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Search results

  1. storlied

    97 4dr OHV v6 into 96 2dr concerns

    What information does anyone have concerning the returnless fuel system and PATS compatibility? Also, has anyone ever swapped a 4dr tank into the 2dr platform? Edit: The 2dr is a 99!! Can a mod please correct the title?
  2. storlied

    Brake bleeding help after master cylinder

    So where do I go from here? I replaced it with a used unit that was full. So I know there's air in the lines that connect to it.. what now?
  3. storlied

    Performance 4R70W Replacement

    Local rebuild of mine would be anywhere from 22 to 28+. All at one time,for a factory rebuild. Here's my choices online I found, along with the shift kit I like so much... they come with kevlar bands and more clutches.. For a difference of around $100 between stage 1 [shift kit] and stage 2...
  4. storlied


    They've been hanging out in the front all morning/day. I pet the baby moose. Haha. Came up to the porch, the mom walked away for a moment. Looked at us for a moment but didn't care. They left for a few minutes and then they came back. And they're...
  5. storlied

    4R70W Lost Reverse..

    What are my most cost effective options here? Find a transmission from a junked truck and throw it in and then later install a shift kit? Or Rebuild the one I have now and retain my shift kit? Since it's being pulled anyways, I'd like it to be rebuilt completely as to fix my 1-2 shift issue...
  6. storlied

    Couple of exhaust/lift/tuning questions

    1. I'm replacing my manifolds from tubular to cast, drivers side blew a leak after a cat clogged. I don't want to have mis matched sides so I'm getting both.. Anyways... The steering shaft comes close, oh hell.. it rubs the manifold... looking at the cast design the pipe shouldn't even come...
  7. storlied

    4r70w experts needed

    Alright so the other night I got stuck and rallied my tranny way too hard. It now clunks into reverse, right before it actually goes into reverse.. It also sometimes makes a ratchet noise while going slow in reverse.......... A slight issue that has kinda gone away.. I think it may be a cold...
  8. storlied

    302 3K rpm flat spot in power

    Under moderately heavy throttle after I shift into 2nd as the rpms are rising it'll hit 3k rpm and the power just sits, I do raise in speed but once that couple seconds is over it just screams and pulls like it should. Replaced MAF, Cleaned it after a year also. IAC Sea Foam [May do again]...
  9. storlied

    Evergreen Frost - Lifted!

    Before: After: 55W HIDs
  10. storlied

    Close Call!!!

    Was originally a 20 minute video showing my commute to my job which is a nice drive.. same way I take to work and back every single day,, I have no idea why I didn't see this guy. I obviously stopped for cross traffic... Idk.. it just happened. Obviously this doesn't happen often or I would have...
  11. storlied

    Front body mounts?

    Going to be doing a 3" BL here soon.. I know I'm gonna have some issues with the front mounts.. what kind of risks are there with installing the lift, but keeping the front ones out until I can get the bushing off the bolt? I've seen that others had to do this also for a little bit... it'll be...
  12. storlied

    Heater not working?!

    Heater isn't working, in ANY of the settings... If I put it to the vents... very very little cold air will come out... rear blows air, but it's warmish cool air for the most part... sometimes it'll get hot.... Sometimes after driving for a long time, it would come back on... almost everytime it...
  13. storlied

    I uh... broke my cruise control [switches]

    I was prying them out...pulled the buttons off... realized.. those buttons aren't going back on unless the chip was pressed into the buttons.. so I carefully removed the chip..... apon re-inserting.. nothing works.. the light doesn't come on either... I was trying to open em up to see what...
  14. storlied

    side step/running board ?s

    My explorer came stock with the normal running boards for the XLT, I took them off a long time ago.. I'm about to lift my truck with a 3" BL, with 33x12.5 BFG. Anyways, I've noticed some 4 door 2nd gens came with the step bars.. will it mount right up? Also, I don't remember if these steps...
  15. storlied

    100w differences

    Alright so for the past year I had two Hella 500FF, after buying them I soon bought 100w 'xenon' hella bulbs..(which have a blue tint to the bulb) a few months ago, I added two more hella 500FF but today I finally upgraded the bulbs.. when I purchased them I was somewhat dissapointed.. they...
  16. storlied

    voltage drop on acceleration

    Any suggestions? It was getting as bad as 12.6 to 12.4 sometimes, I changed the alternator and everything was good again. (also, just to throw it out there.. recently, within weeks replaced the battery with a brand new one due to my other one being bad, had it warenteed out) After the battery...
  17. storlied

    ignition/autostart pwr src

    As suggested by Bill, I've been using the wiper fuse as a source of power triggered by the ignition.. (I'm using it for my Halos and interior neons.) Works great, but I miss having them on when the parking lights are triggered by my autostart.. but like having them dependent on the ignition.. is...
  18. storlied

    leaf spring strap rattle

    So the rubber is completely gone that went to the top of the straps, what's an easy fix for this? I don't think you can take these off without replacing them? I don't know.. I'm just looking for a fix that can work without taking them off. Right I have two cigarette butts in each.. it...
  19. storlied

    TPS ScReW stripped..

    So yeah.. was attempting to change my TPS... and of course.. the bottom screw stripped out... ended up tearing everything apart and removing the TB..... what now?... ugh...
  20. storlied

    power steering high pressure hose

    I can't seem to get to eitherside to get the nut out...?.. Any trick or special tool?
  21. storlied

    low pro sub install ideas?

    I value my cargo space in the back, I go camping a lot.. I'm new to the whole audio thing.. the most I've done is install decks and speakers... never touched an amp or sub before.. I'm trying to decide which would be better, a single 10 or a single 12... and how do I know which amp to get...
  22. storlied

    vibration only while on gas

    I've now got a vibration from 20-40mph.. and then it comes back at around 50-60+ It's only when I'm on the gas, I don't get it.. Nothing has any weird play in it... I dropped the front drive shaft and still the same problem. I do have 2 lower ball joints that are bad, and the rear end needs...
  23. storlied

    New Projector mods

    Alright, I'm going to be doing a few things to my lighting with these new projector headlights... First off I'm going to do the mod to keep the low beams on while the high beams are on. (I don't like the idea of my HID's constantly having to turn on and off.) But here's the tricky mod I want to...
  24. storlied

    5.0L MAF Replacement questions.

    I'm needing a new MAF, this one is just toast.. I've tried cleaning it multiple times and no luck. Would a refurbed MAF be worth getting? Or would I have better results from a junk yard maf from a truck that used paper filters? My air/exhaust mods and my tune aren't living up to what they...
  25. storlied

    TMH + 3" BL issues?

    I keep seeing references here and there about TMH and 3" BL.. something about an issue with the steering... is there any truth to this? If so.. what's the details? Was there any fix or work-around for this problem?.... If this is a serious problem.. this is gonna hose my whole project... arg