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Search results

  1. M

    2 piece uca on drivers side??

    Has anyone heard of using a passenger side 2 piece upper control arm on the drivers side of a tbar truck for a little more adjustment?
  2. M

    How much to part out?

    I'm considering parting out my 97 v8 explorer 2wd. Just want to get an idea how much you guys think I can get selling part by part.
  3. M

    Need help!

    My truck is a o1 sport. It's 2wd 2dr manual Trans. I swapped in a 99 5.0 with an 03 f150 Trans. The truck runs great but for the life of me of me I can not figure out the speedo. I wired in the abs parts from the donor. Still nothing. I'm at the point , I will pay someone to help me.
  4. M

    Ordering 5.0 headers

    Has anyone ordered torque monster headers? I have been trying to call a1 headers and leaving messages with no luck?
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    Starting big project need help

    My truck is a 01 sport 2wd 5 speed. Getting ready for the 5.0 swap. Donor truck is 00 mounty awd 5.0. This is what I have found. 98-03 4.2 f150 2wd trans 96 5.0 f150: clutch, flywheel, starter, and backing plate Reflash to loose trans codes (Henson, or dirty dirty racing)...