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Search results

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    Spitshine Tire Black by Colorbond

    Has anyone tried this stuff?
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    Replacing Dome Lamp in 2002 EB

    Hello everyone...I'm trying to replace the dome lamp in in my 2002 EB w/sunroof but I'm afraid I'll break the plastic lense...I've been trying to pry it off from the front with a medium size flathead screwdriver...which way is it supposed to come out? Thanks! Barry
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    Search functionality broken

    Since the search func seems to be broken--can someone tell me where some windshield posts would be? Mine is the original on 91, its leaking and I'm looking for some advice--thanks Barry
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    Clean breathing???

    Here is a new product/service at: that claims to be able to clean the dirt,dust,pollen and whatever else is in your cars HVAC evaporator case (we all know what that a/c smell is right?) for a price of approx. $80-$100 instead of having to pull apart the dashboard...
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    Update on Firestone tires

    For more information on this take a look at; Dead Link Removed Can someone explain to me exactly what tread seperation is and how it occurs as compared to a blowout? Regards, Barry with 40,000 miles on latest set of Firestones and loosing nerve very quickly!
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    Motorvac service???

    Has anyone tried this on their Explorer? If so, does it work and is it safe? They have a website at and an 800 number to call for the closest shop in your area offering the service. I use the fuel additives just like everyone else does I'm sure but after 160,000 miles...