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Search results

  1. D

    Mustangs and Nitrous

    Simple question....What size jets/shim do you use for a 150 shot on a Mustang with 19 pound injectors? In general which would be safer and why? Supercharger/turbo or running nitrous? IMO a sc or turbo would be safer, but Id like some opinions from someone who knows what there talking...
  2. D

    Stupid question about pricing new vehicles

    I never really understood this. Ive been pricing a few new vehicles on various websites, edmunds, MSauto, ect... What is the difference between invoice cost and MSRP? MSRP tends to be the higher price. So which is the one you end up paying. I priced a few cars with options and get two...
  3. D

    Mazda3 or Mazda6

    Im looking for a new car. Soon to marry and have kids. I really like these cars but I cant choose. Advice or opinions would be much help. The truck just aint big enough to be a family car and holding a baby sit, blah blah blah. Thanks
  4. D

    Sweet Ford trilogy video

    Just download here Nice to see them do something different for a change.
  5. D

    NOLOGY Hotwires

    Just got my new Performance Products catalog for Ford/Toyota trucks. I see they have a new product called Hotwires. Anyone else see this? What are your thoughts? Says it adds 2%-4% more HP.
  6. D

    Pathfinder: Tranny related.

    Guys, a friend of mine has a 95 Pathfinder 4x4. It crapped out on him. So he wound up taking it to Nissan to have it repaired. He Knew the tranny would need a rebuild and expected to pay no more then 1500. He got a call a few days later explaining that being the SUV was a 4x4 it needed to be...
  7. D

    XMOD rc cars

    What are your opinions on these? I think there pretty cool, fairly fast out of the box, good amount of parts for upgrades. With a few mods these things can go 30-35MPH. I realize that might not be that fast compared to other more exspensive stuff out there, but for the money you cant beat...
  8. D

    The haunted Explorer

    Well, my old explorer is still haunting me. :( I actually sold it to my brother. He knew of the problems I was having but that didnt matter to him. He thought he could fix the starting issues, just like Id thought I could. Well after some months of being demon free, he calls me and asks me to...
  9. D

    Power Steering problems?

    Well, I just brought my truck home from Cottman transmission. For a rebuild. I come out of the parking lot and stop at the red light, making a left hand turn. When I turn the steering wheel left or right, it shakes the whole truck pretty bad! Anyone have any idea of what it could be know...
  10. D

    Repair time for a tranny rebuild?

    Just curious how long you guys were without your truck when a shop was doing a rebuild? My first rebuild, It was nearly 3 weeks. Repairs were done at a dealership. Second time(Currently) Cottman is doing the repairs and assured me Id have the truck back in three days. I was very doubtfull...
  11. D

    No more Explorer and a thankyou.

    About a month ago my tranny started acting up again. Back in June of 2001 I had a rebuild done and again it's in the shop for another rebuild. This time Cottman is taking care of it under extended warranty. Should have been finished today, but more likely Sat. Anyway, I bought a 03 Toyota...
  12. D

    Flashing overdrive, on and off.

    A month ago my O/D light began to flash. It went off a day or so later. At that point I had made an apointment for a person from Cottman to take a look at. They found no codes and everthing seemed fine from the test drive they had done. While i drove around when the O/D light was flashing...
  13. D

    Damn this truck

    Well, I just went out and started the trucka and the O/D off light is flashing. I realize what it could and most likely is. (Torque Converter) :mad: I just had the damn tranny rebuilt over two years ago under warranty. So now i hope my extended warranty has not run up just yet. I know it's...
  14. D

    Venom 400 Control Module

    Anyone have experiance with this? Up to 25% HP gain? Little hard to believe. Any thoughts are welcome.
  15. D

    Wow, simply amazing car design!!! Check out the link and view the pics, dont forget to read the article! Im not a big fan of the Camaro, but my god this car looks AMAZING!!! Wow... This kid has a ton of talent. Some one needs to give him a job real quick. :D
  16. D

    Cell phone question

    I have a simple question for you guys. Just got out of a 2 year contract with Cingular wireless. Im now searching for a better phone and a better wireless provider. Im not going back to Cingular!! Since im going to purchase a new cell phone, what can be done with my old Cell phone? Can it...
  17. D

    93 Grand Prix: A/C problem

    Hey guys, have a small problem that needs to be fixed soon. Were in the middle of a heat wave and there some A/C problems on my mother inlaws new/used car. Problem is, A/C only blows out the Def. Some times it doesnt even blow much cold air. Im told the A/C, Heater vent control Solenoid...
  18. D

    Explorer owners: Offroading questions.

    My Ex is for street only, I do not offroad. The other day I took my Ex on a Dirt trail to check out this fishing spot. The dirt road was full of small holes and I thought my truck was going to fall apart. :( I was doing less then 5mph. How do you guys do it? I thought I was going to have...
  19. D

    Loss of power after longer drives.

    After a 30 min drive my Ex looses some power and acceleration is poor. It pretty much feels like a dog after so many min of driving. Feels like a 20-30hp loss!! Maybe more... Im assuming this is because of the engine is very warm and is stealing power? Or an actual problem. What do you...
  20. D

    89 T-bird(muffler problems)

    Ok, this is my mother inlaws car. She has owned it since 90 and has replaced the muffler like 5-6 times since then. It has just gone once again. The last time it was replaced was alittle over a year ago. Same mech has replaced the last three. They're not to sure why it keeps going bad so...
  21. D

    Gotta love our President! Nice Huh? :rolleyes:
  22. D

    Hella Twin Supertone horn

    I was just looking at these in the new performanceproducts catalog. Anyone have these yet? What are your opinions on these? Thanks
  23. D

    Not good!!

    Just a little while ago I was pouring some Seafoam in the brake booster line.(engine running of course) I looked down and noticed some white smoke coming from the Exhaust manifold? Atleast I think it's the exhaust manifold? The area that it was coming from looked wet, Im hoping it was just a...
  24. D

    A real race story!!

    I borrowed my wife's Geo Metro last night--one liter of raw power, three cylinders of asphalt-tearing terror on 13-inch rims. It's stock, all right, nothing done to it, but it pushes the barely 2,000 pounds of Metro around with AUTHORITY. I'm always catching mopeds and 18-wheelers by surprise...
  25. D

    Alignment: How often?

    Just curious as to how often you guys need an Alignment for your Ex's? Seems like mine needs to be done every month or so. I dont go off road, I dont hit many bumps. Or is this normal?