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Search results

  1. jasonb

    Cropping audio files

    Ok.. I just downloaded an audiobook. It's a Media Player file now and is about 100 MB. I want to burn it to CD but it's 431 minutes. I want to listen to it in the vehicle so I want to basically chop it up into 80 minute chunks or so and burn those. What program can I use? Looking for...
  2. jasonb

    Heavy duty diff covers

    stuff I made the other day... I'm too cheap to buy the bling BTF stuff, but I also can't weld as pretty as a robot. Made two of them for my Dana 44s. 3/8" ring with 1/4" plate for the cover. Pretty easy and quick really... probably took about 4 hours to make both with some short breaks to...
  3. jasonb

    New ride?

    Got to take this thing for a spin on Saturday. It's just a little faster than the Explorer!!!! :eek: He told me he'd make a deal on it for me, but I'd need to get 2 more jobs to afford it. It was truly amazing to drive and I was pretty easy on it because I was so scared of doing anything...
  4. jasonb

    Need a computer for mom

    Anyone upgrading and want to get rid of a system that isn't a dinosaur? Looking for something in the 2ghz or up range. Celeron, Pentium, Duron, whatever. No frills needed. No monitor needed. She just plays on the internet and the one she is the one I used in college (bought in 96)!!!!! :eek:
  5. jasonb

    Digital Camera starting to suck

    I've got a Sony Cybershot DSC-72. This camera took great pictures for a long time and recently (last few months) I can't get a good picture for anything. They are all blurry and often grainy now. If I take a picture of something outside that is completely still it does ok still, but inside...
  6. jasonb

    Tires for wife's A4

    So... they are worn and need to be replaced. I haven't looked at anything about regular car tires in so long that I don't know what the good stuff is. Anyone got any advice? Prefer actual first hand experience but I guess if your friend's mom's uncle's nephew's friend's friend's friend's...
  7. jasonb

    the Hootus strikes again! poor Gerald... :D
  8. jasonb

    Feature Truck: MDPuckett84's 2001 XLS - 1/20/05

    My 2001 XLS 4x4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In April of 2004 I traded in my 1999 Ranger for a 2001 Explorer 4x4. Since it was a 4x4 I originally had intentions of making it all about offroading. However after consideration, I decided...
  9. jasonb

    New sheriff in town...

    In case anyone didn't notice.. Blee1099 is one of the newest additions and has taken over as co-mod of EUTS. Gerald is now moderating the Explorer Clubs and Events section. Guess I'll take on the role of Ol Krusty now.. :) So if anyone needs to complain about something, bug him about it...
  10. jasonb

    Autocad question regarding text

    Ok cad guys.. Got a question. How do you make text into polylines or can you? I'm doing some stuff that will need to get lasercut and I want to put some text in there to get cut out. I've had some luck with a few fonts by doing them in Illustrator and importing in but this isn't working with...
  11. jasonb

    Please Read The Rules Before Posting Here! 911 = Emergency

    like the title says... please don't post in this forum unless it is an emergency issue. read the rules!
  12. jasonb

    Should I post in 911 forum? Please help!

    Just wondering if this is ok to do? Will Robb hate me for this?
  13. jasonb

    Feature truck - Celly's 2000 Sport 11-30-04

    Background ------------- -Purchased used in May '01, only 13,000 km. Supposedly driven by Ford employee before that. -replaced a Contour SVT which was getting too beat up on backcountry gravel roads getting to mountainbike trailheads. -have also owned a '93 Sport and leased a '97. -2000...
  14. jasonb

    The Peterson case

    Well I heard on the news this morning that they are in deliberations. I'm so excited that the case is finally going to be over and I won't have to hear about it everyday!!!!! Let's see.. election is over, Peterson case is almost over.. what the heck are the news channels going to talk...
  15. jasonb

    Feature Truck 10-19-04 Sk1er17's 98 Sport

    Jeez ive been on this site forever and decided to do a little exploring tonight in the "un clicked" parts- I never knew there was actually an Elite Explorer Registry... so I figured Id put in my thread for those of you who dont know me. Im 20 years old (well will be on March 29, 2004; close...
  16. jasonb

    Steering rack question

    Ok I'm about to replace mine since its on its last leg. Looked up parts on Napa's website and they list two, one at $170 and one at $150. Called up and asked the difference. They said one is a 2dr and one is a 4dr. Maybe I'm wrong, but there isn't a difference in the rack and pinion between...
  17. jasonb

    Everything in italics... what did i do?

    Ok, this should be a simple question. Every forum I visit shows in italics now. Everything else shows regular. I assume I changed some setting somewhere somehow that makes some default font to be italic. I don't recall doing this so if anyone has any input, I'd like to hear it.
  18. jasonb

    Trailing wiring issue

    i used to have my harness plugged into the little round plug under the bumper for years. worked fine. last time i hooked the trailer, only the running lights worked. checked current at the wires just before the factory plug and only the one that supplies juice for the tail lights was showing...
  19. jasonb

    Enough with the polls guys..

    Ok, the polls were cute for a little while, but its getting old. Let's all refrain from seeing just what kind of questionable poll can be done next.
  20. jasonb

    When Crankcase gets bored...

    this happens! pay attention to the "last post" column. dang that unclemeat had to squeeze one in there too! :D
  21. jasonb

    how to stop a leaky hose? any tips?

    i have a leak from where a 3/8" ID line connects to a hardline. specifically the hoses that to and from the stock auxillary trans cooler. the hardlines had a little raised ring around them at then end. i had to cut them back a little when making my hidden winch mount. i obviously lost that...
  22. jasonb

    MOOG balljoint question...

    ok i just replaced uppers and lowers today with new MOOGs. my question.. they look like they were greased already. but the little paper said to grease them so i did. my question is how do you know when there is enough grease in them? the dust boot has a overflow hole that will let excess...
  23. jasonb

    what is this stuff?!? HELP!!

    woke up this morning and all this strange white stuff is everywhere. covering everything. it must be eating people and disentigrating all signs of human life. schools are empty. roads are empty. very little sign of life out except a few small childred and my dogs who are apparently immune...
  24. jasonb

    found a hole the exact size of my explorer!

    went wheelin today on some easy stuff.. found a pretty little hole and had to try it out. yeah.. um.. didn't work. once i was in, i coulnd't move. banks on all sides taller than my wheels. patrick hooked up and pulled me back pretty easily. i say "dang we should have taken a pic" he...
  25. jasonb

    Tellico - Feb 7th or 14th???

    just checking interest. i'd like to setup a run to go up there. maybe overnight but at least all day saturday. anyone up for it?