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Search results

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    92 5-speed slave cyl or mast cyl?

    I have a 92 exp with a 5-speed and it won't go into gear. I tried to bleed the slave but the fluid came out of the bleeder screw really slow, indicating to me - no pressure. The clutch was replaced last July, and they did not replace the slave cyl. Could it be the clutch master cyl? Help...
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    parking brake stuck!

    :( my parking brake is stuck and i'm not sure how to get it freed up. this happened about 2hrs ago and i need the vehicle by 8:00 this evening for work. i used the brake only 2 or 3 times since i put new rear shoes on this spring. i noticed them sticking so i stopped using it. someone said...
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    :eek: Please help! I have a '92 X with a 5-speed and really need my parking brake with winter coming and all. Does anyone know how to losen a brake cable that sticks, or somehow diconnect the cable for the side that is sticking? I'm pretty sure it's the drivers side. When i replaced the...
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    duel exhaust on a '92?

    my '92 is in need of exhaust before the snow flies. i would like to run duals from the cats back. would like to go 2 1/2 or 2 3/4. is that possible? can i get it from a company like boarla? help!
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    Sorry, didn't mean to put the mad face at the end of my article. I love explorers and all other ford trucks!