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Search results

  1. Paraphoe

    Wanted Vapor canister tray: 00-01 or 02-03 Explorer Sport

    Per this thread...Vapor canister tray
  2. Paraphoe

    Vapor canister tray

    Does ANYONE know where/how I can get this part? Mine finally rotted out and I need a replacement. No luck anywhere online, Ford parts Giant, etc are all listing it as discontinued and unavailable for purchase. Next step is calling ford or making my own, but I'd rather not... F57Z-9D665-BA -...
  3. Paraphoe

    Intermittent starting issue that is driving me to madness

    Hey all. I haven't been around in a while but rest assured, the truck is alive and well (mostly). I'm hoping someone (anyone!) can help me out with a problem I've been having. Here goes: During a very cold spell in December I accidentally left my aux lights on and then left on a business trip...
  4. Paraphoe

    New Wheels and tires - Narrowing up the stance

    Hey guys. Since I finally finished my Superlift after what feels like 14 years, I'm ready for some new wheels and tires. What I've wanted to do for a while is narrow the stance and bring the tires in tighter to the fenders. I've grown a bit weary of the sloppy look of the tires 2 inches or so...
  5. Paraphoe

    Urgent: Superlift help

    Guys, putting in my front superlift kit on my 97. Having issues with the fit of the torsion bar adjust plates not fitting over the new drop brackets. It was mentioned on the Pirate4x4 lift thread but they didnt specify how they solved it other than notching out the plates. Quite frankly, I don't...
  6. Paraphoe

    So my torsion bar exploded.

    Hey all. Been a while, but wanted to hop on and share this bizarre and disconcerting story of my torsion bar basically exploding (that's a bit dramatic but let's go with it). I was away on business for 5 days and returned to find my truck in the state you see it below: suspiciously low on the...
  7. Paraphoe

    Radio connector/harness

    Hey guys, looking to buy a new connector to the back of the radio - it's a short little harness that stretches from the black plug that connects into the rear of the radio and then the other end connects to the rest of the harness that goes god-knows-where into the dash. The section I need is...
  8. Paraphoe

    I found the pot of gold!

    Apparently it's my rig. :D
  9. Paraphoe

    Battling the cancer: Rust vs. My 97 - rocker panels and more

    So I've had to shift gears lately on my 1997 that a lot of you have come to be familiar with - it's been less mods, more preservation. There's been rust working it's way through my rockers and rear quarter panel for some time (like many on here) and it finally broke through recently. I could...
  10. Paraphoe

    For Sale Built 1971 Ford Bronco Rock Crawler

    Posting for a friend, really nice truck. I've ridden shotgun on a couple of runs with him up in Rausch. Anyone looking for a built Bronco, give it a look. If you're interested, shoot me a PM. "I'm listing my 1971 Ford Bronco Rock Crawler for sale. To my friends, no worries, I still...
  11. Paraphoe

    Where to find stock torsion bolts

    Anyone know where I can snag a pair of these for my 97? Can't locate mine right now and I'm backing the torsion twist off, so I'd like to put my stock bolts back in. EDIT: Forgot to add that I haven't had any luck on Rockauto or Parts geek.
  12. Paraphoe

    Rick, what the hell?

    This is completely unacceptable...;)
  13. Paraphoe

    Roof rack light upgrade - LED lightbar & bricks

    As some of you know, I've had 4 "Walmart specials" on my roof rack for years. Finally decided to upgrade, as the new LED light bars blow any existing incandescents out of the water. Additionally, prices have come down dramatically in recent years. I got a 30'' bar from Trail Worthy Fab for only...
  14. Paraphoe

    Powder coating superlift parts

    Guys, quick question....most of my Superlift parts came powder coated, but the knuckles and leaf springs did not. What are your suggestions here? I don't want these parts to rust out, look like garbage in a year, and turn to garbage a few years later. I'm not sure powder-coating flexible...
  15. Paraphoe

    Interior lights bulb sizes

    Hey guys...trying to swap out my interior lights to all LEDs...CarID has a ton of "plug and play" LED versions that I would love to use. I was going to follow the route of wiring up a board with individual LEDs resistors, etc, but this would be worlds easier. But before I order, I need to...
  16. Paraphoe

    Junction box wiring help

    Guys, I have a lot of lights and accessories on my truck, and most are going to the positive terminal on the battery. This is making the terminal hard to close, in addition to making it slightly unsafe and not "clean" looking at all. So, I bought a junction box for trailer wiring with the...
  17. Paraphoe

    Custom "plug in" radio box

    So I was looking for a place to mount my radio when responding to fire calls. throwing it on the seat and having it slide and smash into the door in turns just wasn't cutting it for me. It's a pretty expensive pieces of equipment, and I also wanted easy access to it for (obviously)...
  18. Paraphoe

    New EBC Performance pads and rotors

    Well I pulled the trigger after a few years of wanting to upgrade my brakes. I'm pretty hard on my truck and wanted to boost my stopping power. After a lot of research I settled on EBC Green Stuff pads and EBC Ultimax USR slotted rotors. I installed these Saturday at my friend's shop. The...
  19. Paraphoe

    Gauging interest - Wharton snow trail run this weekend?

    Folks, just putting a feeler out there to see if there's any interest in a snow run this weekend at Wharton. The trails should still be all covered, avoiding that damn mud that I'm tired or ruining my truck with. I'm looking for an easy trail run like we did a few years ago - minus me sinking up...
  20. Paraphoe

    Cracked Windshield - Safelite?

    Hey all. New adventure this weekend! I discovered an crack seemingly out of nowhere in my windshield! I think it had something to do with the 20 degree weather and blasting the defroster. Didn't think that could actually crack the windshield, only make an existing crack worse - but regardless...
  21. Paraphoe

    Accessories draining battery?

    Guys, Wanted to ask a question regarding wiring accessories and my battery. I’ve gone through 3 batteries in the past 3 years – high end, Die hard Platinum $200+ batteries. Thankfully, they’ve all been replaced under warranty each time, but it’s become very tedious. I can see the one I have...
  22. Paraphoe

    Pulling the trigger on the Superlift

    Brethren, Finally decided to pull the trigger on the Superlift 4'' kit after wanting to do it for years. I will probably drop the Warrior shackles (they're killing my springs) and crank my torsion bars back down and end up with a net of 2'' of lift. I just want to make sure before I spend...
  23. Paraphoe

    Body lift bumper brackets

    Guys, I want to get a new pair of bumper relocation brackets cut (possibly multiple sets, maybe to sell some on here, but that's for another day). I HAVE the bumper bracket plans saved on my computer - front and rear. However, the front bracket plans do not show the left to right offset of...
  24. Paraphoe

    2011 Lego Explorer - time lapse

    Some of you may have seen the finished product, here's an awesome video of the build:
  25. Paraphoe

    Wheel well engine compartment flaps

    Guys, anyone know where to find the engine compartment wheel well flaps online? I know someone also has made these but can't find any threads about them. Thanks!