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Search results

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    need help installing lift in socal area

    my friend has a 91 explorer eddiebauer and he wants to put on a suspension lift... he was looking at this lift will with lift work with 4wd? and if so are there any guys around orange county who would be willing to come down and make a day of...
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    Pismo Dunes, CA Oct. 25-26 Meet

    and you can buy a flag there at the entrance shop but i think they are like 10 bucks
  3. C

    free quizno's

    thats so weird, i got that link earlier today and printed it out and its sitting in my car right now. mmmmm quiznos
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    Interesting X on Ebay

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    Q-Form kickpanels for 98+

    E-brake: Drivers: Passenger:
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    poor mans rattle proofing?

    sounds like peel and seal is $1 a sq foot, so you might as well get the fatmat which may be better since its made for sound deadening and it too is $1 a foot at $100 for 100 sq ft.
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    if you want 02 clear corners, get em here!

    yea im sick of mine getting yellow... my second pair is now turning yellow
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    Parking brake: should I try it?

    i get teh feeling he isnt talking about his explorer... possibly another car of his.
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    HELP! Won't start, just CLACK CLACK CLACK

    ok thanks guys!
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    Need a second opinion on shading my tail lights

    i think they look good how they are... dont shade em
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    My quest for the daunting truth behind "Reverse Indiglo Gauges"

    no, i have the same problem. if you got the reverse gauges from ebay, they arent made perfectly and they wont line up. you either have to deal wtih it or take them off, but dont waste your time trying to allign them.... youll never get it.
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    Perry's rear quarter panels/fenders installation question.

    here, i found the thread:
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    Euro Tail Lights For 95-97 Explorer
  14. C

    Can you spin your tires?

    awd sucks :(
  15. C

    belt squeeling?

    it is doing it mostly in the morning when its cold. it just started doing it and it has been cold out the last few days.. so ill look into changing the belt first. where do you pick up new belts? autozone or napa or pepboys or something like that i would assume? also replacing the belt something...
  16. C

    belt squeeling?

    hey guys for the last few days when i start my car and periodicly while im driving my engine is making a loud squeeling noise. it sounds like it would be comming from the belt... do i just need a new belt or what? or is there something else thats wrong?
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    can someone look up a fuse # for me really quick?

    hey guys, im replacing my horns because i thought they were broken and i ended up blowing a fuse i think, but i dont have an owners manual. can someone please look up waht fuse correlates with the horn? i have the 96 v8... thanks a lot!
  18. C


    that is so sweet, i had to watch it over and over
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    SUCCESS, leds in cupholder

    me either
  20. C

    Superduty parked on Chrysler

    hahaha thats great
  21. C

    show off your LIFTED truck

    hey ron, once you are ready to do your sas we can just swap that extra old superlift right onto mine :D ;)