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Search results

  1. B

    1996 Explorer AC blows hot

    You might want to change it from winter mode and turn off the furnace. turn the dial from the red area to the blue section.
  2. B

    Let's see, what can I powdercoat today?

    Can anyone recommend a place that does powder coating in the southern NH area? Regards, Barry
  3. B

    Need Help: How do I get the SERVO BORE retaining snap rings out on the 5R55 trans?

    I'm really curious to hear how these work out for you...I had them done on my 4.6L EB 3 months ago and they made more of a difference then I could ever of hoped for...all of the problems I was having are no more since these were done...Barry
  4. B

    Infamous Flashing OD Light

    Before you do anything please read my replies in this post and let me know if you have any questions
  5. B

    Am I the only one who's windows freeze shut?

    Thanks for the reply...I tried WD-40 and it works great! Barry
  6. B

    How long did your Servo Bore "O-Ring Fix" last

    I should add that this was done on a lift and it took longer to remove the cat heat shield then it took to replace the servos.
  7. B

    Am I the only one who's windows freeze shut?

    My drivers side door froze today after I went to a touchless high pressure car was 25 degrees in MA when I went to leave my moms house...I had to wait at least 10 min for the car to warm up because the door wouldnt stay closed...I guess I will plan on keeping a can of WD-40 in car so I...
  8. B

    How long did your Servo Bore "O-Ring Fix" last

    It has been approximately 4000 miles since I had the O-ring fix completed. BGN
  9. B

    Lukewarm heat from all vents 2004 Explorer

    I have been following this thread for a few days now and have a 02 EB with ETAC has the creaking/clicking sound when first started...airflow from the vents has always seemed somehow restricted but I never thought much of it...heat is OK but it could be better although the AC can be...
  10. B

    How long did your Servo Bore "O-Ring Fix" last

    I had a friend/mechanic perform the servo bore fix on on my 4.6L 02 EB with 160000 miles on it and no prior transmission work done on it a couple of months ago...I had been seeing PO732, 735 and 775 codes along with occasionally the check engine light coming local transmission shop had...
  11. B

    upper door moldings

    I have a problem with this same piece of trim on my 02 EB. It has plastic pins on the inside that push into the panel. Most of them are broken on my drivers side which I've tried to pull out but can't. I've tried using double sided tape to hold it onto the panel but that doesnt work to well. Has...
  12. B

    Power seat question...

    2002 EB pass seat won't move I was just outside since its not raining (at the moment anyway) vacuuming my 2002 EB and moved the pass side power seat all the way up towards the dash but now it won't go back...the tilt functions all work fine...what have I done? Regards, Barry
  13. B

    For Sale '01-03 Sport Trac center armrest lids/DIY kits

    What about the possibility of improving the 2002 fullsize Explorer console lid? Mine isnt broken but its hard, uncomfortable and too low. The AutoSport catalog at has something they call Memory Foam Comfort for your console but I'm not too sure about it. Regards, Barry
  14. B

    Spitshine Tire Black by Colorbond

    Has anyone tried this stuff?
  15. B

    Tail gate handle

    Can someone tell me how difficult it is to change the plastic tailgate handle on a Mazda B3000? My son broke his recently... Regards, Barry
  16. B

    removal of water-marks on windows??!!

    Take a look at DSI Plus at I'm thinking about giving this a try but I'm curious if anyone here has had any experience with it? Regards, Barry
  17. B

    Map light

    This is just another reason why I love this site--thank you!!!
  18. B

    Replacing Dome Lamp in 2002 EB

    Sorry...I need to clarify this...I meant the front map lamp on the moonroof console...
  19. B

    Replacing Dome Lamp in 2002 EB

    Hello everyone...I'm trying to replace the dome lamp in in my 2002 EB w/sunroof but I'm afraid I'll break the plastic lense...I've been trying to pry it off from the front with a medium size flathead screwdriver...which way is it supposed to come out? Thanks! Barry
  20. B

    removed roof racks

    How easy is it to take the roof rack apart on the 2002 EB? I would like to repaint the metal parts:)
  21. B

    CD stuck - stereo turns on & off

    I've had CD's stuck in a 6 disc changer in my 2002 EB Edition and the way I solved the problem was to disconnect/reconnect the battery (as mentioned in a previous post)...when I started the car the changer displayed the message "INITIALIZING" and once it was done I began pressing eject button...
  22. B

    Drivers Side recling seatback

    There is a fix for this common problem from Ford...I had the same thing happen on my 97 Sport...the shop where I took it had to spend a half hour on the phone with the parts dept at the dealer because I think the part was for a 98 but they figured it out and it worked fine... Regards, Barry
  23. B

    Locking Gas Caps

    Per the Fast Parts Network, part number XU5Z9030HA was superseded by part number XU5Z9030HC. Looks like this covers several models and the cost is $21.80 as of this evening. Regards, Barry
  24. B

    Locking Gas Caps

    Does Fod sell locking gas caps or are they all aftermarket?
  25. B

    The Wind Sound

    Can someone take a picture of their defector so we can see what they look like? Regards, Barry