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Search results

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    New Explorer Concept revealed "The most radical change: The Explorer America concept is built on a more car-like unibody frame" :(
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    Nav Video Interface installed w/ pics

    The install was just finished last night at the shop. I purchased the interface from: Everything was installed by Stereo Upgrade in Ozone Park, NY. The Nav and Factory DVD player had to be modified. The modifications were done there as...
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    Anyone have the write-up on replacing the PS pump?

    I need to replace my PS pump next weekend and ive been searching the forums for info and alot of posts refer to a article that is not there anymore at this web site: Does anyone have it saved on the computer or know of a new address for...
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    Please help which pulley is this and how do you replace it?

    Hey guys I diagnosed a loud squeaking noise in my X. It is coming from the pulley you see in the picture. I need to replace it but I don’t know which pulley it is or how to remove it. Is their some special tool required? I un-bolted the 3 screws in it but its not budging. Any help would be...
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    What is this part called?

    I just noticed im missing a suspension part and im trying to figure out what it's called. it connects the front roll bar to the lower control arm. its a small round metal piece about 8 inches long. any ideas? thanks.
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    Help 3rd brakelight will not turn off

    Hey guys i need some help. i just went outside to park my X in the driveway and i noticed my 3rd brake light is on. i thought it was the reflection from the exterior lights on the house so i turned them all off and the brake light is definitely on. I played with the brake pedal thinking...
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    awesome video

    check out this video of some martial arts guys doing some really incredible acrobatic moves
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    what is a Charcoal canister (98 corolla)

    My sister's car had the cel light come on and the dealer told her she needs to replace the charcoal canister because it's bad and the engine wasnt getting enough gas. Can someone tell me what it is and where it should be located? They want 500 bucks for parts and labor! Does that price sound...
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    check out this nice 01 sport on ebay

    i love the roll pan. check it out:
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    It's not just Firestone tires.

    I found this amusing. i just got a letter from Cadillac about my parents 03 CTS. They are "voluntarily" recalling the Goodyear tires on the car. It reads: "We have learned that the tires on your vehicle may develop a bulge or crack on the inner sidewall of the tire. Although a crack or bulge...
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    help. problems with changing e-mail addy

    i changed my addy in my edit profile option but my my email from is still going to my old email address. What am i doing wrong?
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    F'n dealership!!

    So i decided to trade in my 98 sport for a brand spankin new 03 sport. I got a price on carsdirect for a fully loaded xlt sport for 23,600. That doesn’t include the 1,000 owners loyalty and another 400 for college grad rebate. So i was looking at 22 and change. So i went to the same dealership...
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    nice looking X on ebay

    check it out
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    Free carfax report

    i just came across this figure i should pass it on. then just click on the link for a free carfax report. (You have to go through the nbc site or it will not work)
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    saleen XP8 for sale on ebay
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    error message i'm getting

    this is an error message i keep getting from time to time on this site. anyone else getting this.
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    i always suspected

    read this story... "Frequent masturbation may be really good for you" :D
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    How can the emergency brake shoes get worn?

    I’m having some brake work done and the mechanic told me that the emergency brake shoes are completely worn down to the nubs. I didn’t believe it till I saw it for myself. So the question is how did they become worn if I hardly ever use them? I’ve used it only a few times in 5 years. Is there...
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    The official 20,000th member guess thread

    Ok guys i though it would be fun to have a thread for this. So post your best guess for the day we reach 20,000 members. Maybe we can get a prize for the closest guess like a explorer4X4 sticker or something. Any other ideas? My guess is November 7 So lets hear it............
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    need advice (brake problems)

    The rear of my X was sitting on jack stands for about 6 weeks while i was waiting for new shocks to come in. During that time everything rusted heavily. When i put the X back on the ground it did not want to move i had to rev the engine to about 3500 rpm before it broke free. Anyway the rear...
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    Does this sound fishy to you?

    I came across this ebay auction: So i e-mail the seller to find out some more info. this is my email to him "Hey are you interested in just selling a few parts or the whole truck? Also what color is the interior...
  22. B

    Damn cell phone talking driver

    This morning i was driving in the middle lane of a three lane highway going about 55 -60 and this guy in a new benz AMG was driving next to me in the right lane. My front end was lined up at about his front door. Suddenly he decides to switch into the middle lane and just cuts me off. i had to...
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    What is this hose for?

    i was taking off my rear shocks yesterday and i noticed a hose connected to my rear axle and the other end just is held on to the frame with a clip. My first thought was that something was cut but i didn’t find the other half of it. Does anyone know if this hose is supposed to be like that or is...
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    Edelbrock's warranty?

    Does anyone know what the warranty is on the edelbrocks shocks? the rear shocks are 2 1/2 years old and they are shot. the boot is worn thru and the grease is all over the outside of the boot. and the ride is much harsher then normal. i cringe every time a hit a decent size crack in the road. I...
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    I'm no longer a wannabe!

    I am now part of the elite's woohooo. :bounce: Ive been putting it off and all the threads recently about becoming elite finally did me in.:) Now all i need is a digi-cam so i can get some pics of my X. I encourage anyone who is thinking about it to just do it.