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    Just got told both upper rear control arms and bearings need to be replaced. 835 canadian for both arms and then bearings for 63 a piece plus 300 in labour. with tax it will be over 1300. I take it the upper rear control arms are not part of the drive train and are regular wear pieces and as...
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    Samsung S8 Plus and MFT

    I'm currently upgrading to v 3.10 and will be using my S8 Plus with it. Not sure how it's going to work. Not sure if v 3.10 has the required software for the new S8. I'll post back and keep everyone updated as to how it works. Broken Strut.
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    Quality is not job 1

    I'm an engineer and have been involved in quality control, quality assurance. I'm flabbergasted at how little Ford pays attention to things as of late. For a vehicle that is north of 50K here in Canada the Explorer Sport should be a refined vehicle. Now I know that a Ford is a Ford and if a...
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    What's Next

    So I've pretty much jacked my Ex as much as I can. Headlights tinted, HID upgrade, LED lights interior and puddles. Running Boards. New Ford Emblems front and back. Shark Fin. Livernois tune with spark plugs and thermostat and exhaust. 20% tinted front windows, LED running lights, Ford door...
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    Error codes

    Just hooked up my tuner from Livernois. Before I got started it came up with 2 error codes: C1B00 AND C0063. Searched the internet and didn't come up with anything. Does anyone know what these error codes are?
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    iOS 7? How's it with MFT

    Upgrade in process. Will update when done. :>|
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    iPhone 5 works great with MFT

    I recently bought an iPhone 5. I was a little weary hearing some of the comments on here. Well, after 2 weeks I'm happy to report it is working with MFT better than my Android did. Here is what works with 6.3.1 Caller ID: yes Transfer to privacy: yes Auto phone book download: yes Call...
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    395.6 hp

    Almost at 400HP. Injen Intake,, Magna Flow Cat Back, Tune. 30 extra HP. Man can this thing move......
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    Injen Intake Installed

    Installed and have a few questions to ask. 1. When I step on the throttle I can really hear it sucking in air. A lot of air. This can be heard in the cabin. When I let off it sounds like its exhaling. I checked all the clamps. Nothing loose. My l/100 km has increased by over 100km/ tank...
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    Explorer Sport No Problems One Month In

    Well I have had the Sport for just about a month now and I have to say this Explorer is the vehicle I wanted 2 years ago. I bought my Ltd in 11. All in all it wasn't that bad. It had it's minor glitches which I will list here: - A pillar rattle ( No problems with my Sport) - MFT slow and...
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    *new* 2014 order guide new colours 2 New colours. heated second row seats std on Ltd.
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    Black Shark Fin on White Sport

    Hey, To continue with the white and blacked out theme. I ordered a black shark fin for my white explorer. I love the way it looks.
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    My Black Emblems for Sport

    Here are my emblems I ordered for my Sport. Wanted to continue the black theme.
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    Ford Explorer Sport 2013 Style Black Grille

    Hey everyone. The Sport grille is available now. I'm gonna buy me one. Then I can switch em out whenever I feel like it. Sweeeeet.
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    White or black explorer sport

    O.K. I'm about to pull the trigger on the new Sport. I'm now caught up on white or black? I own a black 11 Ltd. However, there are a ton of them on the road here. I rarely see a white one. In my area alone there are 4 black 11's. What do you guys think? I guess in the long run it's up to me...
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    SMR Update 3.5.1

    When I logged onto SMR today it said an update was available for my vehicle and that I need to go to my dealer. Anyone else get this? After I clicked on the link it brought me to the update page and there was no update there. I have NAV so I guess that means I have to go to the dealership? It...
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    Atrix and Messaging

    I have troubles using my ATRIX Motorola and the messaging feature. I tried deleting and repairing fuse pull etc... what made it work was a factory reset of the phone. It worked for a day then poof gone again. I'm not getting the MAP request like I was. It used to work all the time. Since...
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    Temp gauge reading

    I am getting a different reading for temp. Main says 2° difference then the instrument cluster.
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    Why no list of what is fixed????

    How come they don't list what the new upgrades are addressing. They listed all the upgrades for 3.0. on SMR. It would be nice if they would let us know what they were improving/adding. Then we could confirm it. Beneficial for both I would think.
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    Sirius Travel Link. WORKS In Canada

    I just noticed travel link is working for me. I'm in Canada. When did this come online?