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Search results

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    SYNC 3.4 Most recent version?

    Can someone give specific instructions on how to update to 20136, I have 19274 and still finding many bugs
  2. B

    Apple CarPlay stopped working

    I have the same issue as well from time to time.
  3. B

    Sync Version History

    Do you know the specific bug fixes for 19274. I am seeing soooo many bugs it drives me nuts.
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    Sync 3 System - Flaky???

    I was on 19200 and it was so buggy they did a factory reset and now it’s at 19101. Still extremely buggy, borderline intolerable. Can I update ota or must be through the dealer? the other day screen turned black and only way to fix it was to pull over and turn the car off.
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    Automatic Adaptive Headlamps

    So there was another recall on the Aviator for the seats, my dealer came and picked it up and dropped off the loaner. It passed, no issues, but while they had the car, I let them know that my automatic high beam was not working properly. It turned out that the front camera was faulty, and they...
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    2020 Aviator Black Label - RECEIVED! 2019-12-30

    Mine was built on 8-26 and is still in production hold with no updates whatsoever. I've seen others roll off the line and ship within a week, it's a roll of a dice my guess.
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    Private offers/rebates

    Do they also work for aviators?
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    2020 Explorer / Aviator Shipping Info

    I have not seen any Aviators ship in the last couple of days via Cassens, is there a problem that anyone is aware of? I am seeing a lot of explorers, but no Aviators. Are they shipping through different company or did something happen to the "OK to Buy"?
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    2020 Explorer / Aviator Shipping Info

    Does anyone know who Ford uses to ship to Wisconsin and possibly Northern Illinois?
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    Test drive 2020 Aviator

    Yes, it was a stock vehicle, not a special order. Until the deal is finalized with a deposit, all is fair game. Suppose they couldn't reach an agreement or they had bad credit, why turn down other potential buyers. I will say, the car is pretty sweet. I also noticed that with the grey...
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    Test drive 2020 Aviator

    My test drive was rushed because the first couple that drove it were negotiating to buy it, and once they put down a deposit, it could no longer be drivin, that said, I was able to drive it for 5 minutes, couldn’t play around with much. Handled very nicely, acceleration was great, and even...
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    Test drive 2020 Aviator

    I was able to see that an Aviator was delivered to a dealer 10 minutes from my house today. I ran to the dealer to test drive the Aviator since mines been on order since March and I’ve never driven it....and it was incredible. It was a reserve 2, with the convenience package. Drove great, I...
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    2020 Explorer / Aviator Shipping Info

    Heading out to check it out, live 10 minutes away.
  14. B

    2020 Explorer / Aviator Shipping Info

    Has anyone confirmed that any aviators have shipped. On Cassens site, I only see that explorers have shipped. Mines been on order since March and my dealer has 0 updates, can’t even give me a VIN number