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Search results

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    There was great communication throughout the whole thing and the money was sent via paypal as quickly as possible. it was a pleasure to do business with him. would definitely recommend to others! Thank you,
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    SOA kit Questions

    Who makes a SOA kit that that will fit the Explorer? and how much lift should I expect to get with it? Thanks
  3. E

    2 wheel drive in to a 4 wheel drive

    has anyone changed a 99 Explorer 2 wheel drive in to a 4 wheel drive? Can it be done? Thanks for any help,
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    lift from Pro Comp Questions

    quick question I'm looking at getting the Pro comp 3 lift comes with the spindles 1.5" add-a-leaf and 4 ES 3000 shocks.has anyone bout one of them? any info on this would be great are the pro comp shocks good shocks. Thanks for any help,
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    Got my 31's now i have a ?

    ok got my 31's i had 235 how far off is my speedo thanks,
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    Ball Joint question.

    I just checked my ball joints and there is no side to side movement that I can tell but there is up and down movement on both wheels is this good or bad?
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    Kenwood P-907

    Does anyone know if the Kenwood P-907 work with the Sirius Satellite Radio?
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    Ball Joints

    I have a question I have done a search and did not find what I was looking for. I'm looking at putting all new MOOG ball joints on. The question is with the upper moog ball joints can you get the ball joints by there self or do they only come W/CONTROL ARM. if you can get it either way...
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    Your Thoughts

    Ok here is the questions, 1. now long do you work with someone an a payment for a Item you sale on here or on ebay ? 2. Does the time shorten when they are not straight with you ?
  10. E


    does anyone know where you splice in the lock and unlock out puts on a alarm in a 99 Explorer any help would be appreciated Thanks, Brice
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    My 99

    I Finley got my Pictures up After: Before: here is the link.
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    rocket 5979

    I bought rocket 5979 stock wheels from him it was a good transaction rocket 5979 is a good guy and very helpful. even with all the UPS problems... yes next time we will use FedEx..... UPS SUCKS. Thanks, :)
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    need a little help with some 31's

    has anyone that has gone to 31 10.50 15 form the stock 235 75 15 recalibrated their Speedo? if so do you remember how many teeth the gear had of the part #. also will I get a lot of rubbing I have a 99 XLS two wheel drive with a 2" TT Any help would be helpful Thanks.
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    Transmission Coolers

    Please help I have some Questions about Transmission Coolers do they work who has put one in and how did you do it. what is the best brand. I will be putting it in to a 1999 4.0 with a Auto Transmission. Thank you for any help.
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    can anyone tell me if this is true?

    I Started a thread on here asking fir Info on the Warrior Shackles ( yes I did do a search for the info I was looking for ) Here is the Problem I got 2 different sets of measurement info. Info from Warrior: OUR 153 SHACKLE PROVIDES 1 1/4" LIFT AND IS 10 3/4" LONG TIP TO TIP. THE SHACKLE...
  16. E

    Warrior shackles?

    :exp: :bounce: :exp: Can someone help me with some ? about Warrior shackles How much does it lift the rear? How long are the Shackles? Does any one have a good Pic of them? Thanks for your help. my email address is Brice
  17. E

    31 10.50 R15 will thay Rub

    :exp: :bounce: :exp: I have a stock 99 4 door 4+2 Explorer XLS I just ordered a set of Warrior shackles for it. has anyone had a problem with 31's rubbing? Thank you for your help... This is my first Explorer I have always had Jeeps so I don't know allot about them... Brice.