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Search results

  1. L


    4.56's..... my exploder will get up and go with em. Although u will lose some high range power.... I never remembered having much high range stock anyways, so who cares. Most of my driving is 30-55 anyways. She runs close to 3000 RPM going 65. It just gets plain scary going more then 70 to be...
  2. L

    Extremely Annoying Whistle

    Well I dont think its tranny related because it doesn't seem to happen with shifting, just accel..... My driveshaft is making an awful noise also because it needs to be extended and has play in it.....getting that extended tommorow most likely. Maybe I'll get lucky and get 2 birds with one...
  3. L

    Extremely Annoying Whistle

    Alright I managed to record the sound with my cellphone. It's not very good sound quality, and the Xterrains and exhaust don't help much, but it's something.Ignore the video I was just using it to get the sound portion. You can really hear it when I let off the accelerator right at the end...
  4. L

    Extremely Annoying Whistle

    I was used to that intake whistle noise....... and I had the KKM for 2 years without it making this noise. If I can, I'll try and find someway of recording it. Although, I could be wrong, I think it is way too annoying to be a normal thing.
  5. L

    Extremely Annoying Whistle

    For the past year my explorer has been making an extremely annoying whistle noise. It is not the woooooo train horn noise that is stickied above. It is a very high pitched whistle. I didn't notice it as much before because my tires and front suspension made a ton of noise. Now that I have a new...
  6. L

    Show off your LIFTED 2nd GEN

    here's my ex. I haven't done anything to her in 2 years now.... but plans are in the works now that I am out of school. Not sure how to make the images show up on the post(haven't posted in ages) but I attached them.
  7. L

    any help appreciated. truck's not starting.

    Great News!! I consulted Chris and he thought it might have something to do with my autostarter kit. He said sometimes the relay can get stuck. well sure enough I reached under my dash jiggled some cords around and viola! started right up. Drove it around for 15 mins. parked it back at home just...
  8. L

    any help appreciated. truck's not starting.

    blee I'm sorry if I am misunderstanding you,(I am very limited in car knowledge and I'll be the first to admit, it I'm a comp tech. :) ) Back home when I ran into problems I had Chris (boominexplorer) to help me. Now I'm on my own here. When u say "start" do you mean actually like cut on do the...
  9. L

    any help appreciated. truck's not starting.

    Blee: alright I did the thing with the screwdriver and it did make a start noise. According to what you said it is not suppose to try to start is that correct? Boyle: when you replaced the power cable was it doing what mine did? basically engaging the fuel pump, making the start...
  10. L

    any help appreciated. truck's not starting.

    I have had an intermitent problem with my truck for about 6 months now. It started when I moved from virginia to florida. The first week I lived there it took about three or 4 starts to start my truck. After a week the problem went away. then from there on out I have had some isolated incidents...
  11. L

    Need Some Opinions on an Explorer.

    well it's like an 88 F-150 and it has a bunch of ladder racks and various equipment on it. With all that equipment and the engine having about 260k on it , the mileage is really below what it should be. So needless to say it's pretty much a beater truck. The blue book on the explorer is 3,600...
  12. L

    Need Some Opinions on an Explorer.

    A family member of mine saw a White 1998 Explorer Sport for Sale and was thinking of buying it for an extra day to day vehicle. He needs something with better gas mileage then his f-150 work truck, but still wants to be able to carry things and have extra room. It is a 4x4 with a 4.0 SOHC.It has...
  13. L

    Pepsi's win an Xbox 360 every 10 minute contest!!!

    LoL my girlfriend is getting there too . I actually got her to play halo with me one night and she loved it. It's actually kind of cool cuz now she's not like get off that stupid video game, instead she'll be like hand me a controller.
  14. L

    Door Lock Jammed! Please help.

    Same problem... on my 98 sport. Had to buy a whole new latch assembly thing. I messed around with for like 3 hours. I finally gave up and got chris's friend to fix it for me. Chris ( boominexplorer) told me he fixed his by pouring mass amounts of oil in there. I guess that loosened some parts up...
  15. L

    Pepsi's win an Xbox 360 every 10 minute contest!!!

    u sure about that? it says on the site u only get one game madden 06 or need for speed.
  16. L

    XplorerKid's 2wd Beast

  17. L

    Pepsi's win an Xbox 360 every 10 minute contest!!!

    Thought I should share this with my fellow explorerforum people. Whether you like moutain dew, money, or xbox360 check this out. Don't know if you guys have seen the commercial but they are giving away xbox360's every 10 minutes. All you do is buy...
  18. L

    Leetz's 2WD Allstar.

    lol yes it is. Great man. I was lucky enough to find a later model explorer with great springs.I wanted a later model that way the saggage might not be that bad. We could only find like 94's with the leaf springs still on at the junkyard.
  19. L

    Aldive's Mileage Monster

    Where does that orange extension cord you have go to from your power invertor down there? Did u make like little outlets thing like that one guy posted or just hook it up right into the extension cord?
  20. L

    Paraphoe's 97 XLT

    Sweeet X man does that reverse mod thing tell u the distance that you are from a vehicle?? One of my best friends from virginia beach is at villanova, too he's a freshman just got there like a week ago.
  21. L

    Leetz's 2WD Allstar.

    "dude..awsome truck..what did you do about all the holes from the flares? an what does your family think of the beats now that its lifted? anyway it looks freaking awsome..great job!!" I haven't done anythiing about them yet. I want to get them filled and painted, but my modding money is...
  22. L

    Leetz's 2WD Allstar.

    Leetz's 98 Exploder Sport. Here's a little background info on me first. My name is Rob Rodgers. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. I am 18 years old and currently attending Miami-Dade College in Miami, Florida. I am here for the 2 year Air Traffic Control program they offer at the...
  23. L

    installing nurf-bars/running-boars x sprt '01

    Dang I wish you would have checked the for sale forums. I have a set at my house that I can't get rid of. lol.
  24. L

    Rectal Deodorant

    Haha!!!!! My girlfriend's a blondy, I'll have to share this one with her.
  25. L

    100k mile maintinence/ long driving

    No spare tire. but ya I think I should do the brake fluid and the diff. Is the idler pulley similar to the tensioner pulley? I just had to replace that a few months ago. If it's not too difficult I'll prob do that too. I'm not sure how to do the all the coolant stuff , but I will search...