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Search results

  1. 9

    2012 MFT w/ Nav - Stuck on v2.11

    Hello all, Having some trouble updating the MFT in my 2012 Limited. I'm familiar with the update process and have done it in my wife's 13 Fusion/Edge and 16 Limited. When I check the SyncMyRide site, it happily informs me that I'm up-to-date with the following: Date Confirmed: Dec 2, 2011...
  2. 9

    Gen 4 mirrors on Gen 3 4 Door

    Hey guys - just wanted to take a few minutes and confirm that yes, this swap does work. I picked up my 4th Explorer, a 2004 Eddie Bauer 4.6 4x4, back in March and was disappointed that it still had the same small mirrors that my 2000 has. Especially after driving my F-150, I find them to be...
  3. 9

    4.0 airbox in 5.0 Explorer?

    Hey guys - hoping someone can shed some light as I can't seem to get a concrete answer about this. Years ago, I pulled my stock airbox and installed an eBay MAF adapter and cone filter. I'm tired of the washing and re-oiling game and want to put a stock airbox back in. All I can seem to find...
  4. 9

    5.0 #4 spark plug wire routing

    Hey everyone..I did search this, but couldn't find a definitive answer/good pic.. I'm just wondering what the correct routing is for the #4 plug wire (passenger side, rearmost plug) on a 5.0 - I had it routed between the valve cover and the intake, there was a clip on the back of the valve...
  5. 9

    Shock Recommendation?

    Hey guys, looking for some opinions here.. It's time to replace the shocks on my 2000. Handling and ride quality have been steadily declining and the D/S rear looks like it's leaking, so I know where some of my tax return is going this year. I will also probably replace the '5th shock' in...
  6. 9

    Trying to track down F$^#%$ ticking

    Hey guys.. 2000 XLT with the 302..ticking under load, you know the story here. I replaced the EGR tube with a Ford part (the solid tube one). I also replaced the passenger side manifold with another OE-style manifold, but the one I pulled off was still in pretty decent shape. I've retorqued...
  7. 9

    '98 Mach sub/amp into '00 without premuim sound

    Hey guys, I've been doing some researching and reading about this, but there were still a couple questions I was somewhat unsure of. I've got an '00 XLT that originally had the Pioneer dual media head unit & 4 door speakers. I have the cargo net in the rear, so no factory amp or subwoofer. I...
  8. 9

    Does this come off?

    Here's the story. I let a buddy borrow my X to move his boat since his F150's trans took a dump. He scraped up against some rocks with that section of the bumper and tore off some of the the chrome plating, and now it looks like crap. I haven't gotten a chance to crawl under and look at it...
  9. 9

    Why some people shouldn't drink?
  10. 9

    A4LD drops out of gear?

    Hey all, I'm having some trouble with my '92 a4ld. It was rebuilt around 30k ago and has been problem-free so far. Driving on the highway, when getting on the gas to pass someone and downshifting, the trans seemed to drop out of gear for lack of a better way to explain it. I was coasting and...
  11. 9

    Aftermarket Keyless Entry

    Hey guys..quick question for ya I have a 92 xlt without the factory keyless entry (i dont think it was even available in 92)..I'm loking to add an aftermarket one..just to lock and unlock the doors. A lot of the aftermarket ones I have looked at either have an alarm with them (which i don't...
  12. 9

    Your rig(s)

    Hey guys..just curious what everyone on here's running..I'll start.. -Games- Gigabyte GA-K8NS Athlon64 3000+ @ 2500MHz Zalman CNPS7000B-CuLED Cooler 1GB Corsair Value Select PC3200 @ 207 MHz 2-3-3-7 ATi Radeon X800XL AGP 256MB Lite-On SHW160P6S DVD +- Lite-On SOHC-5236V DVD/CDRW...
  13. 9

    Some A4LD Problems

    Alright tranny guys, I’ve got a question for you.. I have a 94 XLT with an A4LD that was “rebuilt” :fire: before I bought it..I’m not sure what exactly was rebuilt, thus the quotes around it. Shortly after I got it in January, it started making a shuddering noise/vibration that got...
  14. 9

    Fram filters?

    Whats the deal with fram oil filters? It seems like they get a bad rap around here.. I've used them for years without problems..are the Motorcraft filters that much better? If so i'll be using an FL1A for my next oil change.. Also, anyone have any preference on oil? (non-synthetic)
  15. 9

    couple 1st gen problems..

    hey guys..i have a stock 94 xlt 4x4, a4ld, pretty standard fare..having a couple issues i cant seem to resolve though.. 1. high RPM hesitation/stumbling..anywhere 4000 rpm or above the engine stumbles..runs PERFECT anywhere else in the rev range..ive replaced the PCV, checked for vacuum...
  16. 9

    High RPM miss/hesitation

    Hey a question for ya, someone's gotta know this.. Since I bought my X in January, it's had a miss/hesitation above 4,000 RPM.. I tried the standard fare of replace the air filter, clean the MAF, check for vacuum leaks, etc. It was also suggested to me that it could be the vacuum...
  17. 9

    high RPM hesitation..

    hey guys..kinda new to this least to posting..been getting information from here for a few years ;) ..but anyway.. I just got a '94 XLT in January to replace my totaled '88 it for $1600 with a rebuilt tranny, new manual hubs, wheel bearings, radius arm bushings, etc...
  18. 9

    Glad to have found this site

    I've been using information on this site for some time, and finally decided to stop being a bum and join :D this is my first x, a '94 XLT..but i was able to use a lot of the info on this site working on my '88 BII father also has a '92 XLT, so we end up using this site quite a bit..keep...