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Search results

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    2 months later I'm finally back on the road-Pic heavy

    Hello all, it has been a while I know. but LOTS has happened. First off I had lot$$$$$ of work done on the suv. Or HAD to have lets say, the dealership had it for 7 weeks! PTU replaced- Ford actually warrantied this under PIU extended and below 100k...whew! Would have bee 2k bucks! front drive...
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    2 styles of brakes for PIU?

    I need brakes on the car, ones on there have seen 88K miles of abuse. I used my vin to look up parts online at ford dealer and to my dismay it has TWO styles of brakes available for the PIU. SO I went to the dealer to see about which ones I have...they don't know and dont have either front...
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    HD radio equipped models?

    Does anyone know if HD radio was an option on the lower tier 4" screen entertainment systems? Thanks!
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    BCM code to allow rear hatch entry?

    At one point before I added the remote start for my 2013 I was able to walk up to the rear door and open it with out use of the key. I found a schematic from the BCM pin 23 that enables power to the the latch when the doors are unlocked through fuse 23, It doesn't work anymore and was wondering...
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    Factory Police harness plugs

    Anyone by any remote possibility have these they arent going to use or know the part numbers of the pigtails so I can use mine. I cant seem to find them online THANKS!
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    My 2013 finally arrived and had 2 days to "Fix" things, with pix

    2013 paid 13700 for it and 1000 to ship it from Chicago to Nevada. What I know: AWD 88150 mi. when delivered It was a VA medical center GSA police vehicle it had full rear prisoner containment system(2 cages, plastic seats, no door panels) The people removing stuff from it are morronic a holes...
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    Forscan code to enable Sirius radio

    Looking for the address location and hex code to enable Sirius radio on my piu I've purchased the aiu with Sirius already just need the info to get it working once I take delivery that is. Thanks
  8. B

    Second row seat question

    As I have not received my 13 yet, I caught wind that the PIU second row seats do NOT fold down for more cargo room in the this true? If so does anyone have a picture of how far they go that they would post for me? I have not been lucky enough to source a wrecked CIV model unit to...