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Search results

  1. B

    When would you stop buying gas

    If gasoline were to go up to $10 a gallon, prices of everything else would increase as well, as would wages. This may leave you with still paying $10 a gallon in say 2025 but it will not be the same amount as paying $10 a gallon in year 2008 with wages in terms of year 2008. Also, if gasoline...
  2. B

    Help on replacing lower ball joints

    Get a ball joint press at autozone, they rent it for a 100 dollar deposit and here is a page that goes step by step:
  3. B

    Desert Explorers????

    any front end build for a ranger edge will work, there are actually a lot of products out there PM me with the specifics and I will try to point you in the right direction
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    Soft vs Stiff shocks

    you definately dont want it softer for off road, you need it stiffer. if your shocks were too soft you would bottom and top out over every bump off road
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    TT & Shackles, racing bad idea?

    sorry to jack the thread but this guy qualifies too: Two Wheeling!
  6. B

    TT & Shackles, racing bad idea?

    you know what, forget all that rollover and center of gravity crap, and even roll cages for that matter... just learn to drive like this guy and i think you'll be in business: Rollovers are avoidable!
  7. B

    TT & Shackles, racing bad idea?

    check the door jam sticker for the vehicle weight and yeah i can't imagine ever seeing one of these explorers on their lids so why not lift it and race it?:rolleyes: my friend had an f150 lightning that he rolled which is wider and lower to the ground than an explorer but i think if it was...
  8. B

    Custom Upper A-Arms

    Not trying to sound like a dick or criticize the idea but why bother with a dual rate coil over on a set up that only pulls about 10" of wheel travel and will probably only use about 6" or so of shock shaft travel? I could understand using a regular single rate coilover or maybe a set up with a...
  9. B

    Custom Upper A-Arms

    are you going to use the dual rate whith the stock lower arm set up? going with a different kit or what?
  10. B

    98 factory sub/amp into 97?

    No ideas or suggestions?
  11. B

    98 factory sub/amp into 97?

    A few months ago i blew the factory jbl sub in my 97 and replaced it with the JLW06 4 ohm sub which i thought sounded better. A few months after that i smelled something burning and it happened to be my factory amp. Anyway, i have been driving around with no bass and really dont feel like...
  12. B

    Bigdaves "desert" X registry

    Thanks Colin, yeah I'm pretty pleased with how the entire thing turned out, can't believe a truck like mine would be up on the front page even though its a pretty new and small site
  13. B

    Bigdaves "desert" X registry

    Just finished up the article and its now on the front page of the prerunner maniac site ( for the month of july. not sure where its going to be after though so here is a link to the article...
  14. B

    Bigdaves "desert" X registry

    Thanks for the comments guys, the trail is only about 4 miles or so and its not really intended for this kind of stuff, its actually a trail to get to a shooting range, it is pretty fun though because its only about 45 minutes from my house and one of the only places to "legally" offroad but it...
  15. B

    Bigdaves "desert" X registry

    thanks man, no its actually called Orosco range in Ramona, its a part of the cleveland nat'l forest and the magazine is some small website called I guess its like an online magazine? not sure but I'll post up a link if it comes out, supposed to be in July
  16. B

    Bigdaves "desert" X registry

    Well I figured its time to throw up some updated shots of the explorer. There are a few that i took after washing and a few I took this past weekend for an online magazine that contacted me and said they wanted to do an article on the X. Anyway, the offroad shots were not from the desert but...
  17. B

    Fox shocks

    the kings are 24" long extended and 16" collapsed, the 8.5" 2.0 foxes are 22.80" extended and 14.3" collapsed so you shold be fine and here is a pic of how high mine goes with the shock tower and sorry for the old pic
  18. B

    Fox shocks

    i wouldnt get the challengers, i would just go ahead and get those 8.5's they will fit but you will have to fab a shock tower. You said to me you were going to eventually upgrade to the 6.0 kit so dont shortchange yourself with the challengers. Ill try to find a pic of my 8" 2.5 king to show you...
  19. B

    who's runnin swaybars and/or steering stablilizer?

    those currie bars are really cool, you should just throw one on the front and not bother with the rear, when i took my rear sway bar off i didnt notice a difference but when the front one came off there was a huge diff. plus if you think this bar is too soft i believe you can get a stiffer...
  20. B

    More fun in the McNeil Racing shop

    i think thats my friend greg zamarripa's X, he was trying to sell it a while back but maybe he hung onto it, he does a lot of work with the mcneils and that truck looks identical so im guessing its his
  21. B

    School me on Fox Shocks....

    sounds like you already made you decision but i can guarantee you wont be dissapointed with those fox's
  22. B

    difference between the nitro and hydro

    gas shocks ride better in my opinion, much firmer and more controlled feel but also a little stiffer
  23. B

    Suspension lift kit for 98 Exp 2WD

    Thats funny they said that because I think they are the largest retailer of Procomp stuff and Procomp makes the lift. its a 3" lift spindle kit that comes with spindles, add a leaf, and shocks
  24. B

    The next Truck Haven trip

    Glad to hear you are ok Brian, vehicles can be repaired or replaced, people cant. Kinda off topic but I've got a few questions: I have always heard truckhaven is just a little ways past Ocotillo wells. Is this true and if so, how much farther? My little bro has a bronco with a small...
  25. B

    Jumped my Explorer video/pics

    looks like fun. where were you in those pics?