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    P1409 Code - Replaced EGR Still Having Issues

    Thanks for all the input. I ordered my own scanner and should be able to get some more detailed info which will hopefully be helpful in gathering some more info. I will spend some time checking the actual EGR valve, followed by the DPFE\DifferentialPressureFlowElement, and the related tubes...
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    P1409 Code - Replaced EGR Still Having Issues

    Ok - great input thanks. The scanner I used at Autozone didn't give much info and needed to have an employee hook it up to a terminal I will spend some time looking into scanner options and hopefully find somoething that will give a little more data / insight into whats going on. Thanks
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    P1409 Code - Replaced EGR Still Having Issues

    Thanks for the input! So, after I made this post last night I actually did just that to be sure. I disconnected the battery to reset everything and the check engine light came back on after about 10 min of driving... so I think something still might be amiss. Any additional input greatly...
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    P1409 Code - Replaced EGR Still Having Issues

    Hi Folks, new to the forum. thanks in advance for any help. My check engine light came on about a week ago so I stopped at AutoZone and found out it was throwing code P 1409. The recommendation was to replace the EGR Vacuum Solenoid. I bought the part and did that tonight. Was surprised at how...