'm off to Kansas in just under 2 months to get some work done on my '99 EB. I've already got a set of OEM valve covers down there so Jon can do his powdercoating magic on those and other things (in addition to helping me with TMH!). Anyhow, I'd like to replace the valve cover gaskets while...
  21. celly

    Explorer Express rear swaybar bushings

    I had my ride in the shop and while under there they told me that my rear swaybar bushings needs replacing. I've got the Explorer Express rear swaybar in there and it came with the poly bushings. I've had it on for just over 3 years and don't really put a lot of miles on it. How long should poly...
  22. celly

    Alternator whine? or idler pulley? or tensioner pulley? Or all of the above?

    I've dealt with a whiney 5.0 pretty much since I got it 3+ years ago and lately I've been trying to determine what the deal is. It sort of came to a head the other day when my 4 y/o son made a comment something to the effect of: "Daddy, I can hear your engine noise" (this from the backseat)...
  23. celly

    Redline Tuning Hood Quicklift for 2nd Gen-FREE (Michigan residents look)

    Are you one of the many people who are tired of the weak OEM hood struts and their equally lame aftermarket alternatives for 2nd Gen Explorers? I recently replaced my struts not long after my hood came crashing down on 4 fingers on my left hand leaving me hopelessly trapped and needing to call...
  24. celly

    95-01 Projector headlights, Part 2

    Hard to fathom since the 2nd generation effectively ended about 8 years ago. There didn't seem to be much in the way of new aftermarket offerings, but since 410 Fortune did up his aftermarket projector setup a few weeks ago, there is now another rendition. To boot, a new EF Vendor is offering a...
  25. celly

    Amsoil Oil Bypass Systems

    I stumbled across a few links on the Amsoil site related to installs of Amsoil Oil Bypass systems. Both installs were done on 2nd gens. Forgive me if someone else already posted these. I know that aldive is a dealer as well and he posted his own instructions some time ago too. Link 1 Link 2