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Search results

  1. M

    Thinking of getting a gun/weapon for home protection

    Ever since my son was born 6/14/06 I have been waking up at night and staring at my bedroom door, thinking what I would do if someone came in either to rob us or....other. I have never owned a gun personally, but have been around guns since I was a kid. To be honest, they scare me a bit, but...
  2. M

    Cleric offers $1 million to kill Danish cartoonist I think the muslim community needs to settle down a bit.
  3. M

    Good News/Bad News

    :thumbsup: Good News: My wife is having a baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbdwn: Bad News: I sold the Ex on Friday. I literaly cried after it left. With 195k miles my Ex was still running good but with a few problems here and there. However, I still...
  4. M

    Ford customer service :Rant

    First off maybe I am wrong here, but here goes anyways: Our 2005 Ford Escape XLT has had a problem with the parking brake not being adjusted properly since we bought it last July. Today my wife asked to get it adjusted...$150 dollars and not covered under warranty. Warranty is 36,000...
  5. M

    When will Chevy catch up?

    In the past six months or so we have seen the new 2005 "retro" Ford Mustang, the new Dodge Charger and the new Pontiac GTO (part of GM I guess). All these cars are basically revamped new sports cars with some actual muscle. All the while Chevy has turned their Chevelle, Nova, and Imapala's...
  6. M

    Anyone here watch American Hot Rod?

    Why does Boyd Coddington hate Chip Foose? I know Chip used to work (President) at Coddington's compnay and designed many cars for Boyd, but why does Boyd hate Chip? What happened? It seems to me (just from watching the show) that everyone that has left Boyd Coddington, all of sudden...
  7. M

    How do you distribute your X-mas gifts to your kids???

    During this past X-mas I noticed something in my wife's family (only the 3rd X-mas). There is a total of 5 siblings, my wife and four brothers. Son #1 got $1,000 check. Age 23 Sone #2 got $600 in gifts. Age 24 Son #3 got $600 in gifts. Age 25 Son #4 in military so I don't know...
  8. M

    Serious Question on a possible life altering issue

    Background: Your grandmonther was born with a mild, yet noticable birth defect. Your uncle had it, even more severe than your grandmother. You have the same problem as your grandmother. You're married. You and your wife want kids. The doctor has given you a 50/50 chance that your child...
  9. M

    What do you know about palm pilots?

    My wife wants one for her birthday. I don't know that much about them. She wants one for phone #'s, addresses, work schedule, contacts, bill paying schedule, etc. But, I saw in Target that they make software for these things that have road maps in them. So I thought that if I get...
  10. M


    Saw this sign at twenty-nine palms marine base. Thought it was uniqe...
  11. M

    Ever been arrested for Street Racing and Recless Driving

    Has anyone been arrested for street racing and/or reckless driving? My brother-in-law was arrested Friday night and midnight. We went to the police station and waited tio 3:30 am. He was booked for a speed contest and reckless driving which is a misdamenor. He has no priors...
  12. M

    What do you know about the Ford Escape?

    Thinking of buying one. Test drove the V-6 today XLT. Very nice I thought. What do you know/what have you heard about them? Brian
  13. M

    Don't buy a new volkswagen

    My wife bought a new 2001 beetle in June 2001. Ever since we bought it, it has been nothing but problems. Just to diagnose the check engine light is over $200.00. :frustrate VW customer care sucks!!!! :frustrate :frustrate :frustrate "We will look into it sir, but if we are not...
  14. M

    Big coolant loss from passenger side

    Get to work this morning and the Ex is running really hot and leaking coolant bad. Look under hood and cant see any major sign of coolant leak. No hose broken or disconnected. The coolant leak appears to be coming from the passenger side under the truck. Other than the possiblity of a...
  15. M

    Spilled gas in my garage

    So, while taking the head off of one of my cars, I spilled some fuel on the garage floor. :fart: Now the place stinks. I have let bleach, soapy water and a few other household cleaning items soak in the area and it still stinks bad. Anyone know how I can get rid of the gas smell...
  16. M

    Buying a home in So Cal

    So my wife and I are trying to buy a home in Camarillo, CA and can't. We make about $80,000 a year, have one car payment and student loan, thats it and we STILL cannot afford to buy a home here. This blows. For example a 1 bed 1 bath condo, no garage is on the market for 260,000 and...
  17. M

    Rubber vs. Polyurethane

    I have changed my RABS to polyurethane(sp). I did this a couple years ago. My complaint about my truck now is that it seems to ride way too stiff for my taste. Only bushings I have changed up front are the sway bar bushings, also poly, and the RABS. The shocks are Monroe Reflex. If...
  18. M

    Stock exhaust diameter

    Anyone know the stock exhaust diameter on a 91 4door 4X4 Explorer? I am looking to have a custom 3" exhaust installed as my current muffler, etc are falling apart. Thanks in advance. Brian
  19. M

    What is the big canister next to brake fluid resivior???

    IN my 91 there is a big canister/diaphram looking thing that is situated on the drivers side wheel well in the engine compartment. If i am looking from the front bumper in the engine bay it sits on the whee well behind the washer fluid and radiator overflow resivoirs and to the right of the...
  20. M

    Leaky Sunroof

    I just realized my sunroof is leaking. It appears that the weatherstripping on the glass is old and really crusty looking so the first thing I am planning to do is replace the weatherstriping. How is this done? I am thinking I have to take the whole unit down from the roof from the inside...
  21. M

    Anybody else work in a tax firm?

    Its tax season once again and I'm still at work.:rolleyes: My desk is covered in files. Anybody feel my pain. Brian
  22. M

    Loose Steering

    How do I fix the play in my steering wheel? I've got about 1/10th of play in it. Waaayyy too much. Thanks, Brian
  23. M

    Wanna be "Elite Explorer"

    Allright, allright. I'll try to get the wife to send some money to Rick. How much is it again? Brian
  24. M

    Got In-Laws?????

    Okay I gotta vent. I actually live with mine, but we pay about 400-500 in rent. It sucks. Something happens everyweek to piss me off. Maybe I am too uptight but damn. 1. My wife's credit is ruined because she cosigned a loan for them bfore we got married and they never made payments on...
  25. M

    Fixing Valve Noise

    I am planning on fixing the valve issue with my 91 XLT 165,000 miles. I plan to remove both heads and take them to a machine shop for a rebuild. I want to know what else I should replace when I am in there. Here is what I am planning on doing/replacing: 1. Lifters 2. rods 3...