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Search results

  1. ExplangerXLT527

    1996 MotorTranny Swap

    Hello all, I'm looking to do a motor swap on my 2nd gen ex. It's a 4.0 automatic 2WD, wanting to swap to the 5.0 and remaim automatic but gain 4WD too. What all would I need to do to complete this job? Do I need to change the computer? How hard would it be to try and stay as stock as possible...
  2. ExplangerXLT527

    Changed oil for first time, only 2 quarts came out

    In my changes I drop the oil til it drips, turn the motor til the psi gauge drops, let it drip while changing the filter, then plug it and refill. Done it that way for years.
  3. ExplangerXLT527

    2nd gen aftermarket wheels on 3rd gen

    The only thing you have to look at is back spacing for the brake callipers.
  4. ExplangerXLT527

    Lazy Temperature Gauge on 2nd Gen?

    I have a '96 XLT, a buddy of mine noticed I had an oil like substance leaking from my gauge. I changed my gauge with a sunpro temp gauge from Auto Zone and mounted it on the "A" post, it reads at 180 degrees while driving. Maybe try that to see if you have an issue or change the electronic temp...
  5. ExplangerXLT527

    One Way to Save a First Gen: A4LD to 5R55E Swap (Completed)

    That may be, I know that in the gen 1 the reverse, 1-2 are hydrolic or vacume shift, after that it's electronic( 3-4 and od). I'm not too inclined in the mechanics of a trans to know for sure. More in the electronics like Russ, but not that exclusive. I would live to see the gen 1 up and running...
  6. ExplangerXLT527

    One Way to Save a First Gen: A4LD to 5R55E Swap (Completed)

    Russ, We have a 1991 sport 4x4. used the transfer case from the 91 trans. we swapped out the trans. said to have come from a 94 ex rollover. when we got it, the pand had two holes in it and the vb was messed up. used the vb and torque converter from the 91 trans and the pan(pans don't matter...
  7. ExplangerXLT527

    One Way to Save a First Gen: A4LD to 5R55E Swap (Completed)

    Way to go! I'm a 2nd Gen owner, my younger brother has a 1st Gen. We did a swap from '91-94 trans and worked into a load of problems. Reverse, first, and second work.. Hoewever, it will not shift out of second automatically. It gets to second and "forgets" what to do. Won't go into 3rd at all...
  8. ExplangerXLT527

    Towing with a 95 Explorer XLT 4.0

    I was able to use a hitch from a '91 sport 4X4 5spd without a problem. Took a pig tail from a '96 Ranger, got running lights, no brakes or turns. I'm nifty with electricty, but couldn't figure this issue out. All that aside, works pretty well. Matt
  9. ExplangerXLT527

    Bolt on performance exhaust

    Looking into a bolt on exhaust for my '96 4.0 2wd 4d. Looked at the Gibson and another one. I'm trying to get performance, fuel, and decent sound. I also would like for the tip to come out after the rear tire. I don't care if i get duals or single out. Currently running 31X12.50R15 ProComp...
  10. ExplangerXLT527

    New to the forum, as a member.

    Update.. I couldn't get a hold of a set of 16's, but i did get a hold of a set of Procomp All terrain's 31x12.50R15. These bad boys will fit my 15x10 rims and be road worthy! Any input, is good input.
  11. ExplangerXLT527

    New to the forum, as a member.

    Thank you for the welcoming.
  12. ExplangerXLT527

    New to the forum, as a member.

    I have a 1996 Explorer XLT 2wd, currently sitting on 31x11x15 Thornbirds on 15x10 D-window rock crawler. Not very road worthy, but have a nice road ripping sound. I am planning on changing to a chrome soft eight, 16x8 with 265/75/16 wrangler silent armor. For the ability to run the road more.