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Search results

  1. R

    Since everyone is

    There ya go, much better to have those I would say and good deal too
  2. R

    gearing for 32 in.

    i would have to say 456 is the right choice (thats what i am stepping up too) i run 33;s with 327 (YUP) and thats what i want because i will be moving up to 35-36 range in the near future
  3. R

    Ready to scrap it!!!!!

    scrap it for that little problem < ------ no way,anway as the other poster said check you cable and change if needed,,carcode,1119619,parttype,1440 like 12 bux
  4. R

    B.C. Exploders?

    no kidding give a wave next time :thumbsup:
  5. R

    who has the most ttb/independent flex??

    not as good as you guys but get about 11 inches of travel
  6. R

    fender flares for a 94 ex

    i need flares up here and i like cheap mods so figure why not ha ha
  7. R

    B.C. Exploders?

    prince george checking in!
  8. R

    fender flares for a 94 ex

    i used garden edge for my flairs since i tend to break things lolz, they look pretty good i think 1 roll made for 4 flares and all for the price of $12.00
  9. R

    ruff19's exay

    got it muddy today!! first trial run with it, o major problems! also added a snorkel to it as well! and added a 1.75" puck to level it out
  10. R

    Another coil spring choice..

    i have super lift coils in mine now (had rc) they seem super flexy but with the winch and bumper on the front they lost a little hight to i added a puck to the front to level it i think they r ( yellow springs) agree with the other guys about the reason for breaking the tapered part, lots of...
  11. R

    Xeek's '91

    i know ther could be a joke in in there, but i will digress ,all those bolts is the main reason i decided to go long arms setup, way to many things to go wrong
  12. R

    Xeek's '91

    dam buddy , u having some bad luck there ,sheared those bolts right out or did they come loose?
  13. R

    ruff19's exay

    roughly 5.5" all way around now :) just waiting for some time to use it , that darn thing called life getting in the way again! haha
  14. R

    93 4x4 doesn't work. here ya go this should be a start
  15. R

    My Build Thread 93' 4x4

    if its a 4x4 (which i think it is) don't drop it raise it ! looks good thou depends on what your direction you want to go! mods can be unlimited
  16. R

    ruff19's exay

    a little update :) added front diff skid that should protect it :) winch in new home pic of shown shine on fathers day this year ya we attend :)
  17. R

    2 inch lift on 93 X-pics?

    yes it goes on the bottom of the spring, my was off a jeep xj and it worked , took a little coaxing to fit in the spring but it worked fine
  18. R

    xey the x :)

    hows it drive like that? mine was not safe mine has manual hubs :) and has i have a spare set too!
  19. R

    ruff19's exay

    1992 x 4dr 3.27 gears BLAH sunroof YeaH! man tcase man trans stock as could be :) location Prince george BC wheel with first stage was 31's with 2" lift second stage was 4.5 lift front and soa in rear -spooled rear aussie front extend radius arms -33 bias tsl...
  20. R

    2 inch lift on 93 X-pics?

    with 31" procomps 2" Puck up front stock springs 2" add a leaf rear (******* pack )
  21. R

    2 inch lift on 93 X-pics?

    here is mine when it was a 2" lift (92 ) front 2" lift puck and full length add a leaf rear sitting on 31 10,50 pro comp
  22. R

    xey the x :)

    bawwwahhhaa i call that the sad smile ya did not drive too well like that so dropped down for a bit, h
  23. R

    xey the x :)

    92 x man every thing stock with 31s 2" puck up front 2" full lenght add a leaf 4.5 front 5.5 rear 5.5...
  24. R

    Show off your LIFTED 1 Gen

    92 x 2"lift 4.5 front extened raduis arms + soa in rear
  25. R

    Show your 1st gen flex

    still got lots more room to play with yet