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Search results

  1. J

    '86 ranger front end on '93 explorer?

    I have access to the front clip of a 2wd 1986 ranger (still on the truck, so I can get all the pieces I need) and I was thinking about trying to swap it onto my 1993 Explorer. So far, here's what I'm noticing while looking at these 2 pictures it seems like the front of the doors and the...
  2. J

    Manually shifted BW13-54 question

    What's the overall distance that the shifter travels from it's position all the way forward to all the way back? I'm working on designing something that should change the way faulty bw 13-54 t-cases are fixed and need a few figures.
  3. J

    Had to deal with this early this morning

    My girlfriend called me at about 7 this morning and says "I was on my way to school and the camaro's wheel feel off." That caught my attention quickly. After making sure that she was ok and the car wasn't in a terribly dangerous position, I headed out in the Explorer to meet up and see what...
  4. J

    Got bored (and creative) today

    I was sitting in my Explorer and realized that the Ford logo in the middle of the steering wheel is easily removable. I popped it out and saw how it was painted. Some quick work with an x-acto knife and some spray paint and i came up with this! The trick to doing this is disconnecting the...
  5. J

    jg09's "ABS light on" repair

    If you're anything like me, you're really annoyed by this dash light. It's really bright; at night, it's blindingly bright. And that pisses me off. If you're like me, you're also broke and can only afford a cheap solution. Well, that's what we have here. Here's the offending light These...
  6. J

    Looking at oil options

    My '93 Explorer has been making some pretty loud lifter noise since I got it. 2 months and 4k miles later, it hasn't gotten any worse and its not affecting the driveability or power of the engine, but it's incredibly annoying. I've tried Napa lifter cleaner as well as CD2 and neither of them did...
  7. J

    Pushrod length

    I'm looking for pushrod's for my '93 Explorer's engine and this is what I'm seeing on the RockAuto catalog: Which length/option should I go for? How should I figure out what I need? I'll be replacing the rocker arms as well.
  8. J

    My new X

    I just can't stay away from these things. I just recently bought my 4th Explorer. This one is a '93 Eddie Bauer 4wd. I love the color, and the tan leather interior reminds me of my first, 91 explorer (R.I.P. god bless her soul). It has a sticky lifter, but I've got my eye on a really cheap...
  9. J

    '93 Explorer 4wd issues

    So I just bought yet another explorer (I just can't stay away from them) and the transfercase shifted just fine on the test drive. On my way home, I was going down the highway and the transfercase suddenly shifted into 4hi and the 4wd light next to the dash button came on dimly. I pulled into a...
  10. J

    older v8 in a 91

    i've been trying to search the site for the answers to my questions, and i haven't really been finding much for an answer. so i'm going to ask them here and hope someone can help out. 1.) If I get a late 70's/early 80's 4WD F250, can i use the non-EFI 351/390 in my '91 Explorer? I'd also use...
  11. J

    oh the things i do when i'm bored...

    i think the pic tells all...
  12. J

    a few questions about my '91

    Alright, first thing I'll say is this: YES, I AM GOING TO LOWER A 4X4! The vehicle in question is my '91. I'd like an aggressive, slightly lowered stance. i'd like to keep my 4wd because this is the pacific northwest; snow, ice, and poor weather happens often. Here are my questions 1.) How...
  13. J

    looking for tips on pulling out and reinstalling a 4.0

    I'm gonna take the engine out of my '91 and replace it with the one from my '92. Are there any tips/tricks I need to know that will make it easier? or better yet, has anyone documented this with pics? I've searched the site, and can't seem to find exactly what i'm looking for.
  14. J

    jg09's 1991 Ford Explorer

    Not to be confused with my 1992 Ford Explorer! Here's my build so far: First off, let me say, I'm sorry that I don't have pics. I finally got my gf's camera and took tons of pics today, only to realize that I didn't get the cord, too. However, I'll sum up days 1-3 of owning and working on the...
  15. J

    swapping explorer parts into a B2?

    I don't know what year of B2 it is, but somebody is offering me one that's already sitting on 36" tires for $250, it just needs a fuel pump and a starter. My question is this: is there any way I can use my '92 Explorer's fuel pump and even the 4.0 starter in the B2? I'm going to assume that it's...
  16. J

    A4ld + awd?

    has anyone put an AWD transfercase from a 5.0 explorer behind an A4LD? When I resurrect my Explorer and throw in another A4LD, i'm thinking of trying to swap in an AWD case. I doubt my Explorer will ever see much four-wheeling for a while since it'll be my daily driver and family rig (kids are...
  17. J

    2wd a4ld tranny?

    there seems to be more cheap 2wd a4lds than there are 4wd. so my question is this: if i were to get a cheap 2wd a4ld, could i bolt up the tailshaft from my 4wd a4ld onto it and mate it to the t-case?
  18. J

    I want a pushbar like this

    Does anyone make one of this style for the x1? think i could modify one of these to work on an x1?
  19. J

    Never marry a woman with big knockers!!!! Here's why

    It could come back and bite you in the ass. LMAO "Fiore's teeth had been pulled out and her fingers cut off, apparently to impede her identification. Investigators used the serial numbers on her breast implants to identify...
  20. J

    I blew a tranny on my birthday!

    A transmission, that is. A4LD in my '92. I was going up a sandy hill in 4-Lo, foot to the floor when I heard a loud POP! At first I thought it was one of my hubs, but 4WD seemed to work still. I got stuck shortly after and when I finally got unstuck and moving, I realized I had a solid stream of...
  21. J

    Low Range light is all goofy

    Right now, the low range light next to the low range button is always on, whether in 4-Lo or not. When it's not in 4-Lo, the light is dim. When it is, it lights up like normal. Plus, the light down by the steering wheel that says when I'm in low range doesn't work anymore. I don't know for sure...
  22. J

    Converting to 2nd gen without fiberglass

    Is it possible to (somewhat easily) mount 2nd gen fenders and a hood to my 1st gen Explorer? I know McNeil makes the kit to do it, since it's sitting in my backyard right now from the old Explorer, but I'm afraid I'll beat up fiberglass too much with the way I go four wheeling and I think owning...
  23. J

    What have you done to/with your X today?

    If you're looking for somewhere to tell about your entire project plans, this isn't it. Just a little something about what you did today. Whether it's changing up your sound system, changing your oil, or finally finish up a big part of the project that you've been working on, etc., post it up...
  24. J

    Went for an easy drive down by the water (Pics included)

    Nothing too hard, took a few new trails that I didn't know were out on the river bar. I had a lot of fun yesterday. Here are a couple pics (sorry, no action pics)
  25. J

    Oh what to do, what to do...

    So I promised myself that I wouldn't try and do the McNeil front end conversion on the '92, but the guy I gave my old Explorer just gave me the fenders and hood back free of charge (also gave me the dome light, woo hoo!). I was going to go real mild on the '92 build up, but now I'm considering...