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Search results

  1. ahodges

    99 Ranger Repaint

    I figured I would start this thread here. This is the first time I have posted any project related to this truck. I bought it in December of 09 with 76K on it. I have driven it daily up until a year ago. I decided a month ago I was going to fix all of the minor rust starting to show up and...
  2. ahodges

    Reverse Sensor Issue

    Has anyone had issues with their reverse sensing not working as well as it used to? I have a friend that says it used to sense things on the side and directly behind the truck sooner than it does now. Now it just beeps a couple times once you are already very close to an object then the tone...
  3. ahodges

    8.8 31 spline Explorer Rear Axle Shafts

    I recently swapped the axle shafts out of my Explorer for hardened shafts after I swapped my 4.0 engine out for 400hp V8. I never raced it or overly stressed the axles before I changed them out for the hardened ones. These have about 125k miles on them. I'm asking $50 for the pair plus shipping
  4. ahodges

    5.0 MAC intake for sale

    I have a brand new 97-01 Explorer 5.0L MAC intake for sale. I bought it in anticipation of putting it on my 347 motor and after everything was put together I realized that the MAC intake was smaller than my 75mm TB so I decided to piece together my own 4" intake and leave the MAC in the box...
  5. ahodges

    96-98 5.0 oil cooler

    I just tried to fill my coolant system today and found out I have pin hole leak in the engine oil cooler/ heat exchanger. They are discontinued from the dealer and I don't know where to get one. Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. ahodges

    5.0 oil pan

    Did they ever make a steel oil pan for the 5.0 in explorer's? I need to moddify my pan and if I had a steel one originally designed for explorers it would be much much easier. Is the 2WD pan different than the AWD version?
  7. ahodges

    Fuel Pump Discussion

    Ok, I've hit a road block with my project. Im doing a 5.0 swap with engine upgrades and a 4406 transfercase swap on my 96 4 door Explorer. So in doing so, I need the 2 door gas tank and a high out put fuel pump. So step 1, I got a Walbro 255 fuel pump with the supercharger kit i got from a...
  8. ahodges

    Dorman Parts?

    What is the word on Dorman parts? I'm going to buy a new transfercase shift motor and a Motorcraft one costs $190. I found a Dorman one on Rockauto for just over $70. Input...?
  9. ahodges

    Traction Bar Bushings for V8?

    Has anyone ever replaced the traction bar bushings on their V8 truck? Better yet, anyone know where I can get them??
  10. ahodges

    Monster Transmissions? ProWeld Tranny's?

    Has anyone ever had a performance transmission built by either Monster Transmission & Performance or ProWeld Performance Parts? Even if you never had one built, what have you heard about either place? I know that Monster is a big corporation out of Flordia but Proweld is a small business in...
  11. ahodges

    5.0 Throttle Body?

    So I'm pretty far along in my project of swapping a 5.0 into my explorer. Now I'm needing to know what throttle body I need and where I can get one? If I am correct the stock TB is only 65mm. To benefit from all my mods then I'm pretty sure I need a bigger one; 70 or 75mm? I've been...
  12. ahodges

    5.0 swap - w/ 4406

    So the time has come to make my own 5.0 build thread. I already have the donor truck (its a 97 AWD Mounty) that I got a real good price. The plan is to put the 5.0 into my 96 Explorer and then transfer the 4.0 and its driveline into the Mounty. I have already found answers to most of my...
  13. ahodges

    Engine Cuts out for Split second

    I am having a problem with the engine cutting out for a second while acclerating between 40 and 50 mph. It does it so fast that if you weren't expecting it you would wonder, "what was that?" It is just enough to cause a drivetrain clunk in the transmission and driveshaft. When the engine...
  14. ahodges

    Andrew's 1996 Explorer XLT

    Well I've been gathering information and giving information here for a while now and just found this thread! :rolleyes: Anyways, I got my explorer when I was 16 as my first vehicle 6.5 years ago with 61k on it from my Grandpa who recently then couldn't drive anymore. Ever since I got it I...
  15. ahodges

    Insufficient EGR flow code

    I have a 96 4.0 OHV Explorer with 123k on it. 30k on this engine. Here's the story. The Check Engine light came on about 6 months ago for this Insufficient EGR flow code, I don't know what the code number is right now but if someone would find that helpful I can post it up later. So...
  16. ahodges

    Oil Pressure

    I have a 96 Explorer with the 4.0 OHV. Does anyone know what the oil pressure should be running at when idleing warmed up?
  17. ahodges

    "Chuckling noise"

    Ok, so this is more of a venting about my problems thread I guess. 2.5 years ago I bought a rebuilt engine from Proformance Powertrain Products for my 96 4.0 OHV explorer after having repeated head gasket problems. I currently only have about 30,000 miles on the engine and I started making the...
  18. ahodges

    Plugs on 2 & 5 worn more

    So i had to take my engine out of my explorer for the second time in 3 years. This time it was due to a timing chain noise on a rebuilt engine. Upon inspection of the spark plugs I noticed that the plugs on cylinders 2&5 are looking older than the rest. This is a 4.0 OHV engine with 30,000...
  19. ahodges

    Axle Regearing

    I am getting ready to regear my 96 explorer with and axel code of 45, which is a 3.55. I want to regear it to a 3.73 for better performance and mileage since I recently put 30.5 inch tires on it and the mileage and performance has suffered. In this change i also would like to put in a...
  20. ahodges

    Stock Transmission spec?

    I have a 96 explorer with the 4.0 OHV. I was concidering modifying it for more horsepower and torque and was wondering if anyone knows how much power original transmissions are good for. I've seen stroker kits for them to make them a 4.3 and also that comp makes high lift and duration cams...
  21. ahodges

    Why bypass the stock amp?

    I was wondering why everyone likes to at minimum bypass the stock amp. I have mine wired to turn on the the head unit which powers aftermarket speakers. Would I get better sound quality by just bypassing the amp? Whats the advantage?
  22. ahodges

    Performance upgrades

    Does anyone know of any performance upgrades for the 4.0 OHV engine that will allow me to keep the reliability of my Explorer. I have already put a Gibson exhaust and a K&N coldair intake on it with noticeable improvements, but i'm looking for a little more without possible damage to the...
  23. ahodges

    4WD auto problems

    I own a 4x4 1996 Explorer XLT with the 4.0 The winter months are aproaching so I tried my 4WD for the first time since the middle of the summer. When I went to engage the 4WD auto, it acted normal and engaged. However, when I accelerate there seems to be excessive vibration. Also when i turn...