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Search results

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    Darn P0442 Code

    2003 XLT V6, the 0442 emissions code showed up yesterday. I cleared the code and tightened the gas cap and check the vacuum lines so I'll see if the code returns. Anyone have an idea of what the most common cause for this error is on the 02-05 Explos?
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    2003 XLT E-Brake

    I noticed the e-brake cable is hanging and broke on the drivers side of my XLT. I don't use the e-brake but imagine this needs to be intact for PA inspection. Does anyone know if just the broken cable side can be replaced or does the entire cable, back to front, need replaced?
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    Still have the ticking after new Tensioners

    I replaced both tensioners with Ford Motorcraft tensioners which helped quiet down the initial chain noise at startup. I'm still noticing some ticking but only when the tranny goes in gear! It sounds like something exhaust related. I had both cats replaced recently and they noticed nothing out...
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    Timing Chain Tensioners

    I installed both new tensioners on my 03 XLT and things seemed to have quieted down somewhat. One thing I noticed yesterday that after driving on the highway at speed for the first time since the change-out, once I stopped at a red light once exiting, the rattling noise came back with a...
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    Timing Chain Tensioners

    Going to change out the timing chain tensioners on my 03 4.0l. Just wondering if anyone has any tips? I watched the few Youtube videos that were helpful but still wanted to ask here anyway. It seems that priming these before install is required? Are they harder to reinstall after priming being...
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    Tire Wear Inquiry

    All, anyone else have a problem getting more than 20k miles out of a set of tires? I'm already on the fourth set of tires in the last say 6 years. I bought the Falken Wildpeak's this last time as they were said to have a harder rubber that would last longer plus a 55k mile warranty. I have...
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    Front Strut Lower Bolt 2003 XLT

    Guys, I broke the tab off the nut on the lower strut mount on the control arm. This is the tab that holds the nut in place so it doesn't rotate when you're tightening or loosening. I put the bolt back on and was able to use a crecent wrench to hold it against the control arm to tighten. Anyone...
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    2002-2005 Explorer LCA

    Anyone here ever have to change out a lower control arm? If so, could you post a "how to" quick reply here to match what I'm going to do below? I have to change out the passenger side arm as the bushings and ball joint are bad. I bought the whole arm from Moog for $90 so instead of having to...
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    2003 Suspension Question

    What would cause the passenger side front area to emit a "creaking" type noise when accelerating hard? I'm thinking bushings as the tie rods and passenger side upper control are were just replaced last weekend. I thought changing these parts (boots were destroyed anyway) would cure the noise but...
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    2002-2005 Explorer Front Lower Control Arms

    Anybody recently change out a lower control arm on a 2002-2005 Explorer? Any write-ups around? I found a video on Youtube for a 2006 that looks as if it should be the same or close to my 2003 setup. I think the bushings are shot on mine plus the darn rust on the arms is pretty bad. Just curious...
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    2003 XLT Outer Tie Rods

    I checked today and see the outer tie rod ends have torn boots for the third time! I ordered two replacements. I also noticed a torn boot on the passenger side upper control arm ball joint. Going to attempt a replacement but ordered the whole arm just in case! Why the frequent torn boots on...
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    2003 XLT V6 Rattle Noise

    My 2003 V6 started what I'll call a slight "rattle" when idling or in gear. I don't hear it when driving only while stationary! It sounds like gears winding. I also get a louder "pop" from what seems like the exhaust. Could all this possible be related to an exhaust manifold being loose...
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    2003 XLT Headlight Bulbs

    Fellas, i'm needing to buy new headlamp bulbs but am seeing that there are "low beam" and "high beam" replacements. Does this mean there are TWO bulbs in there that would need changed?
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    2003 V6 Harmonic Balancer

    I've been having issues lately with the XLT where I'm hearing a "popping" type noise that sounds like a heat shield plus a sound like gears working against each other when they spin. I checked and triple checked all heat shields and see none loose. With the hood open today, I did notice the...
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    2003 XLT Front metallic "popping" noise.

    Noticed a metallic popping noise coming from the front suspension area. I believe it might be a exhaust heat shield but found nothing loose or even close to anything to make the heard noise. The shields around the cats are both tight and the shields behind the pipes are movable but not hitting...
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    Rear Ball Joints 2003 16" Wheels

    Hearing the heavy "popping" noises" coming from the rear suspension like I had from the front. Replaced the lower ball joints up front and the noise went away. Looking at these rears, it doesn't seem like an easy job for either the upper or lower joint. Does anyone have any experience changing...
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    Check Engine Light

    Started my 2003 XLT this morning to go to work and got the "check engine" light after about a minute or so. The truck was running fine so I drove it to work anyway. When I arrived, I noticed the fuel guage was sitting at empty when the tank was full. I'm guessing this is why it threw the code. I...
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    2003 4.0 Spark Plugs

    Planning to change the plugs and wires in my 2003 4.0. Was wondering if anyone had any tips? It appears those back plugs are a chore to remove. If I took off the tire on each side, can I reach the plug with a extension? Would it hurt any if I hit the plugs with some PB Blaster prior to doing the...
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    EBC Brake Pads

    Looking to change out the front pads on my 2003 XLT. Heard the EBC pads have excellent grip but are terrible on the dusting. Anyone have any experience with the EBC pads on their Explo and which color pad would you say offers the best grip and stopping power on my heavy ass Explo? Thanks, fellas!
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    2003 Explorer XLT V6 Rear End

    Searched a bit on here as the rear end in my Explo started the whining yesterday on the way home from work (78k miles). It only did it a few seconds then stopped. It sounded like a siren wailing up. My axle code is a 45 which states it's an open axle. I have the towing package on the truck and...
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    Air Direction Box Has anyone ever tackled this repair, changing out the actual air directional box inside the dash? I thought my blend door was broken but it's...
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    2003 Explorer XLT Blend Door Change-out

    Okay, fellas, here goes. Does anyone have a link to what they think is the best video ever made showing how to change-out the blend door actuator under the dash? I've found a few but thought I'd ask here so I can view all possible videos on this before I give this a shot. Much appreciated...
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    2003 XLT V6, Exhaust Issue?

    Just noticed my truck making sort of a "put - put put" type noise from underneath. It seems to fade away once the truck is driven and gets hot. Could this be an exhaust leak somewhere? It's so friggin cold and rainy here that I can't get it in the air in the driveway to have a look underneath...
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    Loaded Rear Knuckles

    Anyone out there ever install one of the loaded rear knuckles on their truck? Just wondering how difficult it might be. My Explo is fairly rusted out underneath and I'm concerned about getting it all apart in one piece. I'm pretty sure the bearings are bad and I'm also hearing the ball joint...
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    Harmonic Balancer

    Okay, guys, I need to ask what the best aftermarket replacement harmonic balancer is the best available for the 2003 XLT 4.0? RA has some listed going from $61 up to $200. Which one would be the best?