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Search results

  1. not8taxi

    For Sale Volant Intake w/Mass Air Meter 02-03 explorer

    Sold the truck a couple months ago and need to get rid of the intake also...had it installed for about a year...has the mass air meter on it with a new maf sensor from works for the 2002-2003 4.0 explorers... $150
  2. not8taxi

    For Sale 3rd Gen JL Audio Stealthbox

    whats up guys...sold the truck a couple months ago and now i need to sell off the rest of my stuff...need it gone so i can move on and make some space in my garage... this the stealthbox i had in my truck...its a 10" JL including the Rockford Fosgate amp i had with it and the...
  3. not8taxi

    For Sale 2006-2010 Explorer Retrofitted Headlights - 4th gen

    Lights were SOLD. Please Close this thread
  4. not8taxi

    2002 explorer Transfer case Problem...4x4auto/high/low

    i posted this in the transfer case forum but figured ill give it another shot here...thanks whats up everyone...any input on my problem would be very helpful...This is long so my real question is all the way at the bottom ...thanks i have a 2002 ford explorer xlt with the 4x4 auto/high/low...
  5. not8taxi

    2002 explorer Transfer case Problem...4x4auto/high/low

    whats up everyone...any input on my problem would be very helpful...This is long so my real question is all the way at the bottom ...thanks i have a 2002 ford explorer xlt with the 4x4 auto/high/low setting on my transfer may of 2010 i had my transfer case replaced with a rebuilt...
  6. not8taxi

    For Sale 16" Ford Explorer Wheels w/ Michelin Tires

    selling my stock 16" wheels...dont have room to store them anymore...2 tires are a year old the other 2 are a few years...selling for $300 pics...they come with the hub caps and lug nuts thanks....
  7. not8taxi

    HID Retrofitted Projector FogLights

    whats going on everyone...figured ill post pics of the retro i did on my foglights. The projectors were purchased from TRS and are the blazer projectors. They can be used as external use or retrofitted in a foglight. HiD Bulbs are 5k. The brackets you see where i put the projectors in are from...
  8. not8taxi

    For Sale BRAND NEW Morimoto 3FIVE Long Cord D2S Ballasts, Phillips 85122+ D2S bulbs, Harness

    Ive been trying to sell these ballasts and bulbs on hidplanet for a while now and im trying out the explorer forum...this is a great setup for your retrofit... Price lowered $185 shipped Up for sale is a Pair of Brand new Morimoto 3Five Long Cord D2S Ballasts and a Pair of Phillips...
  9. not8taxi

    Swapping Transfer Cases? Auto to AWD?

    What's up everyone...just need some help/advise... I have a 2002 explorer xlt that has the 4x4 auto transfer case...I recently replaced it with a rebuilt 4x4 auto transfer case but the rebuilt just broke on me...luckily its still under a 1 year warranty...I wanted to ask if its possible to...
  10. not8taxi

    Adrenalin wheels on ebay

    whats up guys...figured ill share this since i came across it looking for winter wheels.... its a set of...
  11. not8taxi

    Adrenalin wheel Spare tire Size

    whats going on everybody....i figured ill put this up here to get the answer to my question... i have an 02 ex with the 20" adrenalin wheels on are toyo proxes st2 255/50/20....i want to get the spare tire that matches up to this wheels...the ones that come stock on the adrenalins...
  12. not8taxi

    For Sale Pair Bosch Mini H3 Projectors and set of Xentec 50w Ballast and H3 bulbs

    Pair of Bosch Mini H3 Projectors...i also am selling an aftermarket set of Hids that comes with H3 bulbs...HID kit is a 50w ballast kit....$85 shipped for everything
  13. not8taxi

    Sway Bar Links

    i have installed on my ex the eibach sway bar kit...In the begining of the year i had to replace my sway bar link bushings because the eibach bushings that came with the kit were worn down and the links were loose... As of yesterday i have the same problem and my links are loose ex...
  14. not8taxi

    For Sale 02-05 explorer drivers side mirror heated w/puddle light

    I am selling my driver side mirror from my explorer...its heated with the puddle light...will take a pic asap and post it up...i also have the passenger side mirror which is heated with the puddle light also but the hinge on it is broken...still works and glass moves but will throw in that in on...
  15. not8taxi

    3rd gen OEM side step rails...FREE must pick up

    3rd Gen oem side steps...took them off my explorer...anyone local can take them for free thanks
  16. not8taxi

    For Sale 3rd gen Westin Bull Bar w/ Piaa lights

    selling my westin bull bar with the piaa lights...trying to sell it local...i will drive to meet you me ...350 takes the whole thing...i have new mounted brackets in the box still...
  17. not8taxi

    For Sale 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 - 9500

    2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 - deal fell through going to keep Up for sale is my 2002 Ford Explorer has 108k miles on it...leather seats with 3rd row....truck has been well maintained...oil changed every 4000 miles with mobile 1 oil and motorcraft are michelin cross...
  18. not8taxi

    Wanted 3rd gen stock suspension plus more

    need stock suspension from a 3rd gen...i have to bring it back to stock height pm me...
  19. not8taxi

    trading parts for 3rd gen

    anyone in the nyc area wanting to swap over there stock 3rd gen tail lights for stock tinted tail lights and there stock headlights for brand new set of black headlights let me can pm me...thanks
  20. not8taxi

    transfer case went...need new one

    transfer case finally went at 108k...anyone know where i can look for a good priced transfer case? should i look for a rebuilt or a used one? thanks
  21. not8taxi

    adrenalin wheels

    so ive been not wanting to do this but im going to try and sell these wheels...i bought them about 2 yrs back and theyre still in the original shipping boxes i received them in...wheels are sand blasted...i wanted to powdercoat them flat black but didnt want to start this project until my other...
  22. not8taxi

    2002 ex xlt..stuttering problems

    whats up everyone....any info on how to help me out or an ideas are appreciated.... a month ago i started to notice that everytime i would slow down to either traffic or to a red light my car would stutter a bit and the rpms would drop and then catch would do this on and off...
  23. not8taxi

    what do you do when????

    whats up everyone...what do you do when you see someone else using a pic of your truck to sell a bull bar?...was looking on ebay at some explorer parts and came across an auction with a pic of my truck that some guy is using to sell his item...kinda messed up but whaever...i figured it was funny...