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Search results

  1. Regulator_XLS

    Robs new baby!!!!!!!!v8

    2003 F150 FX4 V8 TRITON
  2. Regulator_XLS


    Will 99 explorer shocks fit on my 89 bronco 2?
  3. Regulator_XLS

    31x 10.5 on 3.43 Bronco 2 gears?

    should i run 31's with the stock gearing of 3.42 or should i stick with the 235/75.r15's please help!!!
  4. Regulator_XLS

    99 Explorer leafs in 89 Bronco II?

    Hey guys i have a donor 99 ex and wanted to swap the rear leafs into my b2, i heard it gives you a 1.5'' lift and toughens up the rear end. i know you can use 91-94 leafs, are they the same as my 99? any other suggestions for slight lift from my b2 im gonna be running 30x 9.5 inch mud terrains...
  5. Regulator_XLS

    Help!!! Tranny Blown? Or Just Over Heated??

    I was towing my snowmobiles back from my cottage last night and all of the sudden my rpms went from a steady 2700 which i normally tow at to 4500!! I have the two package on my truck with tranny cooler. So then all pf the sudden we smell a burning and start losing power fast than a bubbling...
  6. Regulator_XLS

    Regulators New Toy

    02 CRF 450R Too many mods to list fast as hell
  7. Regulator_XLS

    SAS With leaf springs instead of coils

    Why not do an sas with leafs instead of coils, you could literally whip it together in a day, just line up the drive shaft and the new diff, mount the leaf springs, and your done, am i missing something, why has no one done this, its so easy!!!
  8. Regulator_XLS

    (Video) My x at the fall mud bog competiton!!!!!

    I entered in the 33'' class, and when i hit the jump in the middle i blew my fender flares right off from my tires getting stuffed on landing. enjoy I was the only explorer in a land of cherokees and tj's!
  9. Regulator_XLS

    How do i post a video of my x at the fall mud bog?

    I have a vid of me ripping up the mud bog competition in orangeville ontario from today but i dont know how to post a video.
  10. Regulator_XLS

    Hows My fabbing!! Update: Rear Bumper, Tire Carrier, Skid Plate, Shackles, Tow Hooks!

    Ok, so this is stage 3 for my rig. Just fabbed up all this stuff last week and i think it turned out pretty good. let me know what you think. Also i added a pick of my first ride when i was 16, i wish i hadnt built it and went straight to the x. It was during the whole fast and furious craze so...
  11. Regulator_XLS

    Swing out tire carrier!!

    just put the finishing touches on the bumper with the tire carrier and it is a heavy bitc*, anybody had any issues with it sagging the ass end? if so what new leafs and some bigger shackles?
  12. Regulator_XLS

    Wagoner front axle yeh or neh

    i can get a front axle off of my buds killed wagoneer, ive read the threads and it somes down to one question, how much work are we looking at here, money wise, etc.. hidden costs, skill level, i need more lift and a stronger front end.
  13. Regulator_XLS

    anyone run BFG Mud Terrains 33x12.5 r15 in the snow?

    as stated thats my tire setup and my buds are telling me that i need to size down to a 260/75/r15 winter setup, what are your guys thoughts, i hear the mt's are good in fluffy snow but anything compacted and ill be spinning like a mad man.
  14. Regulator_XLS

    Hows this coming along(pics)

    Hey guys just wondering what you guys think of how ive fabbed everything, body lift coming soon.
  15. Regulator_XLS

    Finally paid for my elite status check out my ride

    hey guys let me know what you think. check out my garage and post back with any comments or suggestions, especially about the way i have mounted my winch thanks rob
  16. Regulator_XLS

    sway bar disconnects

    What is the benefit for dissconnecting the rear sway bars
  17. Regulator_XLS


    I am running 33x12's on my explorer with factory gearing, what do i do from here. -do i buy a kit -can i do it myslef i have no idea what to do so any help would be awesome:exp:
  18. Regulator_XLS

    Canada winch questions

    anybody think its a big deal that i leave my winch on all winter or should i cover it when not in use.
  19. Regulator_XLS

    Winch Bumper

    Any one got any pics of how theyre riggins up thier winch. I dont want to use a front end receieving hitch.
  20. Regulator_XLS


    is an 8000lb winch enough or should i wait for a 10,000
  21. Regulator_XLS

    Performance accessories kit 883

    99xls 4wd, 853? or 883? confused by all this flip flopping in the posts. which one do i buy?
  22. Regulator_XLS

    Snorkel questions help asap

    I want to build a snorkel for my 99 and i have two questions, 1) where do i get the top for the snorkel? 2) im in ontario, canada, will it cause problems in the winter, is there such a thing as too cold of air going into your motor? Or can i leave it on all year?
  23. Regulator_XLS

    Lessons learned with my 99 xls

    Ok, so ive had my 99 xls for a couple of years and i did the whole tt&aal thing, looked awesome with my 265-75-r15 BFG all/terrains. I then switched to pirrelli scorpion all terrains and just so everyone knows not all tires are created equally. I have a couple of buds with cherokees and...
  24. Regulator_XLS

    99- tt& aal with 33x12.5 BFG MT with a problem

    I bought te performance accessories body lift for a 94 cause thats all i could find, and the steering exstension doesnt match(obviously) custom bumper brackets isnt a big deal to make but i dont know what to do for the steering, what if i bought a 99 ranger body lift kit and used the extension...