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Search results

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    Custom long arm suspension

    Well 3 and 1/2 years after swaping in my EB D44, I finally decided to build a long arm suspension before heading to Moab. This mostly came about because I needed to do some custom fabbing for my Atlas II install. So it all happened at once. It was impressive how much flex this thing has now...
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    Flatbed, rollcage phase 2 project

    Decided to start the foundation of my exo cage. This is phase two. Phase one was my stinger bumper. I will be building the roll bar, then adding the rest of the cage in a few months or so. If you're in the Denver area and want to do so wheeling, send me a PM. Edit: I have since ditched...
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    Winch Tube Bumper

    Needed more approach angle, so i pushed the winch back into the grill. The stinger is phase one of my exo cage.
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    People near Lincoln/Omaha, NE

    I'm looking to round up some RBV owners in the area that are interested in wheeling. It doesn't matter if you are stock or highly modified, DD or trail rig only. If you don't have any experience or dont' know where to legally wheel, this would be a good opportunity to speak up and let me know...
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    93 Ranger STX

    93 STX 4.0 5 speed SPECS: Base truck: 1993 Ford Ranger STX 4x4 ext. cab, 4.0L V6, M5OD transmission Mods: - 35" BFG Mud T/A's on 15x8 Rockcrawler rims 5 on 5.5" pattern - Rear end - '81 Ford 9" Full width, 4.56 gears, ARB air locker and 31 spline shafts riding on...
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    Colorado-St. Elmo area

    First weekend in August. Here is a link for the details...
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    1993 Ranger D44 swap

    A friend and I completed this swap in four days, which is a good thing considering this is my daily driver. Here's a quick run down of the mods to the front end: -'71 EB D44 sandblasted and powder coated -4.56 gears w/ ARB -3/4 ton chebby inner shafts w/ '78 bronco outers (297 U-joints)...
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    Do you know someone?

    I was looking for someone with a lifted 1st gen. explorer from Lincoln, NE. The truck is black and looks like it is running 33's.
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    Black '99

    Here's a link to my website. The truck has a 4" superlift in front and skyjacker springs rear. 31" BFG Mud T/A KM's Right now, I am gathering pieces for a straight axle swap. Dead Link Removed