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Search results

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    Have to wait two minutes before I can type out a PM?

    I just sent a user a PM, I went to start typing up a reply to my next PM, but I have to wait two full minutes just to be able to bring up the reply page so I can begin typing? (I'm not actually trying to send it yet) Wondering if something got set somewhere that shouldn't have been, or if...
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    Power steering pressure hose leak... Replace O-ring?

    My service manual tells me that the swivel fitting at the steering pump outlet is a non-serviceable assembly... Has anyone had luck getting one of these apart to replace just the O-ring? (the diagram shows what looks like an inaccessible snap ring inside that holds the swivel part of it...
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    Exhaust resonator question

    Seems like this would be the best section for this... I'm replacing the muffler on my Bronco II 2.9L (have a Magnaflow for it) and I'm wondering exactly what the stock resonator thing on it does (at least I think that's what it's called... it's like a 2nd smaller muffler immediately after the...
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    8.8" ARBs

    So how have the redesigned RD81 units been holding up? I did some searching and most comments seemed to be positive. Anyone here actually busting axleshafts without having the locker disintegrate first? Can I be confident the ARB won't go BOOM (destroying other $$$ parts in there)? or should...