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Search results

  1. D

    Do I need a new radiator? Temp gauge shoots stright up

    Check your head gaskets... that was my fix.
  2. D

    Junking a Sport, what to take out

    If you're going to sell that console.. please let me know, PM me. =P Thanks!! =]
  3. D

    Full console storage part number

    I don't have it anymore.. I still have a custom molded HU relocation unit in its place as it was fiberglassed off the original. Just want a replacement... doesn't need to be perfect, but I've had the setup gone for over 6 months (installed my eclipse DD back in Nov).. it's just time to...
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    Full console storage part number Why does this seem so high? I swore it was around $50-60...
  5. D

    Full console storage part number

    Thanks so much jtsmith! :thumbsup: Random question... where else online can we get factory OEM parts since fordpartsnetwork went down? Do you know?
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    Full console storage part number

    Does anyone have the part number (ford part number) for that storage piece just above the cupholders on full console interiors? You either had the choice of the message center or that double-storage thing. I need to buy a new one... any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  7. D

    Marine install - grounding issues?

    I spent around 300-400 for the speakers, HU and amp; $90 speakers, $150 amp, $130 hu and all the rest of the install shi*... I don't spend THAT much time on the water, but I HAD to upgrade from the old crap in the boat.. a JVC casette player and 2 tin speakers... The only type of sub I would...
  8. D

    Marine install - grounding issues?

    I figured it out.. hours later.. The speaker wires were shorting out and just drawing huge amounts of power, heating everything up and hardly any sound coming out of the speakers. The 4ga ground did no difference. I hooked the speakers directly to the HU after pulling the amp, and the HU...
  9. D

    Marine install - grounding issues?

    1. Amp looks fine, I'm seeking other possibilities before I return for a new one. 2. Nope, marine is just between 12 and 14v, almost the exact same. 3. Can't do... the install in my truck is too complex to touch unfortunately. Can't get to any of the wires without destroying something.
  10. D

    Marine install - grounding issues?

    Ok, so I spent over 4hours doing the install, right I hoped. I think I forgot to compensate for one thing though.. Whenever the amp gets turned on by the HU, it automatically goes into protect and begins heating up heavily; I could cook on it within 2 mins of it on. It's the ground...
  11. D

    Question about 20s and 22s

    You don't understand how tires work. Tires are measured in proportion. So when you have, say, 285/45/22, not only is it wider, but the sidewalls are going to be LARGER than a 275/45/20 because of the PROPORTIONING. You cannot fit 45 tires on 2nd jens without lots of rubbing and clearing...
  12. D

    98 mountaineer turn signals quit working after conversion??

    When I switched to a mounty front end from an expo front end, I had to change out the signal relay, and you MUST do it. simply splicing the wire won't cut it. One is yellow, the other is blue, you need the other one.
  13. D

    Do you use a GPS?

    My navigation: =]=]=]=] P.S. yes it's tilted in the pic towards the drivers, it's been totally redone since. thx. =P
  14. D

    Explorer vs. XTerra

    The difference? The Xterra is an ugly piece of junk. Period.
  15. D

    check out this explorer

    All the bidders from $3000 and above all registered with eBay within the past four days. Interesting.
  16. D

    Anyone bet on horses?

    Santa Anita is one the prettiest tracks among horse racing. It's awesome. Our work ( takes us there about 3-4 times a meet (a meet usually lasts 40-50 days), they pay for everything, give us betting money and we sit up in the turf club. My buds and I go there every once awhile with...
  17. D

    Anyone bet on horses?

    I just wrote a little paragraph in another thread about this, and I was actually curious.... horse betting for the most part has stuck with the older generations it seems, so any of you bet the ponies? If so, how? Through what service/OTB? Go directly to the track? Anyone a member on...
  18. D

    Read this article before you buy your next new car.

    This is exactly correct. I work for, a horse racing betting internet company, and our main competition is called TVG, another horse racing provider. We offer 2 main/HUGE tracks to bet on right now that TVG can't simulucast because of contractual rights with the tracks, so what we...
  19. D

    Source for Diamond Clear Headlights?

    It's all the same crap. I've had ICPW, PCP, Makato, it's all the same junk from China. It's a 50/50 chance to get a set that doesn't condensate. You need to put a bead of silicon around the edge so it doesn't fog. I did those "horrible" GBs and had to deal with the companies...
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    Cow doesn't want to become burger... has better idea

    That's gonna be one mean burger, dibs =P
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    Cruise control fuse?

    Hmm, it seems to be fine... Is is possible to "blow" the actual switch part (the on/off on the left side)? The LED does not work, and I cannot seem to engage it anymore... it just happened this night. I was fooling around with it (putting on the green LED condom because it didnt have it)...
  22. D

    Cruise control fuse?

    Welp, I can't find my manual for the fuse diagrams... can anyone help me locate the cruise control fuse (and if its inside or outside under the hood)? Can't seem to find a snapped fuse... Thanks alot guys. 98 Sport
  23. D

    Need some harnesses, where can I find these?

    Okay- I need these harnesses.. Alpine CDA-9831 (hopefully with the 16pin for Alpine to another plug into car harness) Ford Explorer 95-01 Mach audio harness (with the plug to the Alpine harness) Anyone? I really appreciate it... I really don't want to be splicing wires... Thanks...
  24. D

    installing aftermarket radio help with rca output

    Btw, 80 watts is max, you'll have 35-40w RMS at any given time. Nothing special. You still would want to consider an aftermarket amp for anything of more quality.