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Search results

  1. D

    98 explorer sport - front end noise

    my explorer has something wrong lol. when i accelorate there is a loud banging noise. i removed my front driveshaft to determin if the noise was coming from the front or rear and it is definatly in the front. i changed both front wheel bearings, drivers side cv shaft and drivers side outer...
  2. D

    Hank iii & assjack

    went to go see HANK III & ASSJACK last night and got to meet HANK III me and HANK III before the concert: me and HANK III after the concert, i had my ticket stub facing the wrong way lol: my ticket stub after he signed it:
  3. D

    98 xplorer sport

    i decided to start a registry for my explorer instead of posting pics of it in my ranger registry. here it is when i bought it, the only thing i changed at this point was tires and wheels. the stock 16's are on my ranger now. with the flat black wheels the grey molding/bumpers looked...
  4. D

    Went fishing today

    i went fishing today with 3 guys from work, all together we caught over 40 fish. i caught 9 BASS, 6 big ones and 3 small ones. here are pics of my biggest 2:
  5. D

    94 ranger rear window removal/install

    i recently bought a truck for parts and it has a sliding rear window, my truck does not. i was wondering what it would take to swap them, do they just pop out or do i have to cut them out ???
  6. D

    94 ranger 3.0 overheating

    i bought this truck last year and never had heat or a overheating problem. this year i decided to change the heater core and i got nice hot air instantly. that is until about 2 days later when i was driving to work and the defrost starting blowing cold air, it was hot and then cold...
  7. D

    Redneck ranger

    hello, i have been visiting this site for a long time but finally decided to register. i bought this truck last year for $400.00 just to drive to work, it has a 3.0 V6 and push button 4WD. the 4WD has never worked because the previous owner removed the actuator motor from the...