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Search results

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    Sunk 1500 dollars in a bad motor

    I took my 1997 explorer in and had 1500 dollars in work done to the engine, and an alignment and 2 new tires. Well I should have had them do a compression test before doing the upper and lower intake manifolds. Come to find out 2 cylinders are not compressing correctly, not really sure what...
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    The final verdict on my 1997 ford explorer eddie bauer

    I sunk 1500 dollars in getting my truck fixed. Front end aligment and plugs and wires done correctly this time, the rattling under the car has been fixed. got the ac unit fixed. and upper and lower intake manifolds rebuild. seeems a little better now. But the bad news is the compression...
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    Upper and Lower Intake Manifold Gaskets

    I have a question about these. Can any damage occur by having bad gaskets for an extended period of tiime. I notice I am losing coolant through the intake, also I am getting 7 miles to the gallon. And the truck has trouble starting and chokes and dies several times when first started. Once...
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    Well I finally did it! Got the EX fixed!

    I was debating on wether to buy a new car with 1000 down or use 500 to fix my exp to working order. I chose the later. I went to my shop which btw have great prices. They did the following to fix my explorer. They still have 4 or 5 things left to do on my payday on friday but this is what...
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    Rattling under the truck

    when I am driving it seems to be ok.. But when I go over a bump in the road it is very loud. It doesnt last long maybe 15 seconds. But it is annoying. seems to be related to the amount of gas I accelerate it seems to happen. But in 15 seconds it is gone...I let up on the gas and the sound...
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    Gas Pedal Snapped OFF!

    has this ever happened to anyone? seems while I was on the highway my gas pedal snapped 3 rivets from the bracket to the firewall!!! I mean the person before me must have had a real lead foot or what! Luckily I was able to make it to a gas station. THANK god it wasnt the brake pedal that...
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    Truck will not start IMPORTANT

    I have an interview in 1 hour I need to be at and my 97 4.0 SOHC v6 will not start. It seems to be turning over ok but just not either getting fuel or a spark. I tried for 20 min. Any idea on how to get it started I need it bad. Computer says I have 2 gallons in the tank and I am also on an...
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    Wierd Console issue

    I have an eddie bauer with the center console with trip/miles/etc and when I got the vehicle the only thing that did not work was the range button on it. I would push it and nothing so I figured it was a contact issue. But then last week all of a sudden it started to work again? So just...
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    Can't get out of seatbelt!!!!

    I went to a local restaurant to eat and when I got there I parked and my seatbelt would not unlatch...I pressed in I pulled etc...the button was depressed all the way I wiggled it for 1 hour. So Finally I had to call 911 since I could not get out of my truck. They came and cut my seatbelt off...
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    Torn Leather

    Does anyone know how to fix a tear in the leather seats? Is there a bondo or some kind of fix for this. I know I can get a seat cover for it but that looks so white trash to me. There must be a compound or something that will mend the tear on the leather, it might not look factory fresh but...
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    AC System

    I would like to know what all the components in the AC system. My heat works fine but no AC blows warm. I know there is a compressor but what else would need to be replaced in order to fix the AC on it. I also know there is a large leak in a hose or something within 30 min all freon is gone...
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    Can someone help with this sound

    About 3 weeks ago while driving my 97 ex 4.0L SOHC there seems to be a rattling/thumping sound coming from what I can tell from the rear of the vehicle. It only does it about evry 10 min but only lasts about 10 seconds. Also I noticed when I go over bumpy roads or a dip it almost always...
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    I'm a believer

    Man I didnt realize how great that fuel injector cleaner can put some pep into your EX....I added some to mine (which is still misfiring needs a new coil) and it had made a significant difference in the horsepower and just overall performance of the vehicle. I used gumout and it was 3.99 at...
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    Need your opinion on this guys

    My car has been running rough and misfiring for a while now. Here are the codes I pulled: 301 303 306 171 174 Now I have just recently done a replacement of the plugs and wires so that is not the issue. Do you think the next logical step would be the ignition coil replacement...
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    Replacing my ignition coil

    This can be deleted
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    New mechanic trying to save money

    OK this a stupid queston but when changing the wire on plug 1 cyl 1 is it difficult. Does it just snap in or do I need to use force? Any help would be appreciated
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    Strange fluid on ground

    Well despite all the troubles with my truck I have a new one appear now...on the ground under the middle of the truck is a medium size fluid of some kind, does not look like oil, nor water or it would have evaped. Someone told me it could be my diferential fluid or transmission fluid? Is...
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    301 code throwing

    Sorry for starting a new thread the old was was being bogged down. But I just got my tune-up and all seems fine except the shuttering at low rpms. The mech told me it was a bad head. 301 and also I am leaking from the water pump. How long does this beast have life in it? If it is over 600+...
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    No spare Jack in my truck

    Seems like the previous owner took out the jack for the tire changing. I did manage to find the pole that jakes it up, but it was buried in the back left panel in the rear. So My question is where can I get a good jack kit so I dont get stranded on the road. Also the last mechanic working on...
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    My Current Issues with my 97 Eddie SOHC 4.0

    I thought I would throw this out there to see what i should tackle first: This is what I have found so far: Nothing catastrofic yet I dont believe: Tune up - 140 AC Leak and needs freon - 150+ Registration & Taxes and title - 193 Insurance on the truck - 40 Cloth drivers seat cover - 25...
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    Wall Panel in rear not staying on

    Well you know where the remote key module is on the left of the vehicle in the back, well the panel came off from privious owner and I cant get it to snap back on. Seems the clips might be broken. Is there a good way to secure this panel back to the truck? Maybe a type of tape, I already...
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    Water pump leak

    My mechanic told me there is a small crack in a hose or tube allowing water to get out. The truck has not been overheating yet. I noticed the resouvoir is slowely getting empty, and on the ground under the car I see water spots when coming home. What should do to stop this, replace the water...
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    Cleaning MAF

    not to sound too ignorant but what kind of tool opens the MAF? I don't have a screw like that, and if I go buy one what is it called? Thanks,
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    Codes everywhere

    I have 6 pages of codes from autozone. I will list them below: P0175, P301, P303, P305, P0306, P 0171 Can somebody help me with these codes. My tech changed plugs 1 and 6, and the truck seems to ride better. Any help on this codes. Wires still need to be done.
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    Old Problem still exists

    I was getting a misfire on 2 cylinders. So I had my mechanic chane the plugs to autolite (bouch was in them) And the wire he replaced. And my engine is still misfiring! I am going to change the ignition coil next. I will keep you posted. Any comments or suggestions please I need them.