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Search results

  1. B

    91 expo on full widths

    That makes sense to me. Get the new passenger side axle shaft, measure against the old longer one, get the difference and cut that amount off of the axle tube. Seems straight forward to me. Thanks!!
  2. B

    91 expo on full widths

    It seems like there would be more fabrication work for spring mounts and radius arm mounts and such. Wouldn't it be a much more straight forward install to just keep it simple and keep it EB width? I like the fact of having the passenger side EB width and only having to buy EB axles. Do any...
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    Dannyboy's '94 Hi-Pin(shortened) Dana 44 on coils

    Would it be easier to shorten the axle at the housing end versus the knuckle end? Seems there would be less to re-attach later.
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    91 expo on full widths

    What is the advantage of going full width axles versus chopping the front axle down and keeping it close to the same width as stock? I'm talking more than just the obvious, like roll over prevention and center of gravity. Is it just personal preference, or is there something else?
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    Fat Cat's 99 SAS

    Sweet setup. Any issues with the low pinion D44? Would you have rather gone with a high Pinion?
  6. B

    Tube Doors!!

    I don't have pictures of the quick disconnects, as I didn't put them in. Daddy_ja put them in. They are pretty straight forward though. Just go to Radio Shack and get 4 sets of them, or more to facilitate all of your wires. You just crimp or solder the pins on the wires and push them into...
  7. B

    Tube Doors!!

    What I did was just put some quick connectors on the wires. The guy that bought it from me bought some multi pin connectors at radio shack and hooked those up so it would be a lot quicker. Yeah, the doors were designed to go back on.
  8. B

    ARB locker for Dana 35

    Pretty sure rick had one in his ex before he went solid and sold it to Hammer, who had it for a while before he went solid also. I remember I was almost gonna buy it a few years ago from Hammer. So yeah, they have been out for at least 5-6 years now for the Ford TTB D35
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    Truck Haven pics from this weekend

    Hey Rick, since you are a photographer, what are all these "orbs" in this picture. Some people say they are "Spirits". I'm thinking dirty camera lens or something else. Do you know what it is?? Andy
  10. B

    Dana 60 being installed under my 91

    You could just buy a hood scoop and mount it on your factory hood. You could use rivits and make it look real utilitarian!! Or just cut out where your hood interferes and have the engine cage stick out. Have fun!! -Andy
  11. B

    Dana 60 being installed under my 91

    I'm guessing "G" means J@@P? I don't want to use the "J" word on this site ;)
  12. B

    Dana 60 being installed under my 91

    did you get a final $$ amount for the entire build-up yet? Woo Hoo, broke 1000 posts on this thread <<<<<<<<<<<< "1001"
  13. B

    What fuse?

    E-mail sent!!!
  14. B

    Well, I'm back

    Well, about 3 months ago, I sold the explorer, and now I've gone and bought a 1988 Ranger XLT 4wd. I really don't want to mod it that much, if at all. It is just going to be mostly a work/daily driver. I will be using my motorcycle mostly (GAS PRICES!!) since it gets 50+ mpg. The Ranger will...
  15. B

    no overdrive

    What happened was this: I was driving it in overdrive at about 55mph and when I went to step on the gas to pass, the tranny slipped into N and revved up alot, let off the gas, tried again and it worked. To make a long story short, by the time I got home I only had 1st gear. I dropped the pan...
  16. B

    Truckhaven, Jan 2005

    are we gonna have the dash plaques this year too?
  17. B

    Truckhaven, Jan 2005

    Laurie told me that if we still have the explorer in Jan, that we can go. So I will be there. If the 'sploder sells, then I will tell the buyer to go in my place. Can't wait!!
  18. B

    Truckhaven, Jan 2005

    "Bro of Jefe" and "Jefe", do you guys share the same computer or something. You always seem to post at the same time!! But anyway, I will try to make it if my explorer isn't sold by then. It will be like my last Hoo-Rah with her. Maybe someone out there will see what she can do, and give...
  19. B

    Truckhaven - Thanksgiving 2004

    I still have my "X" up for sale RockRanger! I would like to make it out to T-haven for one last Hoo rah with the sploder, but without overdrive, I would probably have to trailer it out. When is the big "Explorer" run out at T-Haven? This almost sounds like the one! Thanks,
  20. B

    Akcrogers' 92 X - Lots of Pics

    Are you moving to AZ?
  21. B

    Tucson Labor Day Week

    Problem for me now too. My tranny is giving me problems. On Saturday, it was slipping horribly, and by days end I only had 1st gear. well I pulled the tranny pan and valve body, and well, it was really cruddy. Like someone smeared wet clay on the top of it. Well, now I am waiting for...
  22. B

    Tucson Labor Day Week

    Rick, Maybe I can meet you some where and we could drive the rest of the way down together. That way I won't get lost.
  23. B

    Tucson Labor Day Week

    is this where you are talking about?
  24. B

    So. Cal custom tube work!

    maybe if I get him enough business, he will build me a roll cage for a greatly reduced price. Just tell him that "Andy" sent ya!
  25. B

    Tucson Labor Day Week

    Cool, Laurie is a little iffy about me going, but I am still working on getting her support!