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Search results

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    Funny as hell.... :-)

    :smoke: I bet that box has no clue how lucky it is!
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    Therm. Help

    ya might wanna check your coolant temperature sending unit
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    lotsa smoke & 2 melted plugs

    My X is down , i got lotsa white smoke, engine shake like crazy, wont go over 35, i changed the plugs and the electrodes on 2 of them were melted away. I thought it might be a preignition or detonation problem which would melt the plugs and possibly put holes in the pistons which would explain...
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    lift kits, which one for 91 4x4

    the T bar shifter in Summit that is for the ranger will fit, same tranny
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    Serious Plans

    Hey, thanks for the help i appreciate it, If i'm gonna get this done I wanna do it right one reason I am trying to find a good way to put the D44 front and Ford 9" in is because they are longer then what the Explorer has now
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    Serious Plans

    CoryL what would be the easiest and cheapest way to do the front suspension then with a solid axle? Is there a way I can do it with the D44?
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    Serious Plans

    OK my 91 X sport finally went down (piston rings) forcing me to buy another mode of transportation (91 f-250). I've always wanted to beef the 'ol Explorer up to a state of bad assness and i think nows the time to start. My drive train and suspension plans are to rebuild the 4.0 by boring it...
  8. S

    Anyone know how to weld rear diff?

    I need info on how to weld the rear differential, and if it will hold up.
  9. S

    4dr leafs on a 91 sport

    Will it work? I am pretty sure it will but just want some feedback to make sure?
  10. S

    Will pick-up leafs fit on a 91 sport

    I need stronger leafs for my X, the ones now are really bad and i want a stronger leaf spring pack with more than 3 leafs in it, but i dont know what to pull a set off of at the junkyard.
  11. S

    need stronger leafs for 91 sport

    junkyard leaf spring help my leafs are really weak and I want to replace them with a set of leafs that are stronger and might add a little lift in the rear. But, i have no clue what will fit, i am going to a junk yard for the springs but i dont know what to pull them off of. any help will be...
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    Tires for 3" body lift and 2" spacer shackles

    I'm gonna have the 3" body lift and 2" spacer shackles lift on my 91 Sport, and I need to know what the biggest tire I could fit would be if anyone knows.
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    How much will the Auto Zone 8.5" shackles lift the back?

    I want to do the spacer shackle lift, but I dont know what size shackles to buy, i dont do to hard of off roading with is why im going with auto zone shackles, i got 2" spacers for the coils and i heard that their 8.5" shackles would bring the rear up about two inches, is this true?
  14. S

    Part Number For AutoZone Shackles on 91 sport

    Does this site have a search engine of some sorts i take it?
  15. S

    Part Number For AutoZone Shackles on 91 sport

    I need to find some shackles quick, and they dont need to be the toughest things in the world, just something to hold me up. I went to Auto zone and the said they didnt have any kind of shackles at all because they had no clue what I was talking about, so i thought I can find what part number i...
  16. S

    Are Wrangler RT/S any good?

    maybe not?
  17. S

    Are Wrangler RT/S any good?

    shucks, looks like it wasnt such a good deal after all
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    Newbie to cb's

    :bounce: Yeah, Yeah get it out!
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    Shackle Help

    now, will those lift my truck with the leafs still under the axle?
  20. S

    CB Lingo

    I finaly got my CB installed, but I cant understand a thing those truckers are saying. Also, are their any specific channels for certain places or what?
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    Shackle Help

    OK, I went to Autozone to get longer shackles to raise my Explorer, but the said they didnt have any, so I called a spring shop and they said that because my leafs were under the axle that I couldnt get a longer shackle lift. Can someone please help me here , im confused.
  22. S

    Anyone know what the bumper height regulations are in Illinois?

    Anyone know what the bumper height regulations are in Illinois? I am going to do the spring spacers and shackle thing , and get a 3" body lift, but will I have to lower my bumpers? A friend of mine has a 89 bronco, and he has a tall body lift on with th bumpers lowered, and it looks horrible...
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    Newbie to cb's

    I know alot of this is about CB installation and stuff, but what about CB lingo?
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    Solid axle ?'s

    how much would a reverse Dana 44 cost , and how much drop can you get with the RA brackets?