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Search results

  1. Black Magic

    Anoyone near Grain Valley, MO 64029?

    Anyone near Grain Valley, MO 64029? If you are please let me know! I need help. Thanks, Matt
  2. Black Magic

    01+ Sport / Trac Black Headlights & Corners...

    Just ordered a set of these: I can't wait. I have been wanting to seperate my stockers and spray them gloss black for years. These are going to look so good on my blacked Explorer.
  3. Black Magic

    Little Helpers' New Shirt, pics...

    Here is a shirt I just made (Iron On) for Faith, my 4 year old Little Helper. We make Iron On Shirts all the time. Sarah & Faith are into the Girls Can Too site.
  4. Black Magic

    Rick's Pumpkin' 1/8th Scale...

    Here is my new racing body.... I am not done yet. I still need to have some tiny web site stickers made and do the stripe on the side. But it all ready looks awesome! BTW the Truck is a Savage 25 with a few mods done.
  5. Black Magic

    347, 4.6, 351, 5.4, SOHC, DOHC, S/C, or NA?

    Ok, we all know the restrictions of the Engine bay size and normal Swaps. But if Money was wasn't really a factor. What needed to be fabed, fitted, and Shoehorned in could be. What Motor set up would you suggest. This isn't really just a pie in the sky thread. It is more of setting a goal...
  6. Black Magic

    Got me another Expensive hobby, HPI Savage...

    HPI Savage 25 Hop ups and mods: RC Solutions Roll Cage RC Solutions Shock Towers HiTech 645mg Steering Servo & GS Saver Mirror Finish, Stainless full skid plates Hot Bodies Aluminum Shocks Hot Bodies Tuned Exhaust Motor Saver Air Filter HPI Dual Disk Brakes 4 Spider Gear Mod Front 5k...
  7. Black Magic

    Meet and Dyno Day!!! 2/28/04 BE THERE!!!

    Ok, everyone it was requested and we talked about it at the last meet I organized with the I called and got everything organized for the Dyno Day Meet! Saturday February 28th we are all invited to hang out in the parking lot of Apten Performance and get Dyno'ed and you can also have...
  8. Black Magic

    Apten Dyno Day! Feb 28

    Dyno Day? I am trying to get a Dyno Day put together with Brian at Apten to have a Dyno Day at his shop. We would be able to get Custom tunes, See true Dyno Numbers, and have a general great time! I have set up the 28th of Feb for the Meet. Let me know if you can make it. I will post...
  9. Black Magic

    Mod'ed X's from Japan, Pics...

    Check out these Explorer's Modified in Japan... First Super Street Explorer: Nice looking Off-Road Explorer: They like big rims on their X's too:
  10. Black Magic

    World Ford Challenge 7---13-16 May

    I know I am a little early. Here is the place to be in May! World Ford Challenge 7---13-16 May, 2004, Gatway International Raceway in East St Louis. I will be there, and I WILL be Blown! Here is the site with info from last year. They have not updated their site yet...
  11. Black Magic

    Hooters Meet Jan 18th 12:00 Noon!

    Hooters Meet January 18th 12:00 Noon! Hooters on Lackland Drive, Maryland Heights, ST. Louis Area, MO @ 12:00 Noon. Once again as always, We invite IL & KS to join us and filling the parking lot up! That is in the middle of a 3 day Holiday. I would love for some of you guys to make the...
  12. Black Magic

    Bought a ST Body to modify...

    I just bought a Bolink Explorer Sport Trac Body in plans to cut it in half and use an Explorer Rear body to make my own 01 Sport. I will be getting a HPI Savage 25. I can't wait!
  13. Black Magic

    Black billet grill...

    Check it out here: Black Billet Grill
  14. Black Magic

    EE Slotted Rotor's Installed, pics & info...

    I received my Slotted Rotors and Performance Pads from Explorer, Installed them and they are awesome! Well worth the money... Which one would you what? Front: Rear: They look great behind my wheels!!! The...
  15. Black Magic

    Congradulations are in order for Johnstone!!

    I just noticed that Johnstone has made the Ford Truck 2004 Calendar! Congrats man, way to go!!!
  16. Black Magic

    Cannot find, unable to continue loading Windows

    My main PC has gone to hell. When it boots up I get the safemode option. If I choose Safemode or Normal mode I get that error "Cannot find, unable to continue loading Windows" What sucks is this is my main computer with all of my work and pictures on it. I can look arround in DOS but...
  17. Black Magic

    Need Brakes. Sounds like a great time to Upgrade to EE's!!!

    So last night I get home and want to wash off the dust and other contaminates that are on my truck from being parked in the building at the shop where I am working on my Roll Pan. So I start washing the wheels (normal procedures). I get to the rear drivers side and it looks like a grenade went...
  18. Black Magic

    T-Maxx or Savage 25?

    T-Maxx or Savage 25?
  19. Black Magic

    I swear to god! Some has stolen my idea again.

    I have always wanted to graft in a Mustang Cobra R front air damn to my Sport. I guess here proves it can be done. Can't say that I like everything on this ST. But I do love the way the front end turned out! Accept the grill!
  20. Black Magic

    How can I add a one topic forum to MY website?

    Is there a way or where would I find a Forum just like this format that I could add to my website. All I want is one topic, Black Magic. Just to have a place that I would answer FAQ's and have a place for people to leave comment's and such. Thanks!
  21. Black Magic

    Does anyone have SWS in their area?

    So I have the worlds best Radar Detector, Escort Passport 8500 and I was looking through the manual and was looking at the SWS, Safety Warning System. I would love to have this working in East MO! That would be really awesome to be given that much info while driving. Does anyone have the...
  22. Black Magic

    C'mon, I know someone has...

    As you look arround in the Sport Truck area you will notice that no one as posted in over 30 days! I know someone is out there doing something cool on the inside. Where are you?!?
  23. Black Magic

    Does that thing got a HEMI???

    Has everyone seen the new Ford Truck Commerical. It starts off just like the Dodge Commerical, with a new Ram pulling up with a Charger on a trailer. Then a New F-150 Pulls up with a Mustang on a trailer next to him. They Ford guy asks the Dodge guy, "That thing got a Hemi?" The Dodge guy...
  24. Black Magic

    Semi-Funny Joke

    An extreamly modest man was in the Hospital for some tests, the last of which had left his bodily systems rather upset. Upon makeing several false alarms trips to the bathroom, he decided the latest episode was the same and got back into bed, at which time he filled his bed with Diarrhea and...
  25. Black Magic

    8.8 Girdle cover decision, Hmmm

    Well, after falling in love with the SVO 8.8 Girdle and it being kinda hard to find and expensive when found. Plus it does not come with the studs and have to pay for them too. I looked for alternatives and found even better looking ones. I think I will be going with a Summit branded one...