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Search results

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    Parting my 1992 X. Yes.....the White one...

    Okay, I've been dreading this day for a LONG time.... But I'm parting out my 1992 Explorer. The White one. L&L 5.0L Swap Mounts.......$150 L&L Oil Filter Adapter relocator WITH -10AN lines and Filter Mount.....$200 EE Airdam.......This is the LAST ONE EE Sold. It needs a little work...
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    Early "Explorer V8" Intake Plaque

    Not to be confused with the later, and MORE ABUNDANT "5.0L V8" plaque that was found on 97-01 Explorers, this was the Plaque that was installed ONLY on the early 1996 V8's.... $40 to your door. More Parts off my X to come.... Ryan
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    91-94 Clear Tails NOT Altezza's....THESE are the RARE ones

    If you clicked on it, you know what it is. And you know what they are.... These are the Clear/White Tail lights for the 1st Gen X. These are my spare set. $200 OBO. PayPal ONLY.... More parts off my X to come.... Ryan
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    Explorer Intake Plaque "Explorer V8" - $50

    I have 2 of these, and NO GT-40 Intakes anymore... I am keeping one of my plaques and selling the other one....THIS one... This is the REALLY rare one, only found on EARLY 1996 V8's...before they changed the design to the '5.0L V8' plaque First $50/OBO gets it....shipped to the Lower 48...
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    Steering Box Thread size

    I am looking to replace the standard PS lines with Braided Stainless lines, to match everything else in my Engine bay... So I need to know the size of the threads on the High, and Low Pressure side of the steering box.... ...and if you know what size the threads on the Explorer 5.0L Power...
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    FYI: A/C Delete Belt Length: 83"

    I have been working on my X for a while now, and I deleted the A/C compressor, and modified the Firewall box accordingly. I modified the A/C & PowerSteering Accessory Bracket to completely delete any trace of it.. The Factory Belt length is 94 inches.... With EVERYTHING else staying as...
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    X-Charger..Used, Complete.....$1500.

    SOLD I am posting this for a friend, it's not mine. And not in my posession. I am just helping a friend get it posted. Here's the story: The truck was wrecked, but complete and running. He has the whole engine. The EE X-charger kit did not come with a chip since it had low boost...
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    TMH Hardware.....use THESE instead

    I have gone through a few gaskets on my TMH's. I've had the flanges checked for flatness, and they are fine..... Part of the problem with installing them, is how nearly impossible it is to get to some of the bolts, and how long it takes to get them torqued down, due to the routing of the...
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    The Elbow Dilema...

    I am in the process of upgrading a few parts on my `92 X (it has a full `97 drivetrain/firewall/dash swap, so this *IS* posted in the right area)...the least of which is the throttlebody....a 75mm Throttlebody. The Factory Elbow is fine, for a 65mm Factory throttle body. But upgradfing and...
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    Wanted `98 Shift cable

    A lady I work with has a 98 XLT that won't go all the way into park. The shift cable is broken, and not going all the way into Park. It has to be in neutral to start, and the only thing that holds it in place is the emergency brake. It's not safe right now. She needs a 'new' shift cable...
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    Explorer V8 Intake Plaque $50.00 shipped

    I am upgrading a few parts on my X, and this will no longer bolt onto my intake... It is the Early Intake Plaque that says 'Explorer V8'....not the more common '5.0L V8' one that everybody has. It is a fairly rare piece, only used on early production 1996 5.0L's. If you already have an...
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    Where have I been!?!?!?

    Deleted... Deleted...
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    Seat Belt Squeak...

    I searched, and found nothing... The drivers side seat belt is squeaking TERRIBLY at the adjustable shoulder triangle part. It is covered in a black plastic. My previous experience is with 1st Gen's, and they are just chromed. But the friction between the belt/webbing and the plastic is...
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    5.0L V8 does not want to start - backfires

    The 1997 V8 in my `92 does not want to start. When it DOES start, after about 2-3 minutes of cranking, it doesn't want to rev. And everytime I try to hit the gas, it pops and back fires on the passenger side....after about 3-4 minutes of idling, warming up, it WILL drive, and have all the power...
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    98-01 Mountaineer Hood Latch & cable

    As the title states, I am looking for a Hood Latch, and cable for my wifes 1998 Mountaineer. PM me a price shipped to 98310... Thanks, Ryan
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    What robs more power from the 5.0L, AWD or Exhaust Manifolds

    I drove my wifes Mountaineer today.....1998 Mounty, AWD.....ALL STOCK other than the Fairbanks Shift Kit..... I was suprised at how slow it is compared to my 2WD, TMH equipped Explorer. Even my old V6/Manual set-up would beat the Mounty. What do you guys think robs more from the engine...
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    1st Gen EE Sway Bars to be Disco'd....

    I just got off the phone with ExplorerExpress. I was ordering my new Sway Bars for my White Lowered Explorer. I asked if they were 'in-stock' and she said "Yes, we have 5 sets left. But after these are gone, I am not going to be ordering anymore, EVER" Then she went on to say that since...
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    Stock Length Braided Brake Lines

    I am having a hard time finding some Stock Length Braided Brake Lines. What are you guys using? They also have to be DOT certified. Ryan
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    4R70W Build Diary by Spdrcer34

    I bought a 1998 Mountaineer for my wife off craigslist, that thread is here: The Mounty shifts fine from 1-2, and 2-1...but it doesn't shift into 3rd or OD. I tried swapping the electric shift solenoid, and it does the exact same...
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    No more Park

    I was at the Ford Dealer today picking up some Toreador Red Touch Up Paint for my latest project, a 1998 Mountaineer 5.0L/AWD. I got back into my Explorer and started the engine. It died almost immediately, which is weird, because that has NEVER happened. I went to re-start the engine, and...
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    1998 Mountaineer Header Panel interchange

    There are 2 different Header Panels for the 1998 for 'Before 6/98' and another 'After 7/98' My Mountaineer was built 3/98. So I know I should the correct one, but they are hard to find. If I can install the easier one to find, the 'After 7/98' panel life would be MUCH...
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    How many shades of Red in 1998...Explorer & Mounty

    As the title states.... In 1998, how many shades of Red were there between the Explorer and Mountaineer? I am shopping for replacement body parts, and I see some advertised as Red, and others are advertised as Maroon... My body Color code is FL which is Toreador Red... Ryan
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    Speed adds another X to the bunch...kinda

    Okay, so last summer I broke my wifes Green Explorer....the problems were getting worse and we parked it. And I have been letting her drive my White Explorer. And I bought a 1988 Ranger XLT from a friend that couldn't get it running. He put new fuel pumps in it, and it still...
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    Speed wants a SAS.....

    Yes folks, you heard it here first... I want to do a SAS on the Green Explorer. I am looking for a Waggy D44 complete with the leaf springs....I will fabricate the mounts, and buy the High Steer.... Anyone here have a lead on one? Ryan
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    Front Sway Bar Endlink Rebuild?.....what parts?

    I have searched the site, and couldn't find any write-ups on the process... I am specifically looking for the Energy Suspension (or Daystar) part numbers to replace the rubber at the top and bottom of the end links. Anybody have any insight on this? Ryan