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Search results

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    Electrical problem persists

    I would replace the filter and perform a fuel pressure test at the schrader valve.
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    Weird Vibration

    Try putting the transmission in neutral and slowing to a stop. If you have the shudder problem while braking the issue is not related to engine or transmission. Simple stuff first. Check out the tires. You noticed odd wear which can cause shudder when braking. If your rear tires are worn...
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    full led headlights and front grille Ford Explorer 17

    late to see this. the led is so bright and great!
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    Brightest 9007 bulb?? New Member Intro and HELP!

    Purchased a set of F2 led headlights for my Explorer, the light is good. Much better than the halogen bulbs. The previous LED bulbs I had in the driving lights had cooling fans that proved to be annoying and failed to prevent one of the two bulbs from burning out. I cannot comment on lifespan...
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    Stock HID, did anyone replace them yet?!

    LEDs would be a huge improvement. I am eventually going to switch to LEDs. I personally went with Silvania bulbs. Made a huge difference and kept the OEM styling.
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    LED fog lights

    Thank you for the share. I am planning to replace my fog light to get bright version.
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    Laserfit led light bulbs

    Looks so bright! I have changed my halogen headlights in the past, nicely throw on the road.
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    2016 Replacement fog light bulbs

    I would just go with Sylvania bulbs, most LEDs are really white and do not project as far as yellower halogens.
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    Suggetions on getting brighter replacment headlamps for a 2014

    I use PIAA Extreme White--they are bright==brightest I could find which are still Halogen.
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    Yellow LED Fog Lights (2018 Explorer)

    It says yellow lights are better in the snow but don’t know if that’s true or not. I think yellow will be better for fog because white reflects more than yellow. maybe have a try
  11. F

    I got lighting is sooooo cool:chug:
  12. F

    LED DRL, Fog and Positioning Lights

    Thanks for your post. It looks great!
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    LED Headlight Conversions

    I had a full HID kit on my 2011 F150 and was happy with that, so the 2018 F150 Halogen lights left me very disappointed. They flat out suck. So I did a full kit of Low/High/Fog to replace them. Scattered beam but nicely throw on the road. Bright white somewhat yellow ish in there which it helps...
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    LED Headlights

    I have changed my halogen headlights in the past, Scattered beam but nicely throw on the road. Bright white somewhat yellow ish in there which it helps on visibility in rain or wet conditions.
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    LED Headlights

    If you are using the LEDs in your factory halogen style housing, you'll get a BETTER cut-off then if you used someone elses LED lights in your housing. The LED's also have a ballast, similar to HIDs only they don't require you to get power from the battery. it's plug and play.
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    My LED Fog Lights

    It looks great of the replacement. I recently put a set in my 2010 F350. I had great results with my motorcycle conversion.