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Search results

  1. F

    Still missing

    Wow! An easy and no-expense fix! Good job!👍
  2. F

    K&N Air Filter

    Wow! You got something right! Engineers design products, and marketing sells them! When did you figure this out?
  3. F

    K&N Air Filter

    All “I” know is, I’ve used them for years, don’t smell any oil, haven’t had any sensors oil fouled, have noticed a power increase, and am saving $$$, not having to buy regular filters! More than enough evidence for me to use them (with confidence)👍
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    K&N Air Filter

    😂😂😂 Very funny!
  5. F

    K&N Air Filter

    And, ALL aftermarket auto parts are stringently tested before they’re put on the market. Do you think K&N would sell a product that fouled up sensors, without thoroughly testing it? Answer is NO!
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    K&N Air Filter

    Oh, so you’re saying there’s a different type of engineer that designs air filters, as upposed to those that design autos? FYI, they’re ALL Mechanical Engineers! Again, do you dispute the sun rising, and the sun setting?
  7. F

    K&N Air Filter

    REALLY??? You wonder if automakers have engineers??? If not, who the hell do you think designs all the intricate systems in our cars? YOU HAVE NOT IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!
  8. F

    K&N Air Filter

    Your key phrase to describe every fact you tried to disclaim is “I don’t think”! I’m sorry, but when there’s overwhelming FACTS to substantiate any claim, that is the final decisive result. Any further attempts at disproval is on a personal level. These people are called nay-sayers, and don’t...
  9. F

    K&N Air Filter

    Whatever! You had a problem in the 90’s, this is 2021. If there was a problem back then, it’s been corrected. You think someone designed this product in their basement? You probably don’t believe in the vaccine either! Oh, well. Do and think what YOU want! Enough said. Talking to people like...
  10. F

    K&N Air Filter

    So, you know more about oiled filters than the K&N engineers? Again, I don’t know where you get your information from, but myself and hundreds of others use and have used these filters for a long time without ANY problems! Believe what YOU want, but past positive experiences with the product...
  11. F

    K&N Air Filter

    You sound like you’ve never used one before, and think you know all about them! Fact is, all your comments are incorrect! The only way there could be a problem is if the filter was over-oiled. But, if you’re a car guy, you pay close attention to any aftermarket item installed on your car and...
  12. F

    K&N Air Filter

    That’s a crazy price! I paid $50 for the ones I bought for my two cars, and am getting one for my Discovery Sport. Can’t find any kind of discount for this one, looks like another $50, but they’re well worth it!
  13. F

    2006 XLT Radiator

    I replaced my 2005 4.6. It wasn’t hard, but definitely challenging. Four or five plastic shrouds. Some screw heads a little hard to reach, but definitely a backyard job without any special tools. I’d highly recommend looking at some videos before you start, as some things need to come off and...
  14. F

    Go Ahead And Judge…

    I’ve done a lot of part replacement on my ‘05 4.6 limited w/215k miles. The craziest one was the spark plug that ejected out of the head, taking and breaking the coil with it!🤷‍♂️😩😂
  15. F

    Warning sounds help

    I agree. I’ve got an ‘05, and hate that stupid chime! I normally start it first, then attach my seat belt, but that sequence puts “bells in my ears” and also added chirping from my wife!😩
  16. F

    98 SOHC running hot, looking for upgraded radiator advice

    What are you revving at, doing 90 with 4.10’s? Sounds like you’re pushing the engine, especially with the 100+ temps.
  17. F

    Trans/clutch or transfer case failure?

    You’re fishing with your ideas. It’s a rotational issue.
  18. F

    drive line truble

    This isn’t an answer to your question, but my ‘05 to finish, my ‘05 threw off a couple driveshaft weights! That was a crazy vibration! Just one of many crazy experiences I had with my “Exploder”. Toir for first with the spark plug that ejected out of the head!😩
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    1994 Explorer 13 MPG average

    Didn’t know they made them with a manual trans. 🤷‍♂️
  20. F

    Trans fluid on cats

    It’ll burn off eventually. Take it on the highway and get it really hot. At first I was going to be a smart ass and say I’m just glad it wasn’t a dog!
  21. F

    Rounded off caliper bracket bolt heads in the rustbelt

    Just remember the cardinal rule in dealing with rusted fasteners…don’t round or break the heads off! Been there, done that (regrettably)!
  22. F

    Rounded off caliper bracket bolt heads in the rustbelt

    Ya, but how does he get the rusted ones out?
  23. F

    Need advice re purchase!!

    It would be another PITA, but I’d tell them you’re not traveling that far and taking your time to have the paint protection applied, and just refund your money.