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Search results

  1. B

    from 31's to 35's

    Well i thought I'd step up from the bald 31's i was running to the bald 35's out in my shed. Here are the 31's... Here are the 35's... without trimming the fender... with trimming... And just because this is before and after. Here is what this $700 rig looked like back in...
  2. B

    My Roof Rack.

    here's the roof rack i'm building... so far i've got 3 hours and $66 dollors into it. Dimensions are, 47" outside to outside width 68" outside to outside length 5" overall hight plate is 3/16" Tube is 3/4" sq .063 wall Only thing left to do is finish mounting hardware and build the...
  3. B

    thought i'd post up some pics

    Well here we are as of today! Just finished up the bumper and tire rack yesterday and got the grill Painted and put back on. Still working on the roof rack. And also got the 16x8 soft 8's yesterday! they are used with 31" swampers. But not for long. the 35's in my shed are for a 16" rim now...
  4. B

    steering extention (optional)???

    could someone post for me a picture of the steeing extention that comes with the 3" bodylift? my buddy has built two 3" bodylifts on both his rangers out of nylan material and hasn't needed the extention piece, and i've done a 3" on my old 95 bronco and didn't use one and a 2" on my old...
  5. B

    sneek peek Tube bumper/tire carrier

    Tube bumper, swingout, new pics! so i started building my body protection today. Even though it may be a bit early since i don't have the dana 44 or lift under it yet. I wanted to get the spare tire out of the inside, get my gas can onboard and cover up the dented hatch. so i took the old...
  6. B

    GEM swap

    does anybody see a problem with swaping a GEM from a 98 4 door 4x4 explorer... into my 97 4 door 4x4 ex. I did a bw 1354 manual t-case swap, and have an Overdrive light flash only in low range because in 97 there are speed sensors in the 4405 t-case. but not in 98, so my thoughts where to...
  7. B

    I'll be spending some time here!

    well here's a bit about me, i'm 22 and just got married in March to the greatest woman in the world, and my best freind. We bought a house in the small town i live in, Dallas, Oregon. I'm a welder fabricator. Well i got my 97 explorer for $700 as a replacement for my 87 ranger that i just...
  8. B

    bw 1354 t-case and O/D light flash

    alright, so i just got my 97 explorer on the road 2 weeks ago after reinstalling the rebuilt 5 speed automatic and some engine tuning. I got a BW1354 transfer case to go inplace of the auto one since i will be doing a sas. so everything works great, but when i put th t-case in 4x4 low after...
  9. B

    transfer question sas

    I'm new to the world of electricity. I've been into first gen rangers for too long. So i've been reading around here for a few days now, but haven't found a clear answer for my question. I've got a 97 explorer i'm putting a tranny in now. and it's got the electric t-case. I've got a dana 44...