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Search results

  1. K

    Who made this music video? Please Help!

    Shown on MTV within the past few years. It shows just people below the knees, a guy breaking up with his girl, going to a bar, hooking up with a hooker, getting mugged. All I know is the lead singer is black... Anyone got any ideas?
  2. K

    Help with Mouse Over Command On Website

    Could anyone help me with this? I have an image to use as my background. I want to insert an image into my background (a star) - this I can do. BUT...I want to make the star shine when you move the mouse over it (and I want it to be a link) I have both the images for the small star and the...
  3. K

    Anyone ever seen a UFO?

    Lets hear about those close encounters!!
  4. K

    Help w/ Xmas gift Idea

    Heres the deal: Need to buy a present for my best friends girl-friend, 23-ish, owns a J**p Cherokee, has a boxer for a dog. Since I don't know her very well its difficult to buy a gift, so I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an cool, original gift, preferably around $50. Help??
  5. K

    Bronco Sites

    The upkeep on my X w/ 200+K miles was getting a little much so I picked up a 96 Bronco w/ a 351. Just a little more power than the X :) Anyone know any good formus like this one for the Bronco?
  6. K

    Help w/ Dodge Ram Transfer Case Problem

    First, let me preface this by saying I would never by one of these, its my friends truck :) When ever he puts it in 4 wheel, you can hear this intermittent banging - and not a gentle one. It sounds like some one is under the truck with a sledgehammer. Sounds to be coming from the t-case but...
  7. K

    Cloud of anti-freeze from vent

    I've searched for this - apparently no one has had this same problem. I was driving to work this AM and as I was passing someone I noticed a visible cloud - almost like a puff of smoke - come from the center vent. Of course I had to smell it to see what it could be - definitly anitfreeze. Is...
  8. K

    Idiots at Sears

    So I took my X into Sears for an alignment after my lift and since then its been shaking horribly at 60 mph. So this weekend I had some time to check it out and the drivers side wheel bearing is very, very loose. I know it was not like this when I took it in. Sooo, I go to back the spindle nut...
  9. K

    Shopping: V6 or V8 Mustang

    This may be a really dumb question but is there any reason to go with the 6? I personally want the 8 but I found a nice 6 the other day. Custom paint, exhaust, intake, nice stereo. I've never driven either - but I want a fun summer car. What are the pro's and con's for both of these?
  10. K

    Knocking, weird noise and smell of fumes

    Heres the deal - I have 3 different issues and I'm pretty sure they're all related to the same thing but I'm not sure exactly whats wrong - maybe one of you has a suggestion. Issue 1: Engine knock at idle Issue 2: When driving it sounds like air is escaping somewhere from the engine on...
  11. K

    Help with leaking unknown oil

    Heres the deal - Got home and parked for 1 hr - went out and found a small (4 in diam.) puddle of unknown oil under the frond end. Wasn't engine oil, it was almost greenish?? I've got a pretty greasy undercarriage so I can't really tell where its coming from. It def. was not AT, PS or brake...
  12. K

    Brake lines with Duff lift

    I never got a conclusive answer last time I asked this question. Can I (is it possible) to use the stock brake lines with the 2.5 lift? I will eventually replace them but do not want to right now.
  13. K

    Cheapest Bilsteins

    Pretty self explanitory, wheres the best (cheapest) place to get em? There going on with my Duff lift. Also a good time to make suggestions on other shocks, or talk me out of Bilsteins....
  14. K

    Bilstiens w/ lift...

    Say it ain't so... I read a post saying that there is no Bilstien available for a 2 1/2 lift, which is what I plan on installing. Is this true? Could I use shock extenders that I've heard about, for the front and back? I really had my heart set on bilstiens, but are there any other suggestions...
  15. K

    Amp and sub recommendations please!

    Right now I have a Pioneer DEH4100 and 4 Pioneer 6x8's. If I have 300 bucks to spend on an amp and possible a sub, what do you all recommend? Thanks
  16. K

    Which shocks w/ 2.5 lift?

    What shocks are people running with small lifts? I take it stock shocks won't cut it. What should I be looking for? Someone told me Bilstien didn't make shocks for a lift, should I go with Rancho's? Wheres the cheapest place for those these days?
  17. K

    Help w/ pioneer speakers

    I have a pioneer 4100 head unit and got 2 pioneer 6865 and 2 6855's for xmas. I put them in with the stock amp hooked up and they really don't sound that great. So I plan on bypassing the amp but I'm not sure if I have the speakers hooked up right. Does it matter which wire goes to which...
  18. K

    Duff Lift Owners - Need Axle Pivot Bushing Help!

    So after searching many posts I'm fairly certain I'm going to need axle pivot bushings with my 2.5 Duff lift. Is this correct? Now where do I find them? Please Help
  19. K

    Stock shocks w/ 2.5 lift?

    Is it possible to use the stock shocks with a 2.5 Duff lift? It would only be for a month or so. If not, what do I ask for when I order shocks? Do I tell them that I need a shock for a 93 explorer w/ 1-4 inches of lift? Thanks for the help, I'm getting the lift on Sunday.
  20. K

    Those from Maine....

    Lifts in Maine...? I just read an old post that said that Maine law states that you cannot remove your original suspension. Also no mods to the shackles or front springs. Any truth to this? Any one who lives in Maine knows there are plenty of people with jacked up trucks who pass inspection...
  21. K

    Help with 2.5 lift question...

    If I was able to get the parts from the Duff 2.5 lift for the front end, what else would I need? I would be getting the coils, drop down brackets and the hardware. And how much addn'l $$ would it be for the rest? For the rear I wanted add-a-leaf and shackles. I think I would also need new camber...
  22. K

    Steering stabilizer / braking vibration

    Will installing a stabilizer counteract the vibration I get in the steering wheel when I put on the brakes?
  23. K

    Please help with axle code!

    I searched the site for an answer before posting and didn't find anything that helped. This axle code is off a 90 Bronco II --> SG04H73759L20, anyone know what my gear ratio is? Thanks
  24. K

    Bronco II & Ranger question Help!

    I know this post is some what miss placed but I need some quick help.... I totaled my Bronco II before buying my X, now someone wants it for parts for their Ranger. Question is, will the rearend of my 90 4x4 Bronco II be interchangable w/ a 89 Ford Ranger 4x4. I need to know if the BII rear end...
  25. K

    Coil Spacer Alternative ?

    I have a 93 explorer and I'm planning on getting warrior shackles and add-a-leaf for the rear. I know that a lot of people have gone with F-150 spacers up front, but some of you must have gone with larger coils.... Where did you find them and how much should I plan on spending to get em? I'd...